Cox, Deborah - Did You Ever Love Me Lyrics

Heartfelt conversations we had every single night, lying in bed together,
So why would there ever be a breakdown in communication,
And I'm just wondering was that the warm and fuzzy feeling

Those good old days seem like so long ago
I thought you cared about me then, but now I don't know
Was there ever really love at all in your heart
Was there ever really love at all
Did you ever love me

I wanna go back, way back to the beginning when we could rely on each other
Oh, I felt like a goddess floating on a cloud. why'd you have to bring me down
With all this pain and disappointment, confused and bitter, brokenhearted
With all the mysteries and my love memories

Those good old days seem like so long ago
I thought you cared about me then, but now I don't know
Was there ever really love at all in your heart
Was there ever really love at all
Did you ever love me

I painted this perfect picture of you and me in my head
I sacrificed my mind, body, and soul. you showed me you didn't care
Now did you ever stop and think about how you made my life a living hell
It's so hard believing that you would treat me like this
Now I'm questioning over and over

Did you ever love me? did you ever love me?
Tell me baby, baby, baby, baby
Was there, was there ever really love?
Was there ever love at all?
Did you ever love me?
I need an answer cause once this problem's solved
I can finally resolve and get over you
I need an answer cause once this problem's solved
I can move on, oh yes
Did you ever love me?

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Cox, Deborah Did You Ever Love Me Comments
  1. michael bruno

    My second favourite Deborah Cox song

  2. Lionel Thomas

    12/20/2019 Still listening to🔥

  3. Helen Jackson

    Did you ever love me? People go through this in life.

  4. Susan Locklear

    Some body love you 🧡💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  5. Susan Locklear


  6. Sister Rati

    Vibing with a nostalgic melody --- The makings of you. Fine song. Superb vocals. Great production.

  7. Anthony Watkins

    So heartfelt💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. janna hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds amazing wonderful marvelous magnificent superb voice she looks so beautiful

  9. Rodney Greer

    ,he'll was lust ...dick you loved at that moment😥😥😥

  10. Toxic

    This song makes me cry every time i hear it cause I will never
    Know if Marvin Thomas ever
    Loved me i loved him with him
    with all my heart i will never lo e
    Like this again i don't think I will
    ever get over him.

  11. Deborah Galloway

    i know it hurts so bad deborah cox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Success Will Be Mines

    This song has me in tears

  13. Leslee Arnold

    No answer will ever help 💔

  14. Dontez Prewitt

    This a tha jam & she is such an underrated artist SMDH!

  15. cybern9ne

    Something for you to think about. She could have been the one who did wrong and hurt him. He tried continuing the relationship, but it doesn't go well without issues. She's asking, "did you ever love me?" As a reason for the relationship to move past the transgression. Interested to see how women spin this view.

  16. Robert Wiggins

    Ladies, I must confess, that you're not the only ones that gone through this madness. I've been there, too. And yes, it hurts and it takes a long time to bounce back and an even longer time to trust again.

  17. Nesshele White

    A living HELL!!!!!

  18. Ericka Stovall

    I asked my ex did he ever really loved me and he told me not only did he loved me but he is still very much in love with me, he just needs to get his head in order he needs to make himself happy before he can make me or anyone else happy and I respect him for saying that.

    Creative Scorpion

    Ericka Stovall Awww, I know it’s hurtful. I hope you find love and happiness.

  19. Deborah Ward

    Love this music right about now

  20. honeydew0324

    Beautiful song by Deborah Cox. Sounds soft and timeless...

  21. Garret Jones

    I love this cut
    Why is this song so meaningful for the ladies?

  22. Garret Jones

    Another great Jam & Lewis cut.

  23. Ms Cherrymoon

    He did not

  24. Debra Timms

    Debra Love yes 1108deb44bebea 3x Debra Love 3x 3pm Love Debra Love

  25. Mickey Rowe

    Sing, Girl! Well!

  26. Terry Sanders

    This song is really bringing back memories when I was so in love with one in spite of what was going on. It makes me Cry maybe I never got over him. Even though I'm with someone else who is wonderfuI. I still think about him(my past). Life is so strange. Being in love is even stranger. When you know it was a toxic relationship but you still care.

  27. Afro Bluee

    I remember being 14 listening to the music channels waiting to hear this song so I could sing my heart out

  28. JustForGamers JFG

    After all this time I am still wondering Did you ever love me.. :(

  29. D.L. Franklin

    I'm asking myself this very question right now. And it's hard for a man to admit that he's hurting in a relationship when most times it's the man who doesn't give a damn. But I find myself listen to this song and wondering what's my next move

  30. QueenJayJackson

    I like the fact this song is everything I'm feeling or have felt. Thank you for singing my feelings , hopefully one day I'll sing my own pain out <3

  31. Latrice Spears

    Hey🎶🎤2018 #realmusic

  32. Aaronix4

    Was that a trombone or French horn in the beginning ? Sounds amazing!

  33. Rabbit Skipper

    Love is the illusion of the naive. A tool for the conquerors to decimate hearts and warp the human soul.

  34. Louis Gibson

    Very powerful

  35. Janice Zeno

    ? yes....👑

  36. Vickie Burnside

    my marriage is hell it self

  37. Vickie Burnside

    my heart is broken and my marriage went to the dogs

  38. janna hurst

    her voice makes you want to hear the song over and over again it's just that good of a voice

  39. janna hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds amazing wonderful marvelous magnificent superb it's a great song

  40. serenity faith

    Did you? I will not allow myself to call or text did you ever love me. I know the answer by your actions. I will grieve in silence. Once this problem is solved, I can find resolve and move on. Thank you for 3 years. 😢😢😢😢


    You got me when you said you will grieve in SILENCE. I love you, Boo.


    2017!! And this song is still HARD!😳

  42. Eric Bailey

    One day I hope a man does this maybe Joe. But DAM beautiful song

  43. Lady T

    I wonder this as me and soon to be ex go for our divorce tomorrow

  44. Yolanda Simms

    I ask myself that question daily do my husband really love me?

  45. Annette Guy

    Yes, there was and still is 😃😃😃

  46. Annette Guy

    Married 38 yrs, 8 children love him like I did the first time, Divorced ,still back and forth smh still wonder if he loves me.

  47. Janna Hurst

    she has the best voice and she can really hit those notes you really feel her music what a beautiful song

  48. Janna Hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song she sounds so good and amazing and wonderful and fantastic and beautiful and looks so beautiful and gorgeous

  49. Caelonnie

    I been looking for this song forever!!! The melody comes to my head ALOT but I couldn't ever find it! 😫

  50. Anthony Howard

    This is what I call a real heartfelt song. Her voice is out of this world

  51. Mke 123

    Guys are confusing sometimes. Theyre cute but confusing

  52. Queen 99

    Describes my situation oh to well I stated that mind body and soul and you are showing me you don't care

  53. Tanji Klyde

    Describes me right now....Wow music really helps to heal.....

  54. Treneice Monique

    Wow that moment when you hear a song and it completely tells your story! 😓

  55. Ann Jenkins

    where is she now? in rehab 😒?

  56. MszRoyaltee

    I use to always play this song after Syleena Johnson's - Another Relationship. Both songs are the ish.

    Diamond Madison

    MszRoyaltee I also listen to Syleena Johnson's Hit on Me...It saved my life.

  57. Ornellia Black

    this song..

  58. Ed Joyner

    oh my heart breaks yet AGAIN

  59. The Childfree Curly Girl

    Lying in bed next to my husband watching Keke Wyatt videos and Deborah Cox was in the recommended list. I searched for this song and I remembered this song got me through a TERRIBLE breakup almost 8 years ago! This video was on repeat! At 2:35 when she sings "Now do you ever stop to think about how you made my life a living hell" would crush me because I was in sooooo much pain over this breakup. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think about nothing else for MONTHS! That breakup consumed so much of my time and tears and this song got me through the rough days and nights.

    When you're going through a bad breakup, you think the pain will never go away, that you'll never find love again. I'm writing this to tell you that you WILL heal and you will be happy again. In fact, you'll look back and realize that him/her breaking up with you was the best thing that ever happened to you because he/she will teach you what you don't want in a partner. My ex showed me the kind of men to avoid. Now I'm laying next to my husband, we met exactly one year after my breakup and will be together 7 years in October, married 2 years in July. Everyday I thank the Universe for this man and the happiness and joy he brings to my life. So now when I listen to this song, I do remember the pain but I remember I went through the pain to get to where I am now.
    I'm writing this novel because I know you're going through the same thing I went through and I want you to know that it gets better so allow yourself to cry and then allow yourself to heal. You'll be ok, I promise!

    Nadine Francis Madden

    Really need to hear this.

    Kathy Dean

    Thank you for sharing


    The Childfree Curly Girl glad I read your comment, needed to hear it.

    Ron Murray

    damn girl! You too real!

    JN J

    So needed to read this

  60. This Ones for the Curls

    My favorite Deb Cox song

  61. Shakespeare Jele

    Leave his broke ass gal move on,it shouldn't take ths long...

  62. William Gibson

    wgm. Tennessee science doctor..specialist.

  63. Benita Miller

    Such a beautiful song

  64. William Gibson

    PhD student [email protected]£ technician € florida statue!.william gibson.

  65. William Gibson

    p.s. [email protected]£"Master, psychologist!

  66. William Gibson

    was it€ really [email protected]

  67. Johnetta West

    this song remind me really when i luv this one special person now all over cause his luv was not real

  68. April Fenner

    love this song

  69. Julie Lindquist

    hate him bye jerk

    Jerome Holloman

    lol what did he do baby?

  70. Marlon J. Sublétt

    All I need is ONE box of Kleenex...

    yesenia alvarez

    Marlon Sublett it sad right

    Theresa Hayes

    Come back girl no one tell a story like you beautiful voice

  71. Janette Washington

    This is something I really need to ask my ex Smh

  72. Blessed One

    I guest it wasn't really love at all. The question is did you ever love me? Answer the question so she can move on.

  73. life stil

    I just asked my ex the same question and I'm waiting on an answer

    Paul Donovan

    For years I had to ask MYself this question,since I had self-loathing and no respect for myself!!

    Charmaine Hunte

    life stil mnnnm


  74. Yummy Nicholson

    very powerful song form ms cox I love it

    Travis Hardy

    3 years and the person I thought loved me Is like Satan in the flesh.

    Yummy Nicholson

    I guess u just have to love yourself enough and be strong to move on

    Paul Donovan

    Yummy it took me YEARS of STIFLING pain,before I finally REALIZED that Cyrus Tucker was RIGHTwhen he told me just THAT in 1993!!

    Yummy Nicholson

    ok then glad u realize it

  75. shelostthelovebelow1

    when you hurt so bad only music can explain it so certain songs go on replay

    Marie Hunt

    LIFE's bitter melody......I thought you cared about me then...but Now I don't KNOW....Did You every STOP TO THINK ABOUT....HOW YOU MADE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL...WAS THERE EVER REALLY LOVE AT ALLLLL???? 😥


    Hit it spot on

    Zig Zag

    I am past it and I can play this and remember how I felt.. & replay

    Dominique Alphin

    Amen amen

  76. uchangemylife 0517

    its really nice song

  77. MrBlactye

    This is exactly speaking the truth. And The top that this is a beautiful song. Deborah you better sang this song.

  78. Antoinette Smith

    wow jus,went threw a heartbreak!! and this is real.. :-(

    Angela Kennedy

    So real

    Nesshele White

    I listen to this song over and over ex WIFE the only woman I've really was in love with Broke my ❤...thank you..after 6yrs THANK YOU ANYWAYS!!!!

  79. Soarix Channel

    my past is over thanks now i can make money off it.

  80. PrettyRed Thomas

    Was there ever really love at all? Nope that's why we endured the things we endured. Thank God I'm free

  81. Black Beauty

    Was there ever really love at all? Did you ever love me? I'm sure I know the answer, although it may not be the one I wanted to hear...........😔💔

  82. Emmitill

    Sounds like she's have a very serious conversation, with someone special.

  83. Salema Parham

    ughhh did she ever! 😢

  84. VirtuallyAnalog

    Bobby Ross
    Avila is a genius.

  85. VirtuallyAnalog

    Bobby Ross Avila is a genius.

  86. Rhonda C. Willis

    funny how a song can fill your soul and heal your heart......if you let it...i learned a long tine ago if you are going through some heartache or whatever might be going on in your life. just ait down and listen to you some R&B...i found strength and courage i didn't know that i give your pain to our God and leave it with him....and sit back and shut the door and. have your last cry over him...and but on some Debra Cox.

    Carliss Ratley

    music soothes

    Amara Sontiago

    Rhonda Willis we have the same last name

  87. Prosperous 15

    Now I can answer the question honestly.......did you ever love me. The answer is No.....but I can exhale, breathe, and move on......its truly your loss!

  88. Janie Myers

    this song , described my past relationship, im glad finally my mind is free of it.


    Janie Myers amennnn

    Amara Sontiago

    Janie Myers just how do I get to that free of it point ?


    @Amara Sontiago - Time that's the truth of it. Use that time to self-heal, relearn who you are and do the things that YOU want to do, whatever that is. If it makes you feel good, rock on with it. It took me 3 yrs to get over my 17-year marriage failing, even though my then-husband was a tyrant and a bully. I grew up with this man and had good times with him, plus 4 gorgeous children with him. I haven't loved another man the way that I loved him. Now, I'm with someone who is everything I always wanted in a man, except the finance part. However, he's very ambitious and is a doer. This brotha just delivers and consistently too.....I feel him on such a deeper, spiritual level that I think about the times he was pursuing me and I kept on rejecting him. All the while not seeing/knowing he is the ONE!.. I love him and want to walk the rest of this journey with him..I couldn't see this part of my life, cuz as a single woman, I was focusing on business and money. I say this to say, you will be at the stage that I am at ain, but ONLY if you allow yourself to be open to finding true love. Practice the law of attraction to bring you what you desire.

  89. Janie Myers

    this song , described my past relationship, im glad finally my mind is free of it.

  90. The IT dee

    This song describes my marriage..... Now I am doing me, i left him and his issues......

  91. dustin mack

    Did it to this song with my wife of 18 yrs 4 months a week before Valentine's Day, and then I found the corner of a condom wrapper on the floor in the bedroom and it's not the kind I use.

    Delisicia Jenkins

    dustin mack damn

  92. Lady T

    so brokenhearted right now.💔😢

    penelope bunkley

    +Tamed100810 ...i HEAR YOU MAMA....ME TOO....TEARS IN MY EYES AS I TYPE....22 YEARS TO END UP LIKE THIS.... :(

  93. Marquita clark

    I wonder if you do or did? actions speak louder than words... don't do stunts and shows while you're faking! what you won't do the next one will HUNTY!

  94. jrivera2944

    Love her she is one of the great ones

  95. Bridget Bonds

    One of my favorite songs by her.
    I can listen to this over and over and just ride out!

  96. Bridget Bonds

    One of my favorite songs by her.
    I can listen to this over and over and just ride out!

  97. Buck Burden

    WAS It REALLY LUV at all? Did you ever LUV me?

  98. LibraLife 47

    its a shame you even have to ask this many hurt people hurt people...friendships relationships...the world is so cold. .but we have music

    Zig Zag

    +Philana malone even years later.. i wonder this same question. the answer is clear is day.. but somehow I just want the words LOL

    LibraLife 47

    +ziggy zag I dont even think i want the words..too much work to get them

    June Lobban

    Shol nuff!!!

  99. Brian Butler


  100. Brian Butler