Country Joe And The Fish - Thursday Lyrics

Some people, they find each other.

I found you,
I found you,
I found you.

I found you,
I found you,
I found you.

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Country Joe And The Fish Thursday Comments
  1. bucolis

    Unfortunate message

  2. Julie Rhen

    Gonna be Thursday tomorrow lol

  3. Cid Jackson

    seeing as its Thursday!

  4. Hart City Paranormal

    The song is great as a whole, but the organ in the song gets me everytime. Sends shivers down me spine. Love it!!

  5. ghostyglover

    I honestly love the lsd jingle at the beginning only because its so silly and almost perceives the societies outlook on acid then this beautiful acoustic starts playing and shows truly what lsd does. Creating such an beautiful song that almost plays with your emotions pretty such creating a life and world of its own

  6. Tony Steen

    Love Barry's lead on that SG!

  7. Claire Morales

    rattle your brains!!!!

  8. Robert Gillespie

    First heard this the first time I dropped.Was great to be young in the 60's.


    @Robert Gillespie Great times made all that greater by 'underground' music like the Fish and other SF bands and singers. Smoked weed by the bale - a different time for sure.

  9. captainsoul1953

    I was in the Roundhouse club in 1968......only fifteen...watching Fairport Convention....some guy came up to me and gave me this album...........all he said was " Listen young man listen ".....and walked into the crowd.............

    John Holben

    captainsoul1953 amazing!

    sammy scotch

    Things like that happened back then

  10. AeroDynamic

    Grace Slick smiled at me in 1970.

    sammy scotch

    She remembers

  11. Paul Martin

    Such a beautiful song.

  12. Paul Martin

    I've found you!:)

  13. Povilas Kankalis

    maybe someone chords/tabs of this song?

    Amoreena Bailey


    Bm/D - Em/C
    D6 - Em/C
    Bm/D - D7

  14. shabbas7

    melton once asked me to smoke a joint with him uit i was to high he said its allright i understand

  15. soliloquyfor2

    excellent guitar

  16. tippimail1

    Excellent song from one of the great '60's bands.Thanks.

  17. Len Burdick

    Nice, simple and pretty tune with some nifty guitar work. Thought of this song from my childhood the other day and glad to see it up. Always liked the way it flowed into Eastern Jam - it served as an outlet for David Cohen, Barry Melton, and Chicken Hirsch because most of the other album material was Joe's.

  18. Dani Siders

    This song is so lovely.. "Some people, they find each other. I found you." Such a beautiful thought. If a man said that to me I'd melt.

  19. Angelos Bakas

    Impressive song structure for the time!