Cowboy Junkies - Upon Still Waters Lyrics

(a curly blonde disaster
Lying out there)

He said, "you make me feel
As desired as a crackling fire."
She said, "I saw a man out walking
Upon still waters...

(I want to lie beside you
In a warm bed,

Feel your heart
Beat in my throat.)

...and no one stopped to stare.
There he was all, alone,
Out walking upon still waters."

He said, "you can feel it fall,
All at once upon the land."
She said, "you don't know what you've missed
Until you've walked upon still waters."

(a curly blonde disaster)

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Cowboy Junkies Upon Still Waters Comments
  1. rjm7654321

    I got something to say . I once knew a beautiful woman named Amanda .  whem I was with her I felt as desired as a crackling fire .  together we could do anything . possibly walk upon still water , seemed anything was possible !

  2. sportsterray66

    I love this song off of this album, besides Bread and Wine.

  3. Greg Gipe

    somebody really should say something.