Cowboy Troy - Whoop Whoop Lyrics

[Jon Nicholson]
Whoop! Whoop whoop!
There's just something 'bout your

[Chorus - Jon Nicholson]
Whoop whoop!
It makes me wanna whoop whoop!
I just can't help but whoop whoop!
There's just something 'bout your Whoop whoop!
Whoop whoop!

[Verse 1 - Cowboy Troy]
Whoop whoop got me jumpin' through hoops
'Cause a day without your love girl, I can't recoup
Send chills down my spine every time we touch
You say come here I get in gear, like poppin' the clutch
That rush like you're rollin' down a hill
You said, "Be still, I got a chill!"
I said, "Okay girl, I will!"
With the sweat accumulating in a pool in your navel
I'm rockin' your body 'cause I'm willin' and able
Truth not fable, I make the bed sing like the movies on cable
Holdin' on tight sittin' tall in the saddle
Your heels inside just like spurrin' cattle
Hearts in rhythm, nibble on my ear please be my friend
Your hair is gettin' tangled 'cause I make your body tingle
By the hair of my chinny-chin chin, gotta get your

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2 - Cowboy Troy]
In the morning when I'm yawnin' I wake up
The sunrise in your eyes helps to heat me up
A kiss and a hug and and an "I love you"
A kiss back and a wink and "I love you too"
Two hearts, one soul walkin' on air
Livin' on love, livin' on a prayer
Lips so sweet like chocolate
I get a rush so strong I can't forget
Love is the breeze that fills my sails
I crave to breathe what you exhale
I'll cross the desert with life at its worst
All I need is your touch to quench my thirst
Think the same without saying a word
Your voice is the sweetest thing I've heard
Go on punkin' put this song on loop
I gotta tell you again baby, I gotta get your...

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

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Cowboy Troy Whoop Whoop Comments
  1. Showboat Sizzle

    This guy kicks ass!

  2. Jem Little

    Holy shit, get ready for lots of hits on this one :)
    Whoop is king

  3. harleen quinzel

    Whoop whoop. Mmfcl

  4. GoldenFriendsFTW

    Woop Woop

  5. Teknotox

    When did Vanilla Ice ever have a career? ....Wonder why.

  6. neonxjester

    How ignorant are you, Do you not realize that cowboy troy is down with ICP, He also did a song with Vanilla Ice, WHO IS SIGNED TO PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS!

  7. kalmanizer

    GREAT Song. I HATE Hip-Hop Music but I LOVE this Hick-Hop Stuff. This is a GREAT song. :)

  8. tdesena85

    It makes me wanna poop poop?

  9. Martha Gutrick

    I loooooove Cowboy Troy!!!!!

  10. Jenn Morris

    Love me some CBT!!!

  11. DragonsFire92

    This is Clasic CowBoy Troy and !!!!!I LOVE IT BABY!!!!!