Cozart, Jon - After Ever After 3 Lyrics

If you've ever wondered why
Disney tales all end in lies
Here's what happened after all their dreams came true

Was gonna be a mighty king
Mufasa's famous heir

Well, your little mane's been lion-tamed
By beasts who don't fight fair

I've turned into the main event
For soldiers big and small
And now I dread my severed head
Might end up on your wall

Let me help this African economy

Oh, my species is going extinct

Everywhere you look, death
Taking shots at my pride
Thanks for that petition
To stop a straight up genocide

Scope, set

Rafiki's brains are not a cure for AIDS
Now ebonies need ivory for pay
I don't think Hamlet ended up this way
Oh, my species is going extinct
Oh, my species is go—

[Peter Pan:]
Every time I fly to town
I grow up when I come down
Now I've been stuck at age sixteen
For eighty years of puberty
In unforgiving tights

He's upright, he's upright, he's upright

[Tiger Lily:]
We're following his leader, his leader, his leader
We're following his leader
Wherever he may bone

[Peter Pan:]
Tee dum, tee dee
My teedle-dee's out to play
It's one for all

The mermaids are wet for days

[Tiger Lily:]
This engine's revved

There's only one booty for me

[Peter Pan:]
Just a teedle ee rump
A teedle ee hump tee day

Think of the fappiest thoughts

I'm a happy little thot


[Peter Pan:]
Wendy is my special gal

She's like ninety

I'm down
The dentures never bite

He's upright, he's upright, he's upright

Hope he's bi

He's upright

Save my soul
Herc was on a roll
Now every god and goddess here is begging to atone
Replaced by intelligent design
The new guy's rolling by and turning water into wine

The Romans are chanting, "Christo, Christo!"
He's a godsend, bigger than Nero
Out with the old in with the Jew
Hero to Christo
God's honest truth
Hero to Christo

Hey Herc, you're screwed

The Jesus freak is super weak

I'm so divine
You see I came inside a virgin's bod

So have I
I threw him in the Colosseum
A lion a la carte
Three days went by
He zombified
And rose up in search of hearts

[Aladdin (Jasmine):]
I'm a prisoner of war
ISIS blew up my city
They're throwing me off a building
'Cause they think that I like guys

A holy war
An old fantastical point of view
Carpet was burned alive,
Streamed nation wide
I can't go back to where I used to thieve

Every turn suicide
A hundred thousand children plead
The toppling of Agrabah with Sharia law
Stop this holy war before we're through (a holy war)

Unholy war (that's where we'll be)
Just refugees (send helping hands)
Instead of bans for you and me

The lions are gone
[Peter Pan:]
Hair on my junk
Jesus is a hunk
Screw Trump

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