Courteeners, The - The 17th Lyrics

When you come home the neighbours look at you funny
Thank someone, I don't know, maybe God
That you're not new money
So it's up the stairs and lock the world away
And then it's phone off for the rest of the day

The afternoon is peppered with regret
And all the things that you're trying to forget
Well just know that you're not on your own
No, you're not on your own

Yellow Lambretta is knocked on its side
It's begging you to steal it and go for a ride
Just let me know and I'll meet you in the 17th
And you can bore me again with how much you love Halloween
How much you love Halloween

Your afternoons are peppered with regret
And all the things that you wanna forget
Well just know that you're not on your own
No, you're not on your own

If you've risen just the second that the sun goes down
You wash away your sins and feel the pull of the town
Know that you're not on your own
No, you're not on your own

Everyone can hear you but nobody's listening
We've got another wedding and another christening
We have to go to before we get to the summer
Might have to back door it and do another runner

Like someone I used to know
But please don't go there
Because we're having such a good time
Having such a good time
We're having such a good time
Having such a good time

The Irish bar is kicking out for the first time
It seems nobody is playing Shanghai like last night
So let's find that place with the pink neon sign
The one that points to you and says, "Do you wanna be mine?"

Everyone can hear you but nobody's listening
I wanna be someone but haven't got the discipline
A perfect picture for everyone to see
Never get emotional, get another degree

Like someone I used to know
But please don't go there
Because we're having such a good time
Having such a good time
We're having such a good time
Having such a good time

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Courteeners, The The 17th Comments
  1. Supernova MCR

    Magnificent. I loved it as soon as I heard it and it’s become my favourite Courteeners track. Genius

  2. MidKnightGeek

    Brilliant! I know, late to the party but I just heard it today on the radio. At least I got here ;)

    Supernova MCR

    MidKnightGeek class isn’t it mate. Glad you found it eventually. Amazing live too

  3. Jack Woodall

    4:30 sounds like Klaxons

  4. cassius 2

    Such a disappointment to their first two albums , where did it all go wrong , could of been a brilliant band

  5. rudgey86

    Fucking love courteeners !!!!

  6. adi topley

    For my brother Adam on his birthday!! Lots of love farty pants!!!!!

  7. Marcus Legg

    This is a great song, very well arranged

  8. PHUK THE E.U.

    53 not 19

    Rudy Callagher

    Kerry Hanneman. What about?

  9. mvdv mvdv


  10. metaldaduk

    Managed to get hold of the pink vinyl 12" with the remixes on it. They're not bad, I'd dance to them if they came on in a club, but neither really make enough of the melancholic feel of the song. They should have asked Italoconnection to remix it.

  11. C M

    You can tell Liam has been listening to a lot of LCD Soundsystem

  12. Dave Burgess

    totally mint.

  13. metaldaduk

    Heard this track for the first time last night and love it. Are the remixes on the rsd day 12" worth forking out for, or is this the best version?


    Rudy Callagher Me too. Quite different from their other stuff, so it really stands out to me. Always like bands who take chances.

    Rudy Callagher

    I'm pretty agree Liam Fray is going in a way that I appreciate when I heard for the first time this song I was like what was that a single? and then I heard a second time and I was wow that's a good song the lyrics, the melody, this so different than their lasts albums but I heard No One Will Ever Replace Us I was in love this song I really love it. That's a good band and I think they have still great songs to imagine and to do. I think we will have surprises with the Courteeners. For our greatest happiness!

    Alex Vasey

    i've got it; not really big on the remixes, but get it for the acoustic version - sounds unreal

    Rudy Callagher

    The one of Absolute radio is wonderful if you haven't listen yet, go listen it I love it!


    Alex Vasey Currently bidding on YouTube, I'll get it eventually!

  14. Dave Burgess

    the most underrated band in the world.

  15. Getoffofmycloud

    very goood

  16. Will_28_

    So I'm currently listening to this most incredible song minutes away from my own 17th. This is special. What a beautiful song.

    Rudy Callagher

    I'm pretty agree what a song and I'm pretty sure that Liam have many songs like this one to play to us.

  17. Benjamin Carron

    The best part of this song is the last minute, but by then it's basically over.

    Rudy Callagher

    I'm not agree with you the beginning is the best it just grows crescendo

  18. Greg Ward

    the ultimate end of shift song

  19. Nick Forbes-Warren

    Love the 80s vibe going on here!!

  20. Craig Wheeldon

    class getting in on a Sunday scitzed to bits bang on haha!

  21. Jon Murphy

    Love Anna and Concrete Love, such good albums. I queued for 7 hours in Manchester for this on pink vinyl on record store day! more than worth it

  22. Shaun Clare

    Saw them live at old Trafford on may the 27th 2017 and it was the best night of my life I love this tune 💯💯

    Rudy Callagher

    I dream to see them live one day before I'll die. After all these happened they still here they are amazing guys!

    Shaun Clare

    Rudy Callagher they are so amazing it is such a great experience


    I saw them too on May 27 - it's was immense and this track is fast becoming my favourite of theirs


    I was there too :)

    Robbo 13

    I was there as well, amazing night

  23. Ordinaryboy86

    Don't even like this band anymore, cos they're not underground

    Cassandra H-Y

    Ordinaryboy86 I think your comment was lost on many, but I appreciate it.

    Soul City Rocker

    You'll grow out of it.

  24. Steviemtothec

    the boys a prick

  25. Weston 1878

    Always wanted a proper chilled song from these and this is just what I wanted! Courteeners la la la...

  26. matt

    first heard this on radio x but couldn't remember who it was glad I've found it now tho


    matt ryan my mum loves radio x too. We listen to it every morning.

  27. Greg Ward

    who's watching this on the 17th?

  28. DrewG75

    Excellent. 'Mapping The Rendezvous' in such a brilliant, underrated album by an massively underrated band.

  29. Ana Franco

    I was on an LATAM airplane traveling and suddenly appeared this song on the airplane's setlist... Now I am here.

    Ana Franco

    Thanks, I will do it for sure!

    Rudy Callagher

    Mad Fer It!

    David Dunn music

    Ana Elisa Franco Flores I was sat next to you 😄

    Ana Franco

    Rudy Callagher after listening to all their songs in Spotify I have to say that they are the best group I could have found in these momments :3 the best recommendation, really

    Rudy Callagher

    My favourites are Cameo Brooch, Van der Graaf and Are you in love with a notion all tune. Liam is one of the best songwriter ever and probably one of the best who came from Manchester.

  30. Jon Murphy

    This band get better and better !

  31. John Galvin

    Lost touch with these after first 2 albums but this just puts them back up there for me, absolute banger

  32. Andrew Vickers

    Major Tunage 💥!!

  33. Penguin007

    Radio Edit is much better!

  34. timdogsoo7

    turn it up and play it @ 1.25 x speed

    Harvey Bacon

    timdogsoo7 you are a good man Tim

  35. mrwontgetalong

    Finally found it heard this first on radio X tune 😎😎

  36. Brit-Flick Reviews

    There's something wonderfully dark about this song almost as if there's a sadness underneath. Love it

    Joe Johnson

    Brit-Flick Reviews k

  37. Steven Smith

    Absolute banger!!!

  38. donlogan666

    Brilliant tune. New album is a return to form


    donlogan666 I totally agree. Just listened to the full thing on Tidal. Was hoping for a video for this one. Such a great album.

  39. zzeezz100

    cracking tune....this band deserve far more many big hits 4 albums in and you walk away from a gig and there's countless hits they haven't played!!!!