Cowboy Troy - BYOB Lyrics

Report to the dancefloor
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Gonna have a good time, y'all [?]
Bring your own booty
To the big time party
Bring your own booty

Crank it up, it's time to throw down
You know that's the plan when rodeo in town
Don't need to find trouble, it knows my address
Turn it up, let's start the madness
[?] and Uranus and all the constallations
[?] conversation [?]
Party started when I walked in
Redneck [?] and gin
On the rocks, with a slice of cucumber
Hot tracks playing a single digit number
Bumping the charts, the DJ is sure busy
Don't stare in the lights, ya might get dizzy
The party moving to the bouncing beat
If ya ain't already better move your feet
[?] get ready for the drop
You know this party don't stop

Gonna have a good time, y'all [?]
Bring your own booty
To the big time party
Bring your own booty

Here comes the party, it's a full-time job
All night long and it ain't gonna stop
It ain't gon' quit, the fun is intense
Stay cooler than frozen peppermint
Giving out high fives like trick-or-treat candy
[?] lady looking fine and dandy
The touch of disco, the sounds of hick-hop
We won't stop till we on top

Gonna have a good time, y'all [?]
Bring your own booty
To the big time party
Bring your own booty

Bring your own booty
Yeah, yeah
Bring your own booty
Report to the dancefloor

Gonna have a good time, y'all [?]
Bring your own booty
To the big time party
Bring your own booty

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Cowboy Troy BYOB Comments
  1. ruger 1911

    Nobody gives this man credit he’s the one that actually started the country Rap........... it wasn’t Jason Aldean or Georgia Florida line in the other groups it was this man!!!......::..... to be honest with you it’s one of the best collaborations of country and rap!!!!........... to mix kick drum beats and fiddle and steel guitar was brilliant!!!

  2. R Hayndr

    Cowboy Troy. "The Will smith of country ".

  3. Ssm rrm

    January 2020...still playin' chicken with the train train!. Big n Rich: the BEST ever PERIOD

  4. Mustard Breath

    Here from Sims 2

  5. Sharon Hyson

    Still love listening to this song! Country rap was around a long time ago! I saw them perform this at Kenny Chesney @ Ravens Stadium & they rocked the joint!

  6. baby girl

    Hate the radio would not play this back in the day it's 10000ⁿ0xs better than normal rap!

  7. Mr. Manos

    Have you heard this yet? "country ft. JBZ and Karlos Salazar" by yours truly 🙌 -

  8. Jada The Futurama MarriedWithChildren Fan 2020

    I heard this song tonight at Texas Roadhouse! 😹😂😹😂

  9. Kyler Chambers

    I work in sales and for some reason this is the song we play when we hit our goal for the day

  10. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes

    The original Old Town Road


    The voice says I'm almost out of minutes Lil Nas could never

  11. Robert Scott Wilson

    I play Chicken with the train Awesome song

  12. robert shepherd

    fuck how cowboy troy got involved once with wwe while as a celebrity guest color commentator after he was stopped completely of raw by edge for him lita and matt hardy with viagra on a pole match and oklahoma backed up like jim ross himself then by dr death steve williams god damn though

  13. Kyle G

    I just had to learn the dance to this at Texas Roadhouse lmaooo🤣

  14. AndrewDoesNothing

    The original Lil Nas X

  15. Bad Ass

    I like you black man.playin choo choo

  16. Michelle Lopez

    Cowboy troy used to jam too 💓 even bought the CD cuntry hip hop rap 💓aww hear & see me some Big & Rich 💓

  17. Bolt- Action

    texas roadhouse

  18. Tranel Hawkins

    This song is lost. 🤔 Not rock, not rap, not country, just lost.

  19. vernon stanton

    He was in Lovington New Mexico last night and sag this. FUCKING LIT

  20. Wicked1

    the first ever cowboy was blackman
    jesus christ is also black

    vernon stanton

    Wicked1 why you say Jesus is black? Is it cause he claims to be the father but never shows up

  21. Naej Yug

    Can't help but love this. Go play chicken with that train Troy. If this was re released today I think ppl would enjoy it. It was too early back then for country rap. Maybe

  22. Kylie Pollert

    The very beginning sounds like the "Doug and Carrie" song from "King of Queens"

  23. lil G

    Cowboy Troy walked, so lil nas x could run

  24. Marko Ivetic

    It feels like Rock music mixed with Country music mixed with hip-hop music all in one song

  25. cooldrummer jack

    I remember listing to this when I was like 5 😂

  26. Crossover bunch show

    That’s from Barney home sweet homes

  27. derek0173

    What happened to cowboy Troy he can rap and sing. I love this shit. Come on back cowboy Troy

  28. baby girl

    Wwwqq 101.3 pisses me off when they banned his country rap music!that was beyond fucked up! this man's rap skills doing it country style rap lyrics was bad ASF!

  29. Wonko The Sane

    Chuck Norris played chicken with a train and won.

  30. Jeremiah & Leslea Wilder

    It’s sad what people’s view of music is this shit is terrible

  31. Korene White

    Josh Pray brought me here from his post on FB. Sounds good. Glad I found on my birthday, 6/16.

  32. Natalie Roberts

    I like your video

  33. faithful31us

    Was this considered country?

  34. Barbara Boros

    Old town road brought me here.

  35. Tyrone Hill

    John Rich of"Big & Rich" was on TV criticizing lil Nas X
    and saying what was and wasn't country after producing and promoting Cowboy Troy.

  36. LouisianaBoy1990

    Like all other useless shit, this song belongs in the trash can, Christ that was horrible..

  37. Crossover bunch show

    That’s from Barney home sweet homeS

  38. Reily Chaco

    This album was such a huge part of my childhood

  39. Castlehill650

    This is country music. Nothing against Lil Nas X, his hit has interesting obvious elements of country, however to classify it as country on billboard is a stretch.

  40. Bradley Tompkins

    I got this song all day in m head 😁

  41. John Phillips

    The blending of two music styles makes a cool rocking song.

  42. Aurum TheBrave

    Yeehaw boah

  43. Natalie Prince

    I still don’t know why I like this song... but dang it I do! I’m not big into country but this is a good time song fo sho

  44. jojorofo

    Lil Nas X stands on the shoulders of a giant

    Scott Dratwick

    @epic gamer it just is......enjoy......

    Steve Pastor

    @epic gamer Hick Hop

    Rickey Young

    Lil nas x tried to stand on the soulders of a giant but got scsred of the height and jumped down

    Dustin Miller

    Lil nas x lol what a joke it started here with cowboy troy then colt ford now we got jawja boys, the lacs, Nate Kenyon, jellyrole, and king of them all you got Ryan Upchurch!!


    Kai Evans he failed miserably? But had the most listed to song of 2019? 💀💀

  45. k hurl

    Can nobody tell me nuttinnnnnn

  46. 0000

    this is hilarious, I hate how much I enjoyed this lmao

  47. 08bourquem

    he's got the horses in the back

    Fireman 17

    People forgot Cowboy Troy came way before Lil Nas X lol... Not saying his new song is bad.. I like both

  48. I'm You, You're me

    chugga-lugga, chugga-lugga, chugga-lugga, whooo? the big blackneck coming through to you!

  49. Cosmic Nyx

    Whos here from sims 2 pets lmao

  50. Snyd!

    This song goes hicko mode

  51. a girl from new york

    Coyboy troy is cute!!! Lol

  52. Carter Gilbert

    Throw back to some good country!! 😁

  53. Angel Blom

    i love your music same with big and rich

  54. Hayley manwaring

    God he is sexy af

  55. FatuousMusic

    All rise for the Texas Roadhouse national anthem.

    baby girl



    Hate this song




    Cuz fast girls shaking their dandruff in my food is SO appetizing!

    Jenna Zamora

    That, plus Cotton Eyed Joe" every ten minutes.

  56. Gothic Tyrone Jackson

    Sheriff David Clarke: Origins

  57. John-boy

    cowboy rap, I thought I'd heard everything, what's next: hip-hop polka?

  58. Jessica D

    I haven't heard this in years! Love it, brings back great memories :-)

  59. RoyFizzle


  60. Brent Wiggins

    This was one of the first songs I unashamedly bought on my second generation iPod nano.

  61. Ne Oublie

    Man I miss Cowboy Troy

  62. clayed11

    I like the music then I read the comments and folks want to talk about race , how bout ya'll just chill and play chicken with the train train uh huh , great tune Cowboy Troy needs to hook up with Upchurch!

  63. Theodora Kane

    STILL love this song & Troy! Guaranteed to brighten your day - hick-hop forever LOL

  64. Not Afraid

    Love his music and stile a great singer

  65. K.D. Col


  66. louieDsypo

    Garbage music 👎👎👎😒😒😔

    Marcell D'Avis

    louieDsypo Shut the fuck up. You like Playboy Carti, Rae Sremmurd, Yo Gotti, Lil Pump, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Kodak Black and Lil Wayne.
    That's garbage music. Idiot.

  67. Jorge Arnoldson

    Texas Roadhouse, anyone?

  68. Weaver Kidz

    One of our favorites

  69. Zoe Mobley

    I am 9 and this is my fave song EVER

  70. Amayah Clark

    country girl I do the line dance at Texas Roadhouse to this song

  71. Sons Of Liberty


  72. Josias von Leiswolf

    Mixing Hip-Hop/Rap with Country is something only Cowboy Troy can pull off. Absolutely love this song!


    Hick-Hop. Better than calling it country trap.

  73. Samuel Khardian

    This is how hick hop should be. This new shit just sounds like rap. But THIS. This is good stuff

  74. Hailey Morgan

    Sometimes I hear this song when I go to Texas road house for dinner

  75. Robby Wilson

    I have seen Cowboy Troy live probably 10 or so times at this point. He sadly does not play this track live very much anymore, but it nonetheless never fails to bring a smile to my face when I do hear it. Cowboy Troy is the embodiment of the ideal of never being afraid to be who you are, and to live by your own rules, not what society deems acceptable. If people feel threatened by a black guy in a Stetson? That's their problem. Met him a couple of times at M&G events, and you won't find a more genuine and humble gentleman.

    Harriet Keith

    Agreed on the genuine and humble gentleman. Just met him tonight, what a nice guy!

    Yankee Fan

    They played it when they where playing together at the new york state fair this year (august/September)

    T- Mills

    He played it with Big & Rich about 8 months ago at ROTH Conference 2018.

  76. Sorriano

    I remember this from a while ago , never knew the name

  77. 311 Jazzy

    a Black Country Singer? Now that is something I like to see. breaking stereotypes

  78. caveman123ization

    I remember when Troy was the only hick-hop show in town. The guys on the radio today took stuff like this and made it shit.

  79. Kelsey Hoffman

    I want to go to wild wood on Thursday

  80. DeadShred999

    From a 80's Headbanging Metal head Texan I love this song !! Got a little bit of everything and it wont leave your head for days !! Hell Yeah & Yee Haw ........

  81. JumpPlusC

    Why do african countrymen say that they are black necks?

  82. Paige

    Ive been on stage for big and rich and got a picture with cowboy Troy!!!!

  83. Jennifer Heimann

    So good

  84. nodonny8

    This is fucking stupid.

  85. k.perez

    We use to play chicken on busy streets when I was a kid. Thank You Jesus for watching over us Dumb Kids.

  86. Squee Dow

    Great song, but the video is HORRIBLE! My eyes! Tried to watch it, but there was no way to focus. This vomit cam work is why we got rid of our TV last year. Too many programs incorporating that "cutting edge" moving camera technique, because ... Well, we haven't figured out why they do it, but we decided we didn't want to pay good money to bring cable to the house since there were fewer and fewer programs we could enjoy. We are treating ourselves to a cruise later this year with our savings!

  87. Anthony Arce


    Trenton Johnson

    Original cowboys were Black because it was a poor man's profession

  88. deez nutz

    I LOVE CHICKEN ON A TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Kelsey Hoffman

    Going to wildwood

  90. Kelsey Hoffman

    They play this song at WILDWOOD i love wild wood the most

  91. starbuck26

    Just when I thought it was hopeless... It was more than hopeless.

  92. Mad is Rad

    who’s here from the sims 2??

  93. Sonicplys 64

    This song is still a banger today.

  94. Cookie Monster

    I love this song so much! 🤘🏻❤️

  95. bluegemini1976

    First time I heard this song was from TruBlood when Lafayette had the "Aids Burger"

  96. josh lee

    was that paul wall at 1:40 mark?

  97. Lance Fraizer

    Big & Rich are the background vocals