Courtney, Barns - You And I Lyrics

Suitcase in your hand
Wave goodbye to mom and dad
Never thought I would see the back of you
Mixtapes wearing down
Crystal ships are sailing out
Now the doors are opening for you

I wanna swim, swim out into the dark night
I wanna melt you down into the stars
I wanna crumble, tumble like a landslide
I wanna live, die, wherever you are

Just you and I I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I, just you and I I

Lovesick melody
Carry my words across the sea
Tell her I miss her, tell her I'm torn in two
Salt burns in my eyes
None of these streets feel right tonight
I'll be your wild man, you'll be my baby blue

I wanna swim, swim deep into the dark night
I wanna melt you down into the stars
I wanna crumble, tumble like a landslide
I wanna live, die, wherever you are

Just you and I I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I, just you and I I

Well I know they said I'm bad news, said I wouldn't treat you right
Got no money in my pocket, guess I'll have to hitch a ride
I would flag down any motorist, I'd run the whole M5
For you and I, you and I, you and I

Just you and I I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I I I I (Just you and I)
Just you and I, just you and I I

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Courtney, Barns You And I Comments
  1. Ava T.

    This video, it makes me feel... emotion.
    Yes, this isn't so bad, where can I get more of this?

  2. i comment on videos

    Don't tell my hood friends I listen to this

  3. Frank Mononoaware

    fallout + black mirror

  4. Giandomenico Stallone

    Originale... Una boccata di aria fresca!


    This song is reality of every boy when he has crush on someone

  6. Andrew Kuhnley

    Keep going man!! I love it!!!

  7. jhoys luna santiago

    uhhh referencias

  8. _Cringeover9000productions _

    I love how his voice really fits the background music like it just resonates in my head

  9. Melika Kojoori

    It’s funny how I found this doing by hearing it at Old Navy.


    I just heard it a minute ago at old navy

  10. Red Snake

    Surprised this song isn't more popular

  11. Rodolfo Mata

    This music video reminds me of Sleeping with a friend by Neon Trees

  12. kt3o5

    I'm here because of some girls butt lift that went wrong.

  13. breotan

    That toothbrush is everywhere. lol. Man, there's definately some Freud-level stuff going on in this video. :P

  14. Agent Orange

    Amazing Song to Start dreaming with my olitschka

    ольга антакова

    Oh so sweet you 😻

  15. Cristian Quispe


  16. Tenekah

    Not going to lie, was kinda disappointed the dog didn't have her face as well

  17. Sean maye

    Great song, but I want to hug that dog at 3:08

  18. PhantomPlayin

    Underrated to fuck.

  19. Wooden Pole

    Who else here has actually got to meet him like me?🤩

  20. Wooden Pole

    Who else here has actually got to meet him like me?🤩

    Soda Cakes

    you posted the same comment twice lol

    Wooden Pole

    Oh yeah😒 uhhhh...uhhhh heh!😜

  21. Socaci Robert

    Barns Courtney this guys called..... they want their song back

  22. Jeffrey Molina

    When you hear a song for the very first time then instantly fall in love with it

  23. Ham

    You And Oii

  24. Javier Flores

    Just you and I

  25. johan neal morales valdivia

    is better if you list this song in 1.25 of speed

  26. Danilo Capodanno

    Che bella

  27. Renteri. Renteria.Bautista

    Soy mexicano y amo a este cabron!!!

  28. The_Nexus884

    There is no such thing as a bad Barns Courtney song

  29. Katherine

    This kinda sounds like riptide by Vance joy or something and little talks by of monsters and men

  30. Master Luna

    The song itself is really cool. But the video made me think I accidentally took some really messed up drug or something

  31. Gabriel Gracioso

    Essa música deveria estar no FIFA 20!

  32. Jennifer


  33. Lugger Varmillian

    The music video reminds of that episode of the office when Micheal sees the girl on the chair catalog and thinks they’re soul mates and it turns out she’s dead

  34. Difference Too Stoned

    2K20 99 led me here

  35. Jonty K

    Amazing seeing you in Munich last night. What a show!!! I think one of my bests and it was so spontaneous. I love your crowd interaction!! Man what a show and you seem like such a cool and nice guy! Glad life got better and illustriously wonderful :)

  36. Luis De La Fuente

    Yo that chick is hottttt

  37. Gabriel Gracioso

    02:37 excatsy

  38. Phagit

    this entire video be me searching for love.

  39. 송다훈

    2:59 me confusing at the Deepfake technology

  40. Donggeon Kim

    Those men on tv somehow resemble to the way World order, japanese group, perform their songs.

  41. Maybe someday

    he's like a hot version of napoleon dynamite.

  42. mike peak

    This song feels extremely familiar. I can't place my finger on it, like most of you guys have said it feels nostalgic. It sounds just like another song from a few years ago, but I can't remember the name. I think it was by the Lumineers, maybe?? So annoying I can't remember.

    Edge Drew

    Many people think it sounds quite like 'Riptide' by Vance Joy, which it does 😅 but I like both songs equally

  43. Daniel steven

    when you are playing lef4dead but you are the last survive and you fail 2:08

  44. The Bitch

    Well that was quite the acid trip

  45. Books

    Is just that you and I is like you and I ??? And my BFF

  46. Sonia Olson

    Does this song remind anyone else of the group Monsters and Men?

  47. Abdullah Hamad

    Great video! Loved the creativity and thoughtfulness of all the secondary characters.

  48. TheGamingMystery

    to anyone who watches jon b doesn't barns Courtney look like him?

  49. ian elder

    Getting jack stauber and monsters of men vibes

  50. Not Saying

    Admittedly, I only scrolled so far, but has no one noticed that one of those pictures is a variation of Laura Palmer?

  51. Tucker Cobble

    haunting. beautiful. and the cinematography is inspired.

  52. Common Ground

    I just danced my but off to this in my room lol.

  53. ZazzKing

    I’m addicted to this song.

  54. Karine C.

    I don't know why, but this vibe is so Black Mirror.

  55. ken Nyaga

    Any Kenyan On Here

  56. Olivia Guilbert

    fckin banger

  57. Draxler -qq

    Deserves more views

  58. Crimson Guy

    My intrusive thoughts represented in a video.

  59. Drink water

    he should probably like buy the toothpaste...

  60. Good Lyrics

    I love it!

  61. Good Lyrics

    I love it

  62. CJC Carta

    Great video!

  63. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Love is a hell of a drug.

  64. Nataxxa soxixa

    Its like riptide

  65. Scott Singley

    The 80's did not die it was REBORN in Barns Courtney! This guy is amazing! Proof the corporate music industry ruined music. Unbrainwash people!!!

  66. ah med

    Addicted to this

  67. BladeDev

    my autoplay went from ''Last one Standing'' by WarHall to this. Excuse me what the fuck.

  68. edgar lofer

    Me gustó, pero no sé por qué al escucharla siento un aire a una canción de Imagine Dragons...alguien más?

  69. Winry Rockbell

    This is exactly how you feel when you love somebody by seeing him everywhere non stop XD

  70. Murxel

    hahaha wtf ahhahahahahah

  71. pluviophile

    Anyone listening in 2019? Anyone? Oh everyone? Only in 2019? MY BAD!

  72. Ali Qazilbash

    So there is a god... who listens..😅😅 what the pluck did I just watch? Maximum points for creativity👍👍

  73. DeAnne Hilton

    Barns Courtney, Very Well Played . I'm studying your performances.The Nickla Tesla one is funny. The concert one where you are clapping real fast was amazing.You really are Roger Daltrey and his wife's seal of approval. I want that from a few women but not in a funny way.My mentors . hahaha

  74. Kendall Churchil

    this video is what sleep paralysis feels like sometimes tbh

  75. BlueJay :

    I liked the video but what the heck is even happening

  76. Hannah Broome

    This music video is freaking amazing

  77. Life Of Lewis

    Amazing song

  78. Diamond Dustus

    It took so long to fine this song I love it

  79. Hoss Cigar Reviews

    Anybody pick up on The Doors reference?

  80. It’s Isa

    I saw him last night at The House of Blues with The Hunna! IT WAS AMAZING! I love both of them so much and I got to meet The Hunna! I’m sad that I left after meeting them bc I SAW THAT BARNS WAS SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE THE BUILDING

  81. Andrew Michaels

    The red head looks just like my ex and it kills me every time I watch this video. Very bitter sweet, great music but it stirs up memories

  82. Maddie Norr

    I love this song! I am kinda confused on the message of this song though. Is it just that he wants to be with this girl he used to like and is trying to find her?

  83. Buddha Hart

    Seeing them in concert in DC was FUCKING AWESOME

  84. 空の魂 -vin5mok3.png_

    lindíssimo, tão incrível

  85. Not a Google User

    I was gonna say #Inbeforemillions but it has already 1 million views, keep up the good work buddy

    jack sparrow

    should have just said it for the hell of it

  86. Eclipse 952

    What the hell was in that apple?!

  87. Minoo Chounlamountry

    U AND I

  88. Sumiter Xeros Largosius Crosis

    Jeez... just yesterday this song literally had like 800 views... I assumed all from me and the like... four friends I shared it with that really liked it, now it's up to a million.

  89. Ev Ana

    1M views! I think half of them are mine lol.

  90. Poseidon ψ

    Read the storyline Barns wrote in Spotify mobile app to love this song even more.

    Maddie Norr

    How do you find it?

    Poseidon ψ

    @Maddie Norr Just play the song on Spotify and there's a section called Storyline when you swipe down the screen, it's kinda like an Instagram story.

    Maddie Norr

    Poseidon ψ ok thank you!!

  91. zero

    just saw him in columbus!! awesome show !!

  92. Luis Italo Pequeño Ramírez

    Como siempre Doble Nueve recomendando buenas canciones 🇵🇪

  93. ryan elms

    Snoop dogg big loser like big america and Americans..fucking idiot confused rich cocksucking ppl

  94. AishaM's

    he looks like if cody fern and napoleon dynamite had a child

  95. Er Ta

    great video and song. love his voice. first time I hear his song Glitter and gold. I am thinking he is already old.

  96. CoverTimePete

    It kinda sounds like Little Talks by Monsters of Men

  97. Dr. Phil

    I listened to this on spotify for a long time and I loved it but I never expected to music video to be so cool

  98. DarkElektra

    Memeo con la escena de la ventana