Cox, Deborah - Beautiful U R Lyrics

It’s your life
Thing may not always go right, for you
In those times
Just leave it behind
Cause sometimes you gotta play the game
Just to survive
Without losing yourself
It’s a fight, it’s true
It takes time
Don’t have all the answers
No matter how hard it gets
Hold on to what’s inside

Don’t never let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t never let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and see who you are
Beautiful U R

In the dark
The paint chips have waited your heart
So deep
Can’t you see
See the light in the distance
Open up your eyes, look, look to the sky
And believe
There’s much more to life when you free
That’s the key
And in time
You will find all the answers
Don’t have to loose your pride
Hold on to what’s inside

Don’t never let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t never let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and see who you are
Beautiful U R
Don’t never let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t never let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and see who you are
Beautiful U R

Don’t care what they say anymore
There’s no time to be insecure
I leave it all at the door

She staring at him in the face
She’s taking it day by day
I’m finally on my way

Don’t never let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t never let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and see who you are
Beautiful U R
Don’t never let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t never let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and see who you are
Beautiful U R
Beautiful U R
Beautiful U R
Beautiful U R

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Cox, Deborah Beautiful U R Comments
  1. Jovan Raymond

    I'm probably the only guy listening to this

  2. Monica Iqbal

    Brings me back to 7th grade. Me and my classmates would hear this song in gym class frequently

  3. K M

    Truly beautiful you are

  4. K M

    One of my favourites

  5. marcco 90

    this song is more alive than ever on Québécois radio !!

  6. donna hookem

    Charle's Angeles! !!!

  7. C h r i s t i n a xoxo

    Repeat x100

  8. C h r i s t i n a xoxo

    This song is way to underated

  9. AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)

    I swear when they sing "Beautiful U R" in the chorus, I always thought that was Michael Jackson singing.

  10. neya

    the nostalgia is REAL

  11. lomaxa99

    Why does this have so few views!? Such a great song!

    Trinal Fish

    Once again, it's a case of great Canadian talent getting robbed of the attention it rightfully deserves just because it isn't under an American label.

  12. Sam

    Bruhhh I randomly remembered this song one day, brings me back to listening to this on my mum's itunes as a kid lol

  13. Stacey Chutskoff

    I'm Beautiful!! My Song!

  14. William Meyer

    Love this song

  15. Stacey Chutskoff

    I'm beautiful! Partytime! Always cheers!

  16. Michelle Dulay

    Don’t ever let anybody break you down girl.......

  17. They Love Kaila

    Took me forever to find this song but it came in perfect time 💛💛

  18. Widmark Jolicoeur

    Wow, i can hear MJ singing this song !

  19. Don't Hate Just Appreciate


  20. Ashaboo MacMillan


  21. Ndiseni Mainganya

    She is speaking to me

  22. Beverley Reid

    Back here in 2019 for inspiration. Thanks Deborah

  23. Franciaca Oduwa

    Beautiful song. Everyone is beautiful. Great memories.

  24. Sathish Andi

    This song not only inspires women but also a very strong song for men. Thank you Deborah.

  25. Charlene R. Bernard

    My anthem right now!! Every day I listen to this makes me survive another day!!

  26. Ana PLeasa

    i couldnt stop singing this song when i was in kindergarden. its never really left my mind. this is an incredibly underrated gem.

  27. B Reid

    I found this song in high school when I was very depressed and it helped me so much. Now im 22 also having a hard time it brings tears to my eyes to rediscover this song. I never noticed before she is singing thus message to herself, everyone, and her own unborn child. Beautiful 😭

  28. Diamond Kakekaspan

    My mom gave this song to me and my sisters three years ago. Lost her when I was 11.

  29. Nod Melon

    A powerful song.

  30. MrVopir

    Best song ever still listening in 2019 !

  31. Stacey Chutskoff

    My song partytime cheers!!

  32. Bob Escabar

    This Singer is So Underrated i love deborah cox shes Black Canadian Jem

  33. Esperanca Alage

    2019?click like

  34. King PikaBudda Labelle

    Still listening to this 2018!!!!!

    Niki Cannell

    LOL.. Just came looking for this.. jumped in my head for some reason

  35. Amanda Elliott

    Thats am amazing video

  36. Nikki J

    I love this song is so timeless I've been listening to this song since it first came out and I'm listening to it now and it makes me feel the same as it did when I first heard it beautiful and I love the video thank you Deborah Cox such a beautiful talent❤️

  37. William971

    theygotta techno remix this one, sounds like it could be a calvin harris hit

  38. unarine nemutudi

    I loooovvveee this song

  39. Quarter Of A Mile Mashups


  40. Ariana Eilish

    myyyyyyyyyy childhooooooooooooood

  41. fowad khan

    Alessia Cara this Brampton girl from Canada copied this song the other way ...

  42. E. Corley

    Will always LOVE this song 💜💪🏾

  43. Breanna Nouveaux

    The lack of views here is criminal. 666k 10 years later? No ma'am. Its time for people to look for music that sings TO them. Not against them.

  44. brennan guay

    This song gave me the strength to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  45. dblkrailfan

    This is true long. I can relate. I have sickle-cell anemia and yet I still say thank you for His many blessings. I just have to reverse the song since I am a straight man. Just a fan who rates her below Whitney Houston.

  46. Drew Rycerz

    i knew her uncle, what a beautiful family. im a producer now i wish i could work with her.

  47. bonnbel

    This song is turning 10 years old in 2018! I'm an old bitch.

  48. Kingdom Woman


  49. Neha

    shit i havent heard this song in forever

  50. Joe Smith

    No wonder why Deborah Cox came out with this song because she's beautiful herself, 😉

  51. Paul Donovan

    Wish I had heard this song when I was 17!! It took me THIRTY-FOUR years to realize I was beautiful,and didn't need to take the psychological"abuse"I constantlytook from women!!

  52. Harleen Quinzel

    I was in grade 2 when this song came out


    Harleen Quinzel I was in kindergarten

    Trinal Fish

    That makes you and me both, buddy.

  53. isabella giorgivna

    8 years..

  54. AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)

    For the longest time, I thought Michael Jackson sang this.

    Ada Luz Cardenas Alvares

    AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)

  55. Humayra Kabir


  56. Kathryn94

    Beautiful is this song !!! It really deserves more credit !


    Amazing song

  58. Canadian1

    I wonder what happened to deborah cox. She was really good

  59. Andy Cappuccio

    Wow I was in 4th Grade when this song came out

  60. JaybayJay

    It's weird to think that my mother looked just like her when she was young.. .(shudder..)...
    Way to go Cuz....

  61. Axle Wavey

    Was this a hit?

    david tracey

    yes, in the clubs it was big


    @Axle Wavey Up here in Toronto where she's from it's a big hit too..

    william poitras

    Can't feel my face.

  62. The Grinning Reaper

    Oh my gash this reminds me of my grandma before she passed of cancer :( I ALWAYS herd it on the radio I love it

  63. Reenie Wallis

    This song spoke to me one day when I was experiencing a lot of pain, disappointment and indecision that could have wrecked my self esteem and rob me of my strong sense of self; but, the radio was on and these strongly charged lyrics spoke to my heart.  It was as if Deborah was saying to me directly "Forget those issues and don't let those people bring you down--they are not worth it.  Deborah, (I hope perhaps you could read this), from now to eternity you many never know how much inspiration this song has given to many.  Keep up the good work may God bless you.

    P.S. I'm one Caribbean Sis.


    Reenie Wallis 🙏❤️

  64. KaylaWasHere

    Everybody is beautiful! :)

  65. Silverman And buddy

    Touched my soul, we are all beautiful,

  66. david tracey

    music. real full soul,+

  67. rochelle sayer

    This song though <3

    Beautiful you are ~

  68. Tippi Hunter

    I love me some debrah cox

  69. Bryanna .B

    Don't ever let nobody bring you down, boy.
    Don't ever let nobody tear your world apart.
    Look in the mirror and see who you are.
    Beautiful you are. <3

    I know I can't say it through song. But here you go. Know you're appreciated. Boy or girl.

  70. Demonte Davon Kirk

    Beauty is on the skin deep and everyone knows it.

  71. King

    If only this song was for guys.

  72. Sally-Ann Bentley

    Amazingly beautiful song. Stunning voice also.

  73. HubertGeorge

    Wish she made it gender neutral. Either way love the song.

  74. Kayanne Higgins

    Amen sister

  75. james walker

    like if Listening in 2013 "Don't let anybody take u down girl, beautiful u r"

  76. Astral Love

    I thought Chris Brown sang this song hahaha. Omg that's bad :/ No disprespect, I don't mean it to be rude, she has an awesome voice :3

  77. Renee Akromah

    OMG i love this song, i remeber when it came out i was obssessd with it, ive been looking for it ever since and i found it again

  78. cdcook913

    Thank you for this beautiful song!!!!!!

  79. Sna-Kevin Dur-serp-ent

    She much better than Rhianna and Nicki Minaj

  80. Monique Trudel

    Amazing song to send out to all who dont see that beauty is in all of us no matter what age or skin color we are !!

  81. Deryk James

    My mom should listen to this song :'( , the world hasn't ended mom !

  82. lilmissprincess

    R.I.P Amanda Todd <3

  83. Joanne Rodriguez

    Love the beat and the inspiring message behind the melody...

  84. Betty Bee

    22 people don't know what it's like to be a life saver.

  85. somegalfromcan

    I sad for those girls who haven't had the chance to hear this inspirational song!

  86. Mandy Bear

    When I see that being really skinny with big boobs, but, and being tall is the main key to beauty, I feel really deppressed but this song honestly is the must supporting song about looks that I have ever heard. I can't stand the media. To me, they are the main key to teen suicide.

  87. Maria Munro

    Someone on a social networking site asked me to listen to this, now I understand why. Thanks dave, and a special thanks to Deborah for performing this song! :')

  88. chicka5020

    power to the women of the world our work is 24/7 men 5to9.

  89. HubertGeorge

    Makes it hard to think its for me when she keeps saying "girl" in every other sentence. Good meaning but a bit sexist. Guys need emotional support just as much.

  90. lina kaz

    those who dont like this (i canNOT believe there is a dislike bar) must be either crazy or in great pain....

  91. lina kaz

    this song makes me wanna cry...and smile ....thank you Deborah !!!

  92. Maddie Brill

    Loved it!!!!!!!! <3

  93. princer

    You were there to? Wow well uh I can agree with you on many of the thing's you just said. :3

  94. kaylynn poucette

    thats true

  95. louandkayla

    Say Ariana Grande twice clap 5 times post this on two other video's listen to your voice

  96. Skydiver123100

    Beautiful U R

  97. jamak390

    Thank-you for pulling me through my insecure younger years where i hated myself. Thank-you for forcing me to see the beautiful me i wake up to see everyday.

  98. Cynthia Marbley

    Love this song

  99. Katierocks2199

    I love this song, it has so much meaning. i use to be bullied and i still am kinda but listening to songs like this boost my confidence i really dont care what people say about me anymore and i dont let it bother me.