Courtney, Barns - Sinners Lyrics

Fortune, fortune, smile and fade
Haven't seen you much of late
I need you now, cannot wait
But when I look you're not around
Never mind then what we do
The night's still good for a gram or two
I'll be drinking late with you
Until the morning comes around

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'
Yeah, yeah

Oh sinners come down
Come, gather round
Oh sinners come down
Yeah, yeah
Dancing on cold feet
Marching on cobbled streets
Oh sinners come down
Yeah, yeah

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'
Yeah, yeah

Down and out and outta luck
We're spinning but the needle's stuck
Let's go have some fun before
They put us in the ground
Lie and sit in solemn lines
Drinking gin and dropping limes
Wasting beats of this heart of mine
Until the morning comes around

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'
Yeah, yeah

Oh sinners come down
Come, gather round
Oh sinners come down
Yeah, yeah
Dancing on cold feet
Marching on cobbled streets
Oh sinners come down
Yeah, yeah

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'
Yeah, yeah

Oh sinners come down
Come gather round
Have a little fun before
They put us in the ground
Yeah, yeah
Dancing on cold feet
Marching on cobbled streets
Oh sinners come down
Yeah, yeah

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'
Yeah, yeah

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Courtney, Barns Sinners Comments
  1. KySIEl

    czym jechałeś?

  2. Alice Valencia

    Sounds like a Johnny Cash

  3. danyels1cool

    Dice una amiga que si el vocalista le pide 10 hijos con la misma voz que usa al intro, se los hace, jalan?

    caro burgos

    Jalate prro @BarnsCourtney

  4. Tamo Kakhidze

    Young johnny cash 🧪❤️

  5. Miza Romero

    Yo conocí a esta banda por Need for Speed payback 💙

  6. Riquelme RD

    My Brasil

  7. Dave Nova

    Jesus Christ, my fellow critters claimed this comment as their territory, huh? Guess I'm not complaining

  8. Mustached Taco

    I discovered this man because of Need For Speed Payback.

  9. friendly ghost

    shit I hate that I made myself think that this sounds like Jschlatt

  10. Shira yuki

    all your songs is a new story in my head

  11. Shira yuki

    you can't do a bad song you!

  12. Deejay Trapz

    Ima Sinner and I Bump to this!!
    Cant pretend to be holy either'' this song is bomb

  13. Admiral Pegasus

    So many of us Critters here from the Caleb Widogast video xD

  14. Pineapple Pizza

    First heard this song before Hobo wizard took it over, admittedly did not expect to come back and see the surplus of Critters. Can't say I'm complaining tho. No matter where the attention comes from Barns Courtney deserves more of it.

  15. Marilyn Uyehara

    I just discovered Barns from the Safe series. Brilliant musician even if I am old enough to be his

  16. _Cringeover9000productions _

    I've never heard a bad song from him

  17. Brandobian

    This song always reminds me of my off and on best friend who's struggled with substance addiction off and on for as long as I've known her. I make sure to check up every time i hear this.

  18. Peter Senior

    Marching on cobble streets gives me an image of Caleb leading the Nein to the Chantry of the Dawn... *sobs for the thousandth time, Caleb is so sad*


    And honestly the most relatable character of the bunch to me. Minus his HORRIFYING backstory, I can still relate the most to his attitude out of all of them.

    Including about books. Books are serious business.

  19. Gabi Stoenescu

    Now, this man is my favourite singer :)

  20. Fireskullbro

    What’s critical role?

  21. Fireskullbro

    I enjoy the war banner feeling this gives, very feisty very good 👍

  22. Ritvek Roo

    Who tf is Caleb I’m here from the legendary @rubixraptor

    Mateusz Berdzik

    The best hobo wizard in Wildemount

  23. Cormorant Colors

    Came for hobo wizard, stayed for a BOP.

  24. Liam Carnahan

    This song makes me think of red dead redemption 2

  25. Fire Piss

    I want new songgg sjdjfj

  26. Airmo

    This song makes me think of Red Dead Online specifically. Glitter and Gold reminds me of the story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

  27. Dust TheAerialMaster

    I can't escape critical role no matter where I go, and I am okay with that.

    N Draws

    Same with me, but with hazbin hotel.

  28. Jameson Gaertner

    I was sitting in philosophy class, in a lecture about Epicureanism, and suddenly I thought of this song... Mind Blown 🤯 😮

  29. Polly N

    I really wish he'd sing this at one of his concerts... This is my favourite song of his but I don't think I'll ever get to hear it live

  30. Daleyandrews

    Saw Barns Courtney at Manchester Club Academy 08-10-2019.... Incredible concert... best ever...

  31. Jacob Elmes

    rubix raptor anyone?

  32. Daniel Young

    Caleb, you are indeed good for something :')

  33. 1iLama ESP

    2019 to 2020¿? XD

  34. Reath Greed

    This is just Halloween music

  35. Rayan Ighil

    too good of a song

  36. Funny Penguin

    Well the critical role fandom makes great choices for songs I guess, great song my dude

  37. Jack is Best Boy

    "Wasting pizza, this heart of mine." -Barns Courtney, 2018. Truly inspired.

  38. Natu Griff

    Oh shit... how... this is one of the best songs I've heard. I can't believe in this voice... woah

  39. Brady Swanson

    I would love for some of his songs to be featured in the next season of Lucifer...thoughts?

  40. 1nf4m05_d1n0 99

    I will always have a special place in my heart for caleb

  41. Ashley J

    Am I the only one that thinks his voice is sexy? Especially in this song - yaaaaa! lol

  42. Panagiotis Markopoulos

    Who is the second voice? Not the one singing "Oh sinners come down...". The voice at the start of the song. Who is that guy?!


    It’s same person lol

  43. LosAngelos

    I'm here because of Caleb! Who else?

  44. Angelo Ovidiu

    Can someone please explain the meaning of the lyrcs, i mean with this song what is the message ?
    Thank you

  45. Jonathan Rivolta

    Too much beautiful and Too much short

  46. Harley King

    This speaks to me on a level I didn't know existed

  47. tostiossy

    wait im a fan of both barns courtney and cr when or where did liam mention it????

  48. Lucy Helgeson

    whos the hobo wizard everyone's talking about? I'm here bc of yt reccomends


    Lucy Helgeson it’s from Critical role. It’s one of the character themes.

  49. cartergirl531

    welcome to all the new folks following from dnd fire man

  50. landofmyth


  51. Chelsea Peterson

    This should be a peaky blinders song

  52. R. Kapra

    I feel this song as deeply as Caleb feels his fireballs 🔥🔥
    Long may he reign!

    They are watching always

    Wrong quote but ya know

  53. Kael Ryder

    a burnt wizard hobo brought me here, I stayed for the amazing music!

    Gloryseeking Spaceman

    @William Lowry caleb Widogast. It's a Dungeons and Dragons thing.


    @William Lowry Critical Role campaign 2

  54. Masa Wistrom

    Damn good music.

  55. Reverie

    I really like this song and this kind of songs in general, but what genre would it be?

    Samuel Borozin

    probably blues rock

  56. Moorecrazey

    This song is the best when ur playin red dead redemption

  57. Monica Chiarabella

    Our beloved hobo wizard brought me here. ♡

    Jon M

    Bro have you ever been in an argument with your parents then you just absolutely roasted them...
    about that.


    Same. Had to hear the full song


    I'm so glad to find fellow Critters more and more.

    Marco Kovar

    man, what the people who dont get this comment must think. U little seed of joy and chaos.

  58. Dvlinhb

    🔥 Caleb Widogast 🔥

    R. Kapra

    It's actually "Widogast" but yea.

  59. yxtreme

    Finally yt recommendations did a good job

  60. صاعقه511G SWAT

    I am from Iraq and I want to know the name of this artist I wonder if I would like to reply and thank you 👍💲😚


    the artist is Barns Courtney

    صاعقه511G SWAT

    thank you for replying

  61. Shadow Face

    I love this song

  62. Opportunity Rover


  63. iTsAnthonyUwU

    i sneezed at the right time as the beat dropped

  64. Lin Sproul

    Caleb Widogast brought me here

  65. COD squad

    Can’t wait until this guy becomes fucking huge

  66. Benedikt Winter

    I loved the Vid that mades this Calebs Theme

    Jeremy Cursi

    Benedikt Winter same, it fits his character so well

  67. Nugget Animation

    1:23 Wasting pizza this heart of mine

  68. Chad Meeks

    You'll always have special place in my heart, it's a shame really but I still love ya and always will

  69. Chad Meeks

    Thanks for everything really, I'd like to tell you that in person

  70. Chad Meeks

    Both need for all that

  71. Chad Meeks

    Nice now

  72. CountKilroy Graf

    Caleb. Fucking. Widogast.

  73. jim bardock34

    This is my favorite song of this awesome artist

  74. Zlatan Jakic

    i must be good for something

  75. Steasyyy

    Caleb Widowgast <3

  76. FilthyWeenis

    Hearing shit like this only makes me forget how old this guy is. Such a unique voice. It’s crazy.

  77. Yuqi Jiang

    Come here for Carl Barat, good job Carl!

  78. Wolfgang Staudacher

    Will see him in October in Munich this year🙂

  79. Sul Tan


  80. TheSinfultictac

    The anthem for our favorite bum wizard


    @Ana Marija Sušac Theres this D&D show called Critical role and a player called Liam is playing a Wizard called Caleb Widowgast, Its really good!

    Ana Marija Sušac

    @TheDragonflie Thanks for the explanation :)

    pastel aesthetic

    Lmfao I knew it. Caleb is my stinky boy.


    and who is this bum wizzard?
    Ah, Caleb, that one,


    @Kaytlynn Stocks It's USUALLY a cat, anyway.

  81. Andrew Bach

    Better than despacito

  82. Cara C

    I just saw him open for elle king yesterday. It's amazing when the opener is better than the main show. Barns made a massive fan out of me

  83. Transilvania Trap Squad

    Do a collab with Grandson

  84. Drream

    Caleb Widogast anyone?


    @Dis Ninja yep

  85. loik traceur parkour freerunning

  86. Ethan Kren

    Who else came from Jayraptor

  87. Kibo Stojanović


  88. Hamer51

    This song plus an amv I saw with this song a second ago is giving me a great idea for an animation I’m unable to make that would be great for a plan my dad has

  89. Jericho Hiroshi

    If I give the source and proper credit is there a way to get permissions to use the song in game clips?

  90. Jericho Hiroshi

    Amazing song!

  91. ryan rhino

    Critter check

  92. Animaker

    If Justin Bieber had a dark haired twin with the voice of a 40 year old god, talent and stile

  93. Sam Holmes

    “ I must be good for something “ mood

  94. Andore 44

    This is caleb's song

    The Grilled Popsicle

    Andore 44 hell yeah it is. Widowghast and me.

  95. Viktor1Guy

    Запись под пиво!

  96. Tonald Drump

    I swear this guy is both Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley reincarnated into the same person lmao

  97. Mitchell Meyer

    For whatever reason I see soldiers marching to this song like a cadence song.