Cowboy Troy - My Bowtie Lyrics

I've got a hicked out ride with a big block growl
Buckle up tight roll into town
My crew's rollin through lookin shiny and new
Sittin crooked on my chrome on a set of 22's
From the bumper to the hitch my whip is glistenin
Listen to my 15 inches hittin
Diamonds on my digits and my Stetson on my heady
But I aint ready till I'm dressed in my Chevy

You can't mess with my bowtie you know it's so fly
One ride you'll know why can't mess with my bowtie
Can't mess with my bowtie just feel that silkey glide
In styl when I arrive can't mess with my bowtie

I keep the outside shiny and the inside clean
Only wrappers that you see on my seat is me
The shotgun seat is saved for my lady
She loves how I baby my baby
I got the charcoal tint keep the inside cool
The big Bose system bumpin it old school
Dressed to impress oh yes I rock steady
But I aint ready till I'm dressed in my Chevy

[Repeat Chorus]

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Cowboy Troy My Bowtie Comments
  1. Seth Walton

    O hell ya on this song

  2. theoneeyeddragon

    This whole album is great!

  3. Alicia Simonds

    One of my favorites wish he got air time or more views

  4. Rachel Davis

    love cowboy troy aka Aaron wrote this

  5. Ira Hohlfeld

    i love this song