Cowboy Troy - Lock Me Up Lyrics

I've got a driver he's drinkin water
About to cut loose like I know that you oughta
Fill the jukebox with 10 bucks in quarters
Don't line dance cause I leave it to your daughters
Step up and I order my drinks
Satarted passing out the beverage everybody said thanks
So I raise my glass before I take my sip
Be the end of the night I done spent my grip
Hard-earned duckets hard-earned money
All night telling jokes cause y'all think I'm funny
I'm gonna show you how we do it the Dallas way
I'm bout to stomp a mudhole in this place

You'd better lock me up
Before I do something crazy
You'd better find a way to cage me
Somebody throw away the key
You'd better lock me up

Y'all know how the cowboy rocks it
I see em jumpin up down right there in the mosh pit
Too much I stoxic but you can't stop it
Jonesin and tweakin and waitin for me to drop it
My lyrics are spillin can't fake what you're feelin
I'm rockin the whole building mkae way for Nash Villian
Stick em up and grab sky
You need the Party Inflator then I'm the guy

[Repeat Chorus]

Makin a lap chuggin it downrich finished a bottle of crown
Shakin and bakin and breakin it down sit back and relax don't worry or frown
We've come to town bringin the show now we're runnin your area code
Avoid political rigarmarole I figure my role is givin em more

[Repeat Chorus]

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Cowboy Troy Lock Me Up Comments
  1. Joshua Smith

    This song is the official theme of my father it definitely matches him because he is 100% evil and retarded and crazy and unthinkful and he never gets down on his knees and thank the lord that he is free and not arrested for all the crimes he committed from 1979 to 2019 which is the year today!

  2. Kevin Farmer

    Cowboy troy is one of the few singers who make there own songs and it sounds actually great. Most peoples suck. (No offence)

  3. TheRealIntrepid