Cozart, Jon - 2016 Sucks Song Lyrics

Smell that rotting dumpster fire baking?
That's this shitty world that we've been making
There's never been a time like this
When everybody's pissed
That hasn't ended with some bones a-breaking

Slinging mud is making people heated
The earth is getting warmer, even that's debated
So whether you lean left or right
Hope you're ready for a fight
Ce la vie to the height of olden days
Like when we had slaves?

It's not so bad
The dems are cheating
It's not so bad
Look what we're eating
It's not so bad
There's no escaping that we're doomed
It's not all bad news

My name's Grace and I'm here to say
There's good news happening every single day
Like today, I saw a man, he was walking a cat
I saw another man fall and I caught it on snapchat
This made me laugh, this me cry (from laughing)
I love the jokes on Laffy Taffys
It's ok to be down if you get up again
There's always good news cause I'm your friend

What the hell is going on around me
My dad gives me a gun at every Christian holiday
It's always wrong versus right
Black versus (blue) white
I'm getting kinda jealous of Harambe

It's not so bad
There's war and famine
It's not so bad
And Jimmy Fallon
It's not so bad
We must examine why we suck
We're not all fucked

Yo Grace is back with some really good news
At least you don't look like Ted Cruz
Look at this elephant, look at this child,
Look at this meme, Rest in Peace
There's more diversity, you seen Hamilton?
Selena Gomez has lupus again,
But she's getting ahead of it, she didn't quit for the hell of it,
There's more where that came from if you like the smell of it

But certainly you see all the darkness around
The human race is hitting a slump
But there's quiet progress being made every single fucking day
My uncle used to be a homophobe, but now he's blow Trump

It's Grace, again, what does she want? Well
I got more good news I'm dying to tell ya
Jon is a sourpuss but he's not lost
Got good news? Stranger Things rocks
That's right, that's awesome, those kids are cute
The tiger population's up, well doodleydoot
Yay, art is doing well cause people need to escape
And David Bowie's still alive, I like grapes

I hope I changed your mind if you were still on the fence
Three cheers for unrelenting ignorance!

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