Courtney Barnett - History Eraser Lyrics

I got drunk and fell asleep atop the sheets but luckily i left the heater on.
And in my dreams i wrote the best song that i’ve ever written…can’t remember how it goes.
I stayed drunk and fell awake and i was cycling on a plane and far away i heard you say you liked me.
We drifted to a party – cool. The people went to arty school. They made their paints by mixing acid wash and lemonade

In my brain I re-arrange the letters on the page to spell your name

I found an ezra pound and made a bet that if i found a cigarette i’d drop it all and marry you.
Just then a song comes on: “you can’t always get what you want” – the rolling stones, oh woe is we, the irony!
The stones became the moss and once all inhibitions lost, the hipsters made a mission to the farm.
We drove by tractor there, the yellow straw replaced our hair, we laced the dairy river with the cream of sweet vermouth.

In my brain I re-arrange the letters on the page to spell your name

You said “we only live once” so we touched a little tongue, and instantly i wanted to…
I lost my train of thought and jumped aboard the Epping as the doors were slowly closing on the world.
I touched on and off and rubbed my arm up against yours and still the inspector inspected me.
The lady in the roof was living proof that nothing really ever is exactly as it seems.

In my brain I re-arrange the letters on the page to spell your name

We caught the river boat downstream and ended up beside a team of angry footballers.
I fed the ducks some krill then we were sucked against our will into the welcome doors of the casino.
We drank green margaritas, danced with sweet senoritas, and we all went home as winners of a kind.
You said “I guarantee we’ll have more fun, drink till the moon becomes the sun, and in the taxi home I’ll sing you a triffids song!”

In my brain I re-arrange the letters on the page to spell your name

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Courtney Barnett History Eraser Comments
  1. Zippy Lucke

    i kept trying to scroll up

  2. Jonski Jonskray

    bajingan videone tipis tenan koyo imanku

  3. Jack Nasty

    Using the Letter Sorting Word Generator


  4. J C

    "The Stones became the moss" is so fucking clever

  5. Titus Richardson

    1.5 mill plays and only 350 comments something fishy is going on 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jack Scogin Jr.

    to busy listening to greatness

  6. Dan Abrahams

    Tis terrific

  7. exedruu

    the aspect ratio on this is something else

  8. Kate Allen

    If you get the chance to see her live, go! I just saw her in Raleigh and she was incredible.

  9. stephen lally

    I do that

  10. c8lyn

    this video is so long. not in duration but in like its just a lot wider than it is tall.

  11. Sticks The Fox

    What even is aspect ratio anymore?!

  12. Fahrettin biçici

    is it legal to write such amazing lyrics

  13. Bungo Beats

    Proper song.

  14. Kaethish

    Aspect ratio 🤣

  15. CampbellRocksAgain

    Sweet senioritas

  16. polishsoup

    Everything You Do is a Balloon

  17. Fahrettin biçici

    camera format gave me cancer

  18. MrRocksW

    WTF has youtube done to the aspect ratio

  19. ITalkToPixels

    This song makes me gayer with every listen

  20. Koaasst

    my first bike was a banana seat. but at least i got to ride!


    Electricified Bob Dylan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........

  22. Shang Chunsong


  23. Russian Slipper Agent

    the resolution is killing me :c

  24. Pskjfchute

    The size of the video is weird... (amazing song)

  25. Zetian Zhuang

    See you soon at festival hall

  26. Zetian Zhuang

    I feel more connected to Melbourne as an immigrant

  27. piggystardust

    Who wants to join our gang ? We have bikes and funny costumes...

  28. Adam Burns

    I still put her on a pedestal...

  29. MrRocksW

    Why is the aspect ratio so screwed up?

  30. Andrew Grant


  31. Gary Smillie

    Just brilliant. Empowering, clever. Su-fucking-perb. Bravoooooo!

  32. Andrew Grant

    Down with the torus rock on

  33. TheDboy76

    "They made their paint's by mixing acid washed in lemonade"! What a lyric!

  34. Dan Botha

    by mistake disliked this video and then freaked out so bad and liked it so hard and i don’t even like shit on youtube. long story short, courtney is probably my closest friend and i’d never want to offend her. love u courtney see you wednesday for book club at wendy’s x

  35. MonaLisaTime

    Going on a bike ride now.

  36. Mike O'.

    This is a blessing upon bycicling.

  37. TheChris Show

    3:17 Fraser is that you?

  38. Bogglesquad

    I first heard this song 3 years ago over the radio as I was heading to work, And the music stuck with me the whole day and when I got home I had to look up this artist. This song is still one of my favorites songs to this day.

  39. DaytripDaisy

    I am trying to guess where in Melbourne they are....this looks like near Jewell or Brunswick station, is that right?


    Oh lol I just saw that they are in the velodrome in Brunswick right!

  40. Mean Malenko

    Is it just me or does she remind you of grace slick and Janis combined?

  41. Christian Arestegui


  42. aMulliganStew

    Is it possible to listen to her music w/o dropping into comparisons? In as much as her works *are* comparison, perhaps it isn't. (Cliche Alert: It's the job of the poet to express that which cannot be said in words.) Poets are constantly saying, "It's like..." She's from Melbourne and her art reflects that; therefore, many of the images are lost on me. Until this video, I knew nothing of the Triffids. I don't know the subtleties of the neighborhood of Epping, so I have to invent a significance of hopping a train/bus that's going there. An Ezra Pound is yet another mystery. Once you say, "It's like..." you invite the listener to take an imaginative leap to fill in the rest of it. I'm probably not landing in exactly the places that Ms. Barnett had in mind, but I'm really enjoying the airtime. (Second cliche: It's the journey, not the destination, that matters.)

  43. sober face


  44. Ana Marković

    Isn't Dylan like an institution, why compare anything to him? She's Kurt(ney) :D, she took Nirvana'as angst and transformed it into a female witty joke. Genial.

  45. jmthompson437

    Rough diamond...perfect! Wow, Mr. Luscombe's mellotron is peelin' my paint! Best to Milk Records and Courtney Barnett. I am a fan.

  46. marina é

    Quelle musique fantastique !

  47. Ismael Abdul

    Is Becca Moody, but better

  48. 134BrothersMusic

    Wow anyone else think she is the new tupac?

  49. Eda D.

    bisiklet adamdır!
    bisiklet sürenler daha da fazla olabilir heh heh

  50. drebnariba1

    Hey Courtney you are the best,keep going!Bulgaria loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Amber Crawford

    This is f*cking fantastic.

  52. Srác a belvárosból

    I wanna a bicycle like this.

  53. stu harris

    definitely a poet

  54. king karl

    Great song I would enjoy it more but I am half awake right now.

  55. Paul McCleary

    Stop saying Dornce, clearly the only person who says Dornce is you in your shitty song you fool

  56. Lilian Hennebry osborne

    fuck you're wonderful, i wish i found you sooner!!!

  57. Jojo Polaroid

    I got drunk and fell asleep on top of the sheets I left the heater on

  58. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    Jesus doesnt want you to get drunk!

  59. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    they used to play this everyday at my job!

  60. Craig Kauffman

    por qué reconocemos genius cuando nos lo vemos

  61. abigail_eve

    acoustic version of this anyone??

  62. Lilika Kukiela


  63. Leo Mejia

    Tame Impala and Courtney Barnett are the best australian music.


    sticky fingers is there too

    seth pascoe

    the smith street band too

    Rudo Wakening

    Alex Lahey


    Thrashy garage rock with a mellotron and a reference to The Triffids? I'm in!

  65. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    as awesome as this song sounds, this is a song about drinking and sinful stuff and is sinful, Jesus doesnt want people to act like this.

    Lookout Smithers

    There are many religions to choose from Mike. Most of the time though, religion isn't chosen by anyone. But rather it is something decided by others, intended to be in best interests of course. You seem to have a misguided view on your faith and its place relative to other religions. Your fellow Christians regard the bible as the sacred text. The bible came from the Old testament AKA The Jewish Bible. Christianity along with many other major religions was directly influenced by Judaism.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @Frank W
    nah i dont think God made a mistake, see I enjoy different things, like a walk on a street lined with palm trees, rather than going to a party to get drunk

    Jackson Catlett

    lol according to y’all Jesus doesn’t want her to be a lesbian either so just leave

    Jackson Catlett

    Daniel Zeedan you types of people are why i don’t call myself a Christian anymore.


    @Colton Benson Malaria and ebola were caused by either parasites or animals. Human exposure caused them to be harmful. Cancer is more complex, but is is usually kick-started by a variety of factors which causes cells to multiply at a drastic rate.

    This argument to somehow disprove religion is probably the oldest and most retarded one there, it is the second most retarded argument behind "if God exists, why is there wars and violence!?! Duuherhh take that Christians :p".

  66. Judie K

    love you.. thank you!!

  67. saltoncityhobo

    Reminds me of Country Joe and the Fish (in a good way).

  68. Johnny Canucklehead

    I sure hope this band becomes huge because not only does this rock but it blows away about 99.9% of the lamestream crap around today.


    +Andrew Farrow What do real hipsters listen to?

    Andrew Farrow

    Most Whelkly real hipsters aren't hipster.


    +Andrew Farrow so if you're hipster you're not, and if you're not hipster you are?

    Jackson Catlett

    Actual Research she’s not a hipster. She basically talked shit about hipsters in this song lol. “The stones became the moss and once all inhibitions lost the hipsters made a mission to the farm.”

    Psychedelic Lizard

    @Jackson Catlett Courtney Barnett is to Hipsters what Jim Morrison was to Hippies.

  69. Darrin Caruso

    Anyone know what Velodrome was used?

  70. AlucardaLaCarte

    These kids with their lyrics about love and drugs and drunkeness and sunlight and the moon that actually make sense!

    Where are their deep, touching lyrics about things like "toejam football" and multicolored submarines? You know? REAL lyrics!!

  71. Max

    This is great

  72. Jose Romero

    Courtney Barnett is hands-down the best lyricist of my generation.

    Jose Romero

    Yeah! :D


    Not at all!

    Zen Jenga

    nah, man. Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip, like their music or not, is the greatest lyricist of our generation and the generation above us. RIP Gord.

    Não Digo

    But in English, there are more languages...


    Lady Lamb's pretty great at it too, if you haven't heard of her she's amazing

  73. Emma VS The Game

    *buys ALL the songs*

  74. Conor Drake

    This aspect ratio is fucking ridiculous, how much letterboxing can one man take

    Edit: The endings got me thinking its a reference to Ben Hur, actually

    Lookout Smithers

    +Conor Drake shot 22mm & 50mm Lomo Anamorphic Lens. Have seen it replicated since a few times.

  75. FleX_GoRe

    does anyone have a drum tab for this

    Georgie Garza

    called ur ears


    Drum tab... Really? It's not easy enough you don't need to figure out notes? Just use your ears, you're a drummer for fucks sake


    +BillyPilgrim sorry i offended you or something ffs

  76. dbthreshold

    Hmmm... I know it's only rock and roll... But has anyone else heard JH2 by Sean Spillane?

    This song is very much like it. Found myself singing along with the JH2 lyrics.

    I like both tunes - so I'm pointing out the similarity as a positive. I'm not waving the 'plagiarism' flag.

    If you like this... The Sean Spillane album 'The Woman (soundtrack)' is worth a listen too,

    Sam Ferfolja

    they do sound really similiar to each other...

  77. guillermo velazquez

    Exelente cancion 10/10

  78. Kenneth Noisewater

    i could listen to this song on repeat till i die

    Zach Wirth


  79. Cine y paraíso

    Can't belive how this song (piece of art) has so few visits.........

  80. Wm K

    Cool bikes.

  81. Zuko

    She is so good! I'm glad to find her awesome music!

  82. xBigDogg

    Crap Song, Crap Singer (if you call that singing) .

  83. Mikehuntisdry

    hipster vibes 98/100

  84. Matei Powers

    How ya going cobba?

  85. Chris Cockerton

    Fucking love this!!

  86. asimmo55

    BMX Bandits?

  87. Casey Jones

    Shes so beautiful inside and out, Half her songs make me cry my eyes out its so good

  88. Matt Carson

    guitar sounds similar to About A Girl by Nirvana

    Dat Boi Daft

    A few of her songs from the split pea ep sound like nirvana songs. Not sure what her plan was with all that.

  89. Angiliss Taylor

    I went out to lunch today and this song was playing at the restaurant. The words + her voice instantly made me google it and now I've watched this video like 20 times!

  90. C.C. 95

    This is like a female Mark E. Smith. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a big fan of THE FALL.

  91. DidsGaming

    female jake bugg?

  92. Sonja Fleek

    Looks a little like Bat for Lashes' music video for What's a Girl to Do?

  93. Sonja Fleek

    The first song I heard from her

    Benjamin Jenkins

    Me too! Saw her perform it live on TV and hunks here I am!

    Alfgot L

    Me to the first time i heard her music was on the mtv channel and it was this song


    Me too, went a bit on a google tour and saw that she played near me in the netherlands 2 years ago :/ hope she comes back so i can see her!

  94. Mr. Gate4043

    Wil's cover is way better than the original.

  95. Emil Daugaard

    The aussie accent makes this way better!

  96. Alterna Dude

    This song is so good. I been trying to get Courtney Barnetts CD's but they're a bit expensive.. just gonna wait for a sale.

    Christina Batte

    amazon 10$

  97. Jaro

    u need to be drunk to write that songs and I need to drink w/u because I want xd

  98. Arun Mukkath

    Is she the new Dylan? Is she the voice of our generation?

    Stephen Woerner

    You're saying definitely maybe
    I'm saying probably no

    Collin Cook

    @BDC Mattwell I's loves a fishin' in Quebecs

    BDC Matt

    @Collin Cook the fortuity of you posting this a year later while im sitting here watching letterkenny with my buddies lmfao. hulu just released seasons 3-6!

    Dennis Adams

    @Dan Corcoran you're answering a different question from the one that is being asked.

    Dan Corcoran

    @Dennis Adams Perhaps, although the OP directly compared the two by saying CB is the "new Dylan".

  99. Dallas Lashmet

    Tarantino should feature this song next time Uma Thurman gets the urge to dance in one of his movies.