Cozart, Jon - Lord Of The Rings In 99 Seconds Lyrics

The Lord of the Rings
Hobbits, Dwarves
Elves and Men
Kings and Queens
Lord of the Rings
The greatest tale ever told on your screen

Frodo must bring the ring to the elves
Aragorn fights off
The nine evil Ringwraiths
The Fellowship forms
Saruman's a jerk
Gandalf's torn from the group
You shall not pass

Boromir's embedded
Uruk-hai's beheaded
(Like a boss)
The Fellowship is broken
Thanks for that J.R.R. Tolkien
Frodo's gone

And Sam's coming with you

Gollum leads the ring to Mordor
(My Precious)
Gandalf the White returns to wage war
(Pip and Merry hug trees)
Théoden is like Benjamin Button
(He's aging backwards)
Legolas surfs on a shield to defend
Helm's Deep
Big trees
Are attacking the orcs

The sword has been reforged and
Now a legion of ghosts are at hand
(He's the king)
Sam uses his spider slay skills
While the elf and Gimli count kills
(Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Aragorn)
One last battle
(Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Denethor)
It's good vs evil
(Boromir, Gollum, Saruman, Sméagol)
Frodo you must
(Elrond, Bilbo, Galadriel, Shelob)
Destroy the
(Wormtongue, Uruk-hai, Sauron, Great Eye)
Ring of Power
Destroy it
It's mine
Destroy it
It's mine
[Exploding sound effects]

Aragorn sits on his throne
Middle Earth is saved
By the smallest of things
In The Lord of the Rings

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Cozart, Jon Lord Of The Rings In 99 Seconds Comments
  1. Kawaii Ninja

    S: I KNOW...


    Lol my favorite part.

  2. Jayaprakash

    I haven't seen lord of the rings, I didn't understand a darn thing.

  3. Observation

    Plot twist! Its 1 person not 2!

  4. Kendall White

    I used to sing this song with my friends, and we would replace all of the nouns with increasingly worse ones.

  5. Noobly_doggo 2010

    No wonder I didn’t read Lord of the Rings it is complicated af XD

  6. Read in the Moonligth

    I love it

  7. Edison Foo Yu Shen

    Game of thrones in 99 seconds

  8. Baguette Gott

    Jon: Hmm, what is worth including in this summary? Eowyn slaying the witch king...? No, Legolas surfing on his god damn shield, that's what's really important! :D

  9. LilySnell

    I have a sudden urge to leave the shire

  10. Eli Duncan

    I’ve watched them so many times I need to take like a 1 or 2 year break so they don’t get Boring

  11. Calla Marie


  12. Observation

    I luv the face expressions...

  13. Aatos Tikka

    Watching in late 2019... Memories...

  14. Pauline Jones

    7 years later and I still can’t tell if they are the same person or twins

  15. Adam Daly

    Still remember all the lyrics

  16. Roger Hale

    Spoiler alert!

  17. Mary Sanders

    I just spent 11 hours watching these movies and you just...summed it up. Tolkien could take a page out of your book!

  18. Fexi HD

    No im hyped again

  19. 7xCrazy

    I am reading the books from two days, still on the first line of Fellowship of the Ring of this video.

  20. moon deer

    А куда он делся, уже 2019 а я всё жду видос

  21. Claire Jasmine

    Who needs to watch the series when you've got this guy

  22. welsh weirdo

    Two towers

    Twin towers

    Coincidence I think not!

  23. Hazel Walker

    Now whenever I hear the background music in LOTR all I cam hear is this song and I don't know how to feel about that

  24. Amber Studios

    I haven’t read one of the books. So it sounded like nonesennse 😂

    Baguette Gott

    I'm actually coming back today after reading the books, because when I watched it years earlier it was really did sound like utter nonsense. Now it's amazing though (and so are the books if you want to give them a chance :D

    Amber Studios

    I watched Harry Potter in 99 seconds before I started reading. Thought it was nonsense. Now I keep watching it now that I’m on the third book :-)

  25. Miss Penguin


  26. Sam H

    Yk I watch lotr forget about it and then see this video and watch it again. The cycles repeated at least 6 times

  27. Gunaraj Pokharel

    R dau ze same people ????i need answers

  28. river wTer

    Do u make vids on ur own now

  29. NoName

    THIS is real art

  30. Deciet Snekboi

    Jon: The greatest tale ever told on your screen.
    My book nerd side: TRIGGERED

  31. Sagittarius Aquarius

    I *really* want one for the Hobbit!

  32. Great Bricks

    my favorite song in this is the two towers but my favorite movie is return of the king

  33. Juliet Kitching

    1:20 😂😂

  34. Sam H

    2012!!!! Time really flies

  35. Isaiah Saul

    not one of your best works i like the harry potter one better.

  36. can I get 1,000, subs ?

    1:04 is my favourite part

  37. Lief, the golden

    So cringe

  38. Clutch SmG

    This guy is such a nerd no offence like it's pretty impressive but Ur a nerd

  39. Fridasatero

    I always thought it was two guys and I really wanted a friendship like they had. Now I realise that I already had it

  40. JW HW

    taking the hobbits to isengard!!!

  41. ayaan x y z

    Gli inglesi non sanno l italiano

  42. Galaxy Dragon

    Are we not talking about the potatoes thing?

  43. St3PoW3r

    LIKE chi lo vede nel 2019

  44. Соня Скупова

    Oh my god. Nostalgia hits hard. Had this DOWNLOADED. On my phone. Knew by heart, as well as the Happy Potter one. Cup Song. First Disney medley. Oh god Jon... You made my early years happier (and my friends angry - sometimes I was tryna sing one of those. Idk why did I think it was a good idea)

  45. Audrey Fahey

    You have a beautiful Elvish voice that brought me to tears, sincerely thank you.

  46. Line Nielsen

    Still waiting for a the hobbit one 😊 pleaseee

  47. Optimus Prime

    Transformers in 99 seconds lol

  48. JOE MAMA


  49. Snowman Playz

    Do basically YouTube put this in my recommendations after 7 years..

  50. CrOw Game 2.0

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍WoW cool

  51. İki Kafadar

    Lord Of The Rings song Star-Wars T-shirt ?!?!??!!

  52. Fat Cow

    I have now seen the animated hobbit and LOTR both around 8 times, the live action hobbit series 10 times, and the live action LOTR 9 times and currently on the 10th, so i think i have enough knowledge on the subject to say you did a dang good job describing LOTR in 99 secs!

  53. taylor taniguchi

    This was the first song I ever bought on my iPod

  54. Plugger Fella

    Not if you put it in 2x

  55. Oscar Cheruiyot

    Make a GOT one

  56. Gandalf the Black

    2020 in there

  57. Emer Cummins

    Eh. It’s really good, but the Harry Potter one was better.

  58. kathryn rose

    I don't know why but I actually love the ending (1:25 onwards) 😂

  59. Estel Undomiel

    Every time after I rewatch LOTR trilogy (like now) I end up here and then this song is stuck in my head for another month 😄

  60. Iulia

    *hugs replay button* MY PRECIOUS!!!

  61. Erjin Son

    It still amazes me how much talent he has

  62. Erjin Son

    my mum was NEVER a YouTube person but after I showed her Harry Potter in 99 seconds all those years ago and me and my siblings memorised all of the lyrics she actually checked the Paint acc and told me about the LOTR in 99 seconds XD

  63. Thinkable Drago

    Can you do the hobbit in 99 seconds

  64. M&S Fan2467

    This is my favorite "99 Seconds" video.

  65. Reborn Chenell

    It still give me chills in the final war part

  66. Doggie lover 5

    I still think Harry potter is better...

    Mahmuna Chaudhary

    But the lighting and expressions

  67. Underground Skeptic

    Ah, I remember watching this when I was in 7th grade. すぐに大学に行く。

  68. Jesus Christ

    Wormtongue Uruk-Hai Sauron Great Eye is one of the most catchiest things I've ever heard

  69. Kwitie Chan

    Nice try lrd of the ring but you cannot be as good as harry potter

  70. Unicorn cupcake 123


  71. iamthe5th _

    The greatest tale ever told on your screen! PO-TA-TOOOOOES!!!!!! I love that part😂

  72. Unicorn cupcake 123


  73. Cameron Dumas


  74. Charles Sebastian Michel de Colbert

    He could have rhymed smeágol with deágol but he didn't. #shelob

  75. Erdem eker

    This video better of your all videos

  76. Ojas Srivastava

    You people are amazing

  77. •{LittleGachaPotato} •

    That was cool

  78. Nathienator 98

    1:08 It's Merry, not Mary

  79. Gabriel Flores

    Tolikien died in 1937. Reverse it and you get 3791:

    Three rings for the elves
    Seven rings for the dwarfs
    Nine rings for human people
    One ring for the dark lord
    Coincidence, I dont think so!

    Osgar OGorman

    @Tøxic k

    The Crab King

    It happened by a great amount of luck, if luck it be.

    Irina Kramers

    Had he indeed died in 1937, that verse would not even exist, since The Lord of the Rings was published in 1954.


    There are 3 mistakes here:
    1. Tolkien died in 1973. Not Tolikien and 1937.
    2. Revered 1937 is 7391 but your luck is beyond limits so I can't consider this.
    3. The verse is as follows:

    Three Rings for the Elvenkings under the sky,
    Seven for the Dwarflords in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,

    Not trying to sound offensive here!

    Alejandro Gonzalez

    @7xCrazy you can mix the numbers and still get the number but the rings are wrong

  80. Sarah Bunnell

    i wish the lotr fandom had a bigger online presence

  81. Pixie the Bernese mountain Dog


  82. Braeden Ostrow

    7 years ago dang

  83. Jason Sieffert

    0:13 “Potatoes!”

  84. Artist Corner

    I really hope you make a hunger games in 99 seconds

  85. The most eggselent Animals

    0:13 POTATOES!!!!!!

  86. Dat Boi

    What is going on?

  87. Hufflepuff_WeebThing

    Amazing video but honestly the Harry Potter one is better :3

  88. Uttersvans

    Avengers in 90 seconds

  89. reaction and playz

    I wish you were on glee

  90. That Bitch

    My dog, Bilbo Waggins, really enjoyed this video! (I did too btw!)

  91. Katie Tran

    I literally thought he had a friend for once but then I noticed how similar they look

  92. Pikachu The Pokemon

    Why is no one appreciating the signs?