Cozart, Jon - After Ever After Lyrics

If you've ever wondered why
Disney's tales all end in lies
Here's what happened after all their dreams came true

I loved being princess down in this beautiful ocean blue
But mermaids are going missing they end up in someone's stew
So just try to put yourself into somebody else's gills
You're killing my ecosystem with fishing and oil spills (Oh, no)
Thank you BP (thank you BP), thank you BP (thank you BP)
The British are killing, oil is spilling
Now I can't see... My eyes!
Chinamen feast on Flounder's fins
Plus the Japanese killed all my whale friends
Oceans are browning
I think I'm drowning
Thanks to BP
You suck!

Hey, I'm OK, but I'm slightly scared
My husband's a mark for the War on Terror
Aladdin was taken by the CIA
We're not Taliban
You've got the wrong man
In Guantanamo Bay
Prince Ali, where could he be, drowning in wawa
Interrogation from the nation of the "free"
Bin Laden's taken the fall
We're not trained pilots at all
Jafar went crazy and no one put up a fuss
We're for freedom, Genie can vouch for us
Bush was crazy, Obama's lazy, al-Qaeda's not in this country
Set free my Prince Ali

A whore! A whore!
A whore, a whore, a whore!
This town's gone wild since I married Adam
They think I'm going straight to hell
(She'll burn in hell)
But the charges laid on me
Of bestiality
Could wind up getting me thrown in a cell
(She is a witch)
Oh, no, I'm overrun by mad men (we're all crazy)
I hear they plan (we're gonna) to burn me at, at the stake
(The witch will fry
That Belle must die)
They legit believe I'm Satan
And now I hear that PETA's gonna take my beast away

After John Smith traveled back to England
I helped my people cultivate the fields
More English, French and Spaniards came to visit
And they greeted us with guns and germs and steel
They forced us into unknown lands of exile
They pillaged, raped and left us all for dead
So now I'm far more liberal with a weapon
When I separate their bodies from their heads
(Wait! What!?)
(Oh, no!)
Have you ever held the entrails of an English guy?
(We're dead!)
Or bit the beating hearts of Spanish men?
Can you shoot an arrow in some French guy's eyeball?
(Sacrè bleu!)
Can you paint with the red colors in these men?
(Adiós, amigos)
I can murder if I please
'Cause I'm dying of disease
I can paint with the red colors in these men

[Ariel:] Thanks to BP
[Jasmine:] Where's Prince Ali?
[Belle:] Bestiality
[Pocahontas:] I've got STDs

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  1. Diamond Tomi

    "i hope you concentrate in camp"😳😮

  2. ЭХо 17381

    Насколько же охуенный этот чел

  3. Ryan

    Going in order now since I got the recommendation hehe.

  4. Just_Edits

    I think this is the most accurate YouTube captions have ever been

  5. PrincessCrystalWriter

    Mulan-TRANS FUCKING ICON, WE STAN, brothers in arms want to bone (that's gay lol)

    Cinderella-Rip your braincells and sanity due to sharing the truth with someone you barely know.

    Tiana-Lived for four days after the hurricane hit initially, likely died of unhygienic conditions afterwards(she had to pee in a jar and lived communally with dozens, possibly hundreds, of other people)

    Elsa-Got sick of global warming, started another genocide, created evil snowmen, depending on time period either joined up with Hitler or emulated him, likely started a second ice age to prevent global warming.

    Mulan is my fav, then Elsa, then Tia, then Ella, because holy shit this one is most certainly my favorite of the three

  6. Kandora

    I sunk like a brick, prince thinks I’m sick, ice is melting quick, now I have a dic- a lot of self esteem

  7. Caroline Henderson

    Now i have a....
    lot of self isteam

  8. cherry slurpee

    i first watched this when i was 8 and didn't understand that tianas part was about hurricane Katrina wbbss

  9. nxthan

    YouTube: Yeah let’s recommend this in 2020

  10. James Huffman

    After six years, are we not gonna talk about the heil Elsa Schick?

  11. nodrama6


  12. Mia Polley

    “Now Fox News will need heat lamps!” That line kills me every time

  13. Cauan Alfredo

    It's a the best video of ever

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    Ни одного русского? Серьёзно?

  15. Melissa Reid

    Frozen 3 sound interesting.

  16. The Wild Things

    2020 anyone

  17. Min min Yoon

    why was i thinking that mulan was gonna say "now i have a dick" in the last part????

  18. Maya Is Here

    ok i watched this in 2015 and i just watched it again and finally got the hail elsa thing

  19. We Are

    Gay af.

  20. Aparna G A

    At Elsa I remembered your Boy Hitler video it was amazing!

  21. Anna Garner

    Elsa 😂

  22. mrdante361

    Elsa yes

  23. nikkisdrama

    6 year old me had no business running around my house reciting all the words to this.


    was i 6? idk i could’ve been eight

  24. Angsty Teen

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    Tiktok: I think I'm 'bout to steal

  25. Annastasha Schultzekov

    That was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

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    I forgot how savage this was now that I’m visiting it after a while listening to it.

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    Oh, so Elsa creates a Nazi Regime....

  31. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Heil Elsa!

  32. Monc Chen

    Omg Mulan was transgender 😂

  33. Sorry That's Confidential

    And people tell me that your voice isn't an instrument. They so wrong.

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    *Seizure noises*

  35. Kareena Tulsee

    Hi can I use your video as a visual aid in my class? I'm a film and TV lecturer

  36. Robert Lopez

    Okay but the Cinderella verse plays through my head at least once every three days

  37. Moona's Lagoon

    i love this elsa-

  38. Seungyun Katie Hong

    ... why would you get insulin for insanity?
    I thought it was for diabetes

  39. Unicorn Princess

    One thing, apart from this song is perfect. Tiana was born in 1917 so 2005 she would be in her 80’s. one fault I love your work and his deserves an Oscar

  40. Christina

    "i hope you concentrate in camp"
    I am

  41. Kane Gray

    2020 remembering 9 year old me having these memorized.

  42. Zoe Elkington

    Me when I first watch Mulan: I wanna be like Mulan and dress and act like a man!
    Me a few years later: I-i was trans...

  43. Asxrid

    Mulan is transgender
    Cinderella’s a fraud
    Tianas dead
    And Elsas a murderer...

  44. 키드용우

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    *i Am SaTaN*

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    My mum and I listen to this sooooo much it’s soooo funny we love it
    Keep up the good work

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    Good video

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    He looks like sid the sloth

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  50. Blue Glass Goose • 7 years ago

    "maybe one day he'll screw me" that line has been stuck in my head for so long and I finally found where it came from

  51. D- Babyy

    My 5 months baby loves both 1&2 she dont know what they saying but ig she like his voice😂😂

  52. Tayler Petrivock

    me to mulan me to

  53. Ayana Gaur

    Aside from the song, can we acknowledge the work he put into the name cards, they look really great

  54. ella cool

    She is now the queen of the forest correct me if I’m wrong

  55. ella cool

    Since frozen two came out we now know what happened to Elsa Sorry for spoilers wouldn’t see it but she didn’t become a murder

  56. rosemallow

    who came from that song for his principal from 2011

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  60. I'm Sophia

    Hi I'm from Germany 🇩🇪
    It's nice to see what other people people think about me😔

    Just kidding, funny video😂
    I hope my english is not too bad😂


    Sophia Ravenclaw your English is really good!!!!

    I'm Sophia

    @eleueie thank you😂

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    This is talent. The content we've long been missing

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  66. Random Girl

    rewatching this when i’m older i actually understand it all... bro the stuff he said is so controversial but it’s so great !!

  67. My name is dan

    Watching this with and understanding it is horrible

  68. Paul Kornbluh

    I, for one, welcome our new Arendellian overlords...

  69. 보노보노

    He'd never old .

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    nice shirts dude

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    Else went from 0 to Hitler real quick.

  72. Caitlynn Chrzanowksi

    *me seven years later still watching/listening to these*

    The Minecraft Alexis

    Caitlynn Chrzanowksi bro same

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    My mom: *concerned*

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    Hail Elsa.*
    I died on elsas part tho

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    Tiana lived in the 20s so she’s safe

  77. Grace Marriott

    Am I the only one who can see Elsa as a totally bad-ass villain

    Claire F

    She was actually orginally supposed to be the main villian, but "let it go" was so uplifting that they changed it.

    Aparna G A

    No darling!

  78. Michelle Schoenfeld

    This guy reminds me of Thomas Sanders😍❤️✨


    Эльза теперь наша новая императрица.
    Хаэль Эльза.

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    Lot of self esteem

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    the Elsa one was good and also im German

  82. Care Dog

    Tiana sunk like a brick
    Prince thinks Cinderella’s sick
    Elsa’s ice is melting quick
    Mulan has a............ lot of self esteem

    2167 gang?

    Wawa wawawa

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    Global Warming, Murder, TRANSformation, and Torture.

    Jeez, Disney... Think it through.

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    Everyone: I don’t care about Global Warming, Elsa can cover the Earth with her snow powers.

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    • rapunzel
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