Courtney, Barns - Hellfire Lyrics

Cold as a valley
Where I lay my head
Cold as a woman
In another man's bed
Down in the forest
With the devil in me
I'll remember the looks on their faces
Through the sycamore trees

And we'll chase a fire
Come to take me home
I'm lost in the woods
And I wander on

Hellfire, hellfire
Take my soul
I've waited, waited
And I'm ready to go
Mothers, children
Lock your doors
I'm waiting
And I'm ready to go

Run in an alleyway
Through a dead end street
Murdering promises
That I just can't keep
We could sing pretty melodies
On the unmade bed
Slow-dancing to a silhouette
'Cause I ain't dead yet

And we'll chase a fire
Come to take me home
I'm lost in the woods
And I wander on

Hellfire, hellfire
Take my soul
I've waited, waited
And I'm ready to go
Mothers, children
Lock your doors
I'm waiting
And I'm ready to go


Hellfire, hellfire
Take my soul
I've waited, waited
And I'm ready to go
Mothers, children
Lock your doors
I'm waiting
And I'm ready to go

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Courtney, Barns Hellfire Comments
  1. Fanni Kaczy

    This fan video has more views then the original uploading... way more...

  2. Hunter Reynolds

    you were too stupid

  3. Nathan Lolley

    you where born in the trash

  4. Hunter Reynolds

    shut up you trash bro

  5. Nathan Lolley

    this is trash

  6. Random Person

    *_Darkfire, Hellfire-_*
    Oh, sorry, wrong song.

  7. Hunter Reynolds

    love it

  8. RSMW

    Could we all please go the the actual artist song not this 👍

  9. Rémi Dombrowski

    Could someone tell me what kind of music it is?

  10. Owain Routledge

    someone played this in Australia...

    now look at it

  11. defune


  12. Ilker Kubat

    Can Bonomo – Love Me Back


    Ilker Kubat ooo another eurovision fan

    Ilker Kubat

    @defune i just found his channel and his musics but this one very similar to Love Me Back. Especially [Pre-Chorus]
    part which starts with Ain't no chariots of fire....

  13. Dvlinhb

    Lucifer anyone?

  14. Música XD

    AQUI É BR,

  15. ssj100 goku

    My brother showed me this guy

  16. Kim Levy

    At 61 I thought I'd never hear music of this quality again. Glad I discovered this.

  17. Shira yuki

    he can't do a bad song, this remember me hellfire of notre dame

  18. Burak USTA

    abi çok güzel şarkı yapmışsın helal

    Ahmet Recep

    knk benden başka türk dinleyici yok sanmıştım eyw


    Helal mi? Allahın adını anmıyor ve allah dan uzaklaştırıcı şarkılar yapıyor ve sen helal diyosun ve dinliyosun.

    Burak USTA

    ben de öyle sanıyordum

  19. Kathryn P

    Heard this as the title song to season 2 of The Team. Brilliant song, brilliant series.

  20. Connor Matheson

    My replay button is surrounded in hell fire because I broke it listening to this song so many times

  21. Soumil Singh

    Anybody else on a binging on Barns Courtney songs ?

  22. Storm Dash

    magnolia? anybody?

  23. ConorF

    Extreme Rules 2017

  24. Adrian Alvarez Pommier


  25. N3rbTheNoob <- original

  26. Slavino


  27. Gülnihal Atay

    Akhalian was here.

  28. SirFireball 3521

    Magnolia by Endlevel

    Joe Howard

    no one care

  29. Yadon Lowe

    Me and the replay button are best friends now...

  30. Zane Canning

    This sounds pretty cool at 1.25 speed...

  31. Ярослав Бухолдин

    wwe extreme rules

  32. Natu Griff

    This is awesome

  33. Ethan Peacock

    Watching C&D again with knowledge of all these songs completely changes the experience. It is amazing.

  34. Bunny Boi

    I'm here because I just clicked a random music playlist.

  35. Rares Daniel

    What genre is this song? If you can be more specific, please do tell.

    Kim Levy

    I'd file it under 'blues/rock'.

  36. Paul Tuazon

    This should be a song in Lucifer (Netflix)

    Barbora Švíková

    It was in Lucifer in s03e23, but only a few seconds :(

  37. -Top- -Tech-

    I’m here cos of that auto play ay 😂


    Killers, liers
    Lock your doors
    The Devil has come
    And he ain't ready to go

    Marbled floors, silk dress
    You shine with a glow
    'You reap what you sow'
    Said Death to the whore

  39. Tristin Goode

    Imagine just uploading a song when your channel has less than a thousand subscribers and getting over a million views, Jesus Christ.

  40. craZfur

    Here comes the geometry dash community listening to this amazing song. ❤🔥

  41. Quack Sus

    i usually listen to power metal and im surprised by how much i enjoy this song

  42. Hexhammer

    i know i'm not helping but if you're here from geometry dash then good LORD just chill with the comments. let's have ONE song where the comment section isn't completely infested. especially none of those "10% actual song 90% comments like these" comments you shouldn't do that ever

    Greasy Egg

    It's endlevel no ones cares about him so no ones gonna be here


    @Greasy Egg what brings you here then, considering your endless knowledge of endlevel and willingness to search for the song?

  43. Witty username not found. Please try again later.

    i’m as timid as a bird but these sings make me want to start wild fires

    Kim Levy

    That's what music's all about 😊

  44. Alexander Smith

    This reminds me of Lucifer

  45. Redox Fox

    you should not steal other ppls work

  46. Daniella Cukic

    God bless spotify and their personalized section...cause I can't get enough of Barns Courtney

  47. Jaap Oostlander

    Barns Courtney - Hellfire

  48. Wrench Wolf

    I love this song so much! I just keep on looping it on Spotify

  49. Dorian Kosta

    What happened to this song. It's not on his yt channel so I'm kinda lost but thanks to new music Friday on Spotify, i was able to find this song

  50. Zachary Payea

    So good

  51. Кирилл Осташков

    Класс! just yeah!

  52. Jarod Hunt

    Just selling replay buttons
    00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00
    00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00
    They each cost one like

  53. RKolar17

    So good

  54. Naved

    Glitter and gold < hellfire

  55. SniprOperator

    Lucifer brought me here.

  56. Asbjørn Christensen

    I'm here because of Critical Role fan-art. I saw a video of drawing of Caleb from Campaign two, set to "Sinners" by Barns Courtney, looked that song up, and came here from there

  57. Mr. Universe

    I Am Here Because Of *"WWE Extreme Rules 2017"*

  58. Jacob Moyer

    Extreme Rules 2017

  59. Lauren

    I'm here because..... I like the song? (I know shocking and rather upsetting, I'll post the apology vid soon)

  60. Christian Michael

    Arthur Morgan approved~

  61. Sr. Patata

    Pls, someone play this song at my wake


    when he drop that hellfire I lost my shit 😍

  63. cross road 424

    Any one know the guitar cords for this song

  64. Wobbly Yapper

    Let’s ran sack this bitch

  65. Emmerad

    The 194 dislikers are already in hell

  66. Christopher Capers-Jones

    That picture is creepy as fuck. Lol.

  67. Lisina

    here because i heard it in a tattoostudio
    song fits very good with tattoos
    and i like tattoos

  68. Noname Gamester

    *tHaNK YoU rEcComMeNDeD*

  69. Gryf Rad

    My favorite is hellfire

  70. Жаухара Близнюк

    My Lord! No words to express how wonderful this boy is! Thank you!

  71. Darius Bennett

    wwe extreme rules

  72. Παναγιώτης Μ.

    This is the best song ❤

  73. R.A Khan

    Wwe Extreme Rules anyone ??

  74. Akurami

    If Marvel makes a new Ghost Rider movie and don't use this song i will loose faith in Marvel Studios.

    Claryce Koonce

    Nick doesn't want to play it anymore

    Garret Bernard

    you may now recieve your award, good sir.

    Pok3y GamEs

    They use it in Cloak and Dagger

    Marvel Fan

    They did use it Marvel's Cloak and Dagger

    A Diamond

    They really should

  75. mih007js

    0:40 best part

  76. its_a_trab

    This is so fucking great, hats of to ya

  77. Affordable Cybersecurity

    I'm here 'cause this song helps me crusade the FUCK out of those xeno scum. Nobody likes dumbass weeaboo space Communists. For the emperor 👌👌

  78. Jarod Mackey

    If I see another Cloak & Dagger comment I'm going to light myself on fire I swear to god.



  79. Woody Brando

    Literally hellfire lmbfaooooo

  80. Wolfe Inc.

    This song makes me think of a wendigo wandering the woods.

  81. Slvrr Gld

    I am here because i like Barns Courtney

  82. Jonna dang

    Best misclick I have ever made...

  83. Shichibi no Raijuu

    I fell in love with this song because of Cloak and Dagger BUT THEN I heard this song on Lucifer and again I'm all over it hitting the replay button.
    The best track for best shows.

  84. Doving

    Can someone tell me the name of the genre

  85. Oediv

    Taliban be like after troops called a Apache for air support 0:42


    Lol ikr

  86. iSepiroth

    Hasinshin :'D

  87. Matreats :P

    If this ain't Lucifer's theme song I don't know what is

  88. Jagnoor Singh

    the only thing that are wrong with barns Courtneys songs is that it last too short

  89. J C

    Oh La la! Hey this guy is fantastic! I am in my 50s and love this music - he should think about modeling career in Europe! He would definitely make it big with that face. Good Luck Barns! You are a gem in the rough.

    Kim Levy

    I just turned 61 and this guy is fantastic. Forget the modelling career, tour - I'd buy tickets.

  90. Phoenix blazer

    I've decided he cabt make a bad song

    I love t h I s

  91. Chayenne Cunha

    Que voz !

  92. TheGoldenZombo

    Rise up, dead man play list anybody? Or atleast hunt: showdown?

  93. kyler mize

    I'm here cause of frankieonepc108p

  94. Payton Hackett

    Could people stop mentioning Cloak and Dagger? They didn't create this song, Barns Courtney did. Give this guy credit for the amazing song, not some show that simply used it.

    cora line

    If it weren't for Cloak and Dagger not that many people would discover so many underrated songs.

  95. WakandaForevar

    Google Home does good

  96. Kiran Shah

    Good taste in music brought me here