Courtney, Barns - 99 Lyrics

Heart strung young and dumb yeah we had no fear
Way back when we said we'd both be millionaires
Now those days are over
And we are all ghosts

We used to sleep all day, talk all night, stay up by the TV light, oh oh
But when your baby teeth ain't milky white, wipe the star dust from your eyes, oh oh

I said a come on love we'll be just fine, we're gunna live just like it's 1999

In 1990
In 1999
In 1990
In 1999

Back then we were trading cards behind the swings
Oh no now it's money gold and diamond rings
Now those days are over and we are all ghosts

We used to sleep all day, talk all night, stay up by the TV light, oh oh
But when your baby teeth ain't milky white, wipe the star dust from your eyes, oh oh

I said a come on love we'll be just fine, we're gunna live just like it's 1999

In 1990
In 1999
In 1990
In 1999

Oh, oh no, where does it go
Well whatever fill your body up with chemicals
Oh, oh no, Kaleidoscopes
Well whatever living better in, oh oh

In 1990
In 1999
In 1990
In 1999

Sega's my Ferrari
I got it, I love it, I I
In 1990
Got Sony Electronics
Voodoo economics
I got it, I love it, I I
In 1999

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Courtney, Barns 99 Comments
  1. Johnny Grenda

    I was 19 in 1999 and those were the best years of my life.

  2. Apsimosis Cutknife

    I liked this song so much until I saw the music video. This has never happened before

  3. ex tothenetwork

    Rock and roll awesome lyrics. I like the idea of rock music that heals me, and destroys negativity at the same time. The words are sometimes just affirmations.

  4. Braheem Hazeem

    Still can't believe this isn't needtobreathe, sounds JUST like them!

  5. Nathan Lerud

    T tucked

  6. Nathan Lerud

    Im colonel Nessus

  7. P.I.E Jeremay0h YouTube

    wwe2k20 brought me here

  8. Anthony LoGatto

    Been hearing this on 104.3 The Shark down here in South Florida.

  9. Nathan Lerud

    They might be editing like 1 out of 100 things and changing words in other things to make it seem like we’re on the same page

  10. UnfinishedSentenc Alex perez

    Wwe 2k2o brought me lol

  11. Amy Holmes

    Makes me nostalgic for Kings of Leon

  12. Mjollnir723

    The Pixies "Where is My Mind" . Anyone?????

    Gary Ballard

    Yeah I get that vibe.

  13. Lord Danielson

    “Is this that new Kings of Leon?!”

  14. Jesse Losee

    Can't believe it's been a year since this amazing song came out

  15. Pl Ls

    You need like a trillion views man, this is freakin' awesome!!!


  16. Antoine Coulter

    WWE 2k20 sent me here

  17. The Legit Man

    Just as it starts, it's a master piece I can't get over

  18. joven bronceado

    Me encanta

  19. Matt Cain

    Raise your hand (or give this comment a LIKE) if the first time you ever heard this song was on WWE 2K20. ✋



  20. KRISx DEAN

    This song back me to 90's,even I was born in 99

  21. Nathan Lerud

    You have 5 minutes to leave my country if you object to me being your king

  22. NAIF 1


  23. The Archangel

    Who else is here because of WWE 2K20?

  24. Apsimosis Cutknife

    Did anyone else think this was Kings of Leon?

  25. MoeTrapz

    I’m only here for Wwe2k20

  26. Ramiro Magdaleno

    I remember the nights looking at the street lights rushing home because the street lights were on.

  27. Badass Uchiha

    this Song is so Gay

  28. Critique Musique

    WWE 2k20 brings me here.

  29. Mr. Pepsi

    Who came from wwe2k20

  30. Playboi DEEANDRE

    WWE 2K20 ?

    Ankur Ramaswamy

    Only positive thing about the whole game so yeah.

  31. Stuey Evans Vs The World

    I was 11 in 1999. 20 years later and this song like a time machine has sent me right back there.

  32. FroXD

    Бля, песня охуенная


    FroXD Согласен

  33. Mimic

    The hook reminds me a bit of Nathan Barnatt/Dad

  34. Syny_Aspect

    dude like all the songs my parents play in the car is are by barns and none of us knew it lol, im just going through these and songs and realized that I have probably listened to all of his songs 😂

  35. Mr. Obaid

    WWE 2K20 squad 🤟🏻

  36. MMNSavatage

    Here before the *"WWE 2K20 brought me here"* Comments:

    Edit: *99 Likes*

    Kk Gf

    I got here from wwe 2k20

    Latasha Cunningham

    Came fro wwe2k20

    JACOB Schlotter

    102 likes now . EPIC

  37. JerJay

    WWE 2K20 anyone?

  38. The Flame On Fire!!!

    It's like the pixies mashed up with MGMT.

  39. Justin Price

    WWE 2K20

  40. Leonardo

    It’s aight for WWE 2K20

    Henry Robles

    This seems like one of those songs that I'll turn off on my jukebox after like a week

  41. Gusirius Films

    WWE 2K20

  42. Lenny Isaac

    I was born in 2001 but this song makes me think about my childhood and all the memories with my friends

  43. VoRteX

    I would have that on real CD :/

  44. Tex Roo

    This song makes me feel nostalgia for an era I never experienced

    Ookbars Lounge

    It was the best. I miss being a kid in the 90’s

    Michael Martin

    @Ookbars Lounge Same was nice then and in the early 00's

    Shawn Beach

    @Tex Roo: That's the true power music.

    Kasumi Rina Gaming

    Well, nobody cared for SEGA or Nintendo in 1999, and Atari was a thing our parents played when they were young.

  45. Olivia Rojas

    I love it! its just so good!
    i hope everyone can hear this master piece!
    its very good UvU
    and i luv it

  46. skidduh

    Fuk yea!!! Class of 99!! I miss the good ole days bub!!!!!!

  47. John Lundeen

    I wish every Barns song was this good.

  48. lIl sChEmPpIe eMbEaR

    99 by barns

  49. Thelast 4.6 stang

    1990 good year

  50. blurry phase


  51. Thierry Schlaefli

    excellent, j'adore...

  52. Marisela Magana

    Is it just me or does this have “the office” jingle.

  53. hadar erez

    Macarena achaga brought me here

  54. Arjun santhosh

    I don't know why iam hearing this song again and again that is the magic of Barns songssss

  55. Devon Sampson

    Oh man, so good. Reminds me of older Kings of Leon.

  56. Rachael

    Loved the show in Nashville in October 2019 😂

    Szabó Bence

    are you in an other dimension?

  57. Outlaw

    there was a time when things were simple and good, and not so upside down like these days.

  58. lasaga eater

    Ok I can't be the only one who keeps looking at the cake and thinking it says "Nigga" right?

  59. Arjun santhosh

    How many people still hearing this song


    I love this song so much, Barns Courtney has something special, his voice is so unique. I wont lie i thought kings of leon came out with a new song lol...

  61. Adam Louie Cardwell

    My 12 year old son turned me unto him. He said, “dad you need listen to this guy. His music is EPIC.”

    Common ground with my son is awesome and so is Barnes’ music.

  62. Paul Luc LeBlanc

    This is an amazing song. Love it. The background music starting at 0:46, is that an Irish folk tune? Sounds like it.

  63. trippy nita

    literally love this w all my heart

  64. N C

    When I first heard this, I thought it was a the 1975 song. He sounds a lot like Matty Healy, here.

  65. Susan Elizabeth

    Pay attention to the cake

    Susan Elizabeth

    CE 66 LMAO

  66. guero guero

    Please keep making music, you are sooooooooo good
    Somewhere on another plane, David Bowie is slow clapping.

  67. auudksksks

    "Wipe the stardust from your eyes *owo*."

    There, you are now cursed just as I am.

  68. Jacob Bisher

    Listen at 1.25x speed. You're welcome.

  69. Kilee Mervyn

    this song is for my mom i love u thx u for showing me this song i love it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  70. Kevin Claridge

    Happy Birthday?

  71. Chris


  72. Mexican Pissed Head

    99 kids where yall at???

  73. Adam Nicholes

    Had an extremely rough dream involving this song, my highschool graduation which happened in 2013, Peter Dinklage and time travel.

  74. Michael Kayfes

    i love anything that makes me feel like i'm back in junior high

  75. Jo4o Edu4rdO

    the beginning reminds me of the toy story song

  76. Tyson Fahrenbruck

    Robert Earl Keen - "Feelin' Good Again"

  77. Jack is Best Boy

    This makes me depressed in the best ways possible

  78. Genesis Lara

    *Sees You and i In recommended*. Me:It look aaesthetic lets see *Presses it*. Me:Lets see some more of this to see if i like it. *Clicks "99"* Me:I FRIKING LOVE THIS !:0000

  79. Gussys Video Game Videos

    Shout out to Napster, Nintendo 64, and Fred Durst ✌

  80. Hateranuja

    In 9 tee nine tay!!

  81. CorvusColluder

    Oh he’s saying “when your baby teeth aren’t milky white”, not “kiss the dj, milk your wife”. This makes way more sense.

  82. Mike Jones

    This touches my soul...

  83. cheesetv

    Brings me back to my happy place

  84. Classy and Sassy sisters

    This dude’s music f**king kicks ASS

  85. lisalmarler


  86. crownbock123

    1999 was a damn good year

  87. Molly mai

    3 million views??? i heard this song on the radio today and fell in love why doesn’t this have more????

  88. Amy Lewis

    Put the cake in my bungalow and turn back time so I can eat fresh in 99 and go watch tv with George then I take his moneys and laugh as he cry’s while I eat his cak

  89. Justin Cline

    Love how this has 3 mil views while Bhad Babie has almost 200 mil

  90. Morbeus

    Bring me back! Nintendo, Atari Segas my Ferrari!

  91. Chris LAZY Clotiaux

    Catchy toon there

  92. Kota Williams

    This sounds like kings of leon with more soul

  93. Big Bravo

    I don't really listen to alternative but I enjoy it and I'd like to get more into it. I don't know how to find music I like, any suggestions similar to this?

  94. Vincent Pimparé

    Love this so much. 👌

  95. Pascal Mono

    I'm one of your fans!!!

  96. Depp99ful

    I’ve been a fan of him for a while - it’s nice to hear him getting radio play.

    The trading card thing, for me, was 1995/96; however, the rest I relate to. I, too, wish I was a teen again in 1999 - before SJWs were acknowledged.

  97. kirk cavenaugh

    How is this not kings of Leon???

  98. Luan Salviano