Counting Crows - Have You Seen Me Lately Lyrics

Get away from me
This isn't gonna be easy
But I don't need you
Believe me
You got a piece of me
But it's just a little piece of me
And I don't need anyone
And these days I feel like I'm fading away
Like sometimes when I hear myself on the radio
Have you seen me lately?
Have you seen me lately?
I was out on the radio starting to change
Somewhere out in America, it's starting to rain
Could you tell me the things you remember about me
And have you seen me lately?
I remember me
And all the little things that make up a memory
Like she said she loved to watch me sleep
Like she said:
"It's the breathing, it's the breathing in and out and in and..."
Have you seen me lately?
I was out on the radio starting to change
Somewhere out in America it's starting to rain
Could you tell me the things you remember about me
And have you seen me lately?
I guess I thought that someone would notice
I guess I thought somebody would say something
If I was missing
Can't you see me?
Come on color me in
Come on color me in
Give me your blue rain
Give me your black sky
Give me your green eyes
Come on give me your white skin
Come on give me your white skin
Come on give me your white skin
I was out on the radio starting to change
Somewhere out in America, it's starting to rain
Could you tell me the things you remember about me
And have you seen me lately?
Have you seen me lately

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Counting Crows Have You Seen Me Lately Comments
  1. Ally M

    This acoustic version is insanely gorgeous... so is Adam and his lyrics

  2. Leticia bodine

    Where r u

  3. Stephen Morris

    Did you listen Jordy girl x

    Stephen Morris

    I guess not 😔

  4. Crazy Dazy

    Saw you in NOLA at Maximo’s in 2000 on my 25th Birthday and the photo of us makes me remember our conversation where I told you the album August and Everything After got me through the lowest point in my life when I was on drugs and surrounded by criminals in Fort Lauderdale and Miami . I remember “Perfect Blue Buildings” described what I was going through so well and knew at least one soul in the world completely understood my anguish. This feeling of being understood kept me alive. I told you,Adam. 😘 Much Love 🙏🦋💜👁🕊👁🌞🌈🍀💕🌻🌤⛈⚡️⛈🌤☀️🌈🍀🦋💜🕊💜✍🏼💕🙌🏻💓🤝💜🌊💕😇

  5. Jack Biela

    those 98 dislikes are from stupid people

  6. Eric Schafer

    The comments here are as beautiful as the song. No surprise - beauty and understanding attracts beauty and understanding.

  7. William Klemen

    it feels like it is about me. LOVE IT THankyou

  8. Stine Munkberg


  9. juana riquelme cutillas

    Por mis problemas mentales me identifico mucho con sus letras,y le agradezco que trate el tema.

  10. Dave Sacre

    hate to say it, but I like Counting Crows best when Adam seems depressed.

  11. Suzi Benz

    I remember having your 1st album playing in my convertible and driving to my job on an apple orchard in Ipswich MA. I would listen to it singing out loud. Such happy memories.

  12. Barbara Mawson

    My funeral song, it's amazingly haunting. What a talent, his voice is so beautiful, it has so much depth, fabulous

  13. Steve

    for me personally, this

    _Have you seen me lately?_
    _I was out on the radio starting to change
    _Somewhere out in america its raining_
    _Could you tell me one thing you remember about me_
    _And have you seen me lately?_
    _I guess I thought that someone would notice
    _I guess I thought somebody would say something_
    _If I was missing
    _Cant you see me? _

    is *the most powerful* set of words in the whole of the song. sometimes I want to be invisible, other times...

    José Eduardo Marcondes

    Hi, Steve... You know, I uploaded this video many years ago and I still get really excited about comments like yours. I am glad the song made you feel this way...

    The "Could you tell me one thing you remember about me
    " part was also very significant to me, it made me cry... since I was a Television Journalist (I was an anchor) that part really got into me too...

    I worship Adam´s poetry so much, he really knows what he is writing. I uploaded this beacuse I am a true fan and I really wanted more people to hear this version. By the time I uploaded it was rare, but now it can be easily found on Spotify and on...

    Thank you for your comment


    you didn't load it up til it was already ten years old. by which time I had probably listened to it hundreds of times. now - a long time later - have listened hundreds more times. and still find new things every so often.

    you are correct though @José Eduardo Marcondes because responses *that long* after the event are amazing.

  14. Barbara Mawson

    This band sums everyone's feelings and thoughts, perfect poetry and music, fabulous

  15. Márcio Tzur

    Epic time .... my wife and my lovers.

  16. Harry Abma

    Ten months. It's only been ten months since I had to bury you,my love. It seems like a hundred years and it seems like ten seconds. The only thing I know for sure is no one has seen me lately, and they probably won't ever see me again. I am lost without you.

  17. Sitha Ithnan

    Another CC masterpiece..

  18. Kari Peterson

    Super in love with this song. Resonates in my soul!

  19. PETRA M.

    Lange nicht gehört 🤗🤗🤗🌙

  20. PETRA M.

    Wonderful... Great 🎉🙏🌠🌅

  21. James DeGray

    Sorry if this seems cold but the universe needs me more than I need this universe, because I made this universe, I can always make it again if it is truly needed.

    Maisie Ward

    James DeGray that can’t be right. I made the universe

  22. luvsilly60

    I feel like I get the acoustic version and thought I got the others.

  23. Jeri Hinkle

    This song means so much to me. This band means so much to me. ❤️ I feel every word

  24. J. Webb thing you remember about me..

  25. Donna Marchina

    thank you "bofessters" nothing but love,grace,respect. to you for you!❤👊💜😎🎶🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. Elizabeth Cardoso

    Só amuuu meu anti -depressivo

  27. Barbara Mawson

    They're up there with Bob Dylan and Steve Harley.

  28. Barbara Mawson

    What a fabulous song, what a band,so eloquent . My favourite by far, simply amazing the way he frames thoughts

  29. Tiedyed Owl

    This perfectly describes when I have emotional exhaustion and can’t feel anything anymore.

    wendi shelton

    love when the song is who you are

  30. Brendan McCarron

    This song is part of my 'life' soundtrack

  31. Ronald Murray Jr.

    Im already dead

  32. taurusx1000

    a very distinctive ,beautiful voice

  33. Andrea Norton

    I love u Adam all of everything u do just simply amazes me I love u and the counting crows i am ur biggest fan ever I have seen u so many time and will continue to do so I'm so in love with u I'm sounding like a crazy person but I'm not I have a great life but ur music is a wonderful part of it thank u

  34. Jonathan Travers

    Alcohol brought me here.

  35. SoSadSongLyrics _

    The best band ever playing the best version of their best song


  36. Jake George

    man we're all gonna die someday, but nobody ever told us we would be alive someday either. i reckon its alright

    tnightwolf do It's the brilliance of having/sensing/feeling things in different amounts! Honestly, Counting Crows to me it's good, nothing brilliant...but they get to that point when (i fell) they show us/and we ear the true "why" when i'm listening to them. It's as obvious as life! Sometimes you'll get it, sometimes you don't, but true hearts know what they stand for, and experiencing it it's close enough to nirvana that ANYONE could feel it and sing to this 2nd part of the album. Counting Crows are great!...justlet them jam their own thing ;)

    Harry Abma

    Seven months a widower. And a complete stranger in a you tube comment told me something I needed to hear. I miss you so much Rina. Nobody told me how to live without you, but I better start figuring it out

  37. MrJohnnydublin

    Its the breathing....

  38. Ronald Murray

    I grew up on The Counting Crows ...they where always there for me when no one else was look at me now😁

    A W

    i just subscribed 2 your channel because I familiarize w/ your comment, and I appreciate your playlists. love all those songs man

  39. bofessters

    remember listening to this on the plane to Iraq I was prepared to die for the guys next to me gave my clothes away to freinds this song kills me Everytime I hear it ...

    Maureen Manning

    bofessters you made it

    Drew Harmon

    Thanks for your service.

    Theodore Rinehart

    you were prepared to die for all of us back home too, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage! I am so grateful!

    Lisette Dye

    Some gave some
    Some gave all.
    Thankyou for your seevice, your sacrifices I'm certain you lost more than your clothes, sadly so thankyou soldier.U.S.A.

    Donna Marchina

    is this bofesser?

  40. P Ash

    I think I want to listen to this song as I die. Hopefully I will end up rotting away in a field somewhere or on the bottom of a lake. That way I can not worry about a funeral and can just be left in peace and not have my body tortured even after I'm gone.

  41. Richard GYPCSMALL

    This is deff on there top 5 most jammed to songs I grew up on this dude all of them , wow the 90s really kicked ass this is music Adam is music the crows I was 9 jamming Recovering the Satellites times were so easy going and enjoyable Can't say how many times this band and there music saved me from my self man . OMAHA wide open this morning getting ready for work haha

  42. Lynn Terry

    Just under rated... superb lyrics and music #Crowsfan

  43. Denise Kangas

    such a sad Song 😭😭

  44. Suzanne Daniel

    Could you tell me one thing you remember about me.. just one thing that you remember about me.. that is one haunting request... I want to ask this of all my old lovers or friends....

    Lisette Dye

    I'd like to ask my X FAMILY AND X FRIENDS have you seen me lately? Can you tell me ONE thing you remember about me? I've been enjoying missing for years and noone even noticed , but I don't need or want you anymore believe me and GO F YOURSELF. I FADED AWAY, BUT WILL REAPPEAR INTO my beautiful AMERICA alone and this time without bitterness and resentment just JUSTICE is all I live for.

  45. jj dogg

    how does my stating his race suck?gfys uneducated dipstick

  46. indecent proposal

    could you tell me, one thing you'll remember about me

  47. Morgan423Z

    Simple, with heart... excellent.

  48. Jason Pashley

    He was Kurt Cobin's junk buddy at one stage, i think this adams memories of him, cut his tour short when heard he passed, haunting words here

    Nick Lester

    Is that true mate?

    Jason Pashley

    Nick Lester yea mate

  49. Denise Kangas

    pray for all the people who suffer and lose themselves to mental illness.

    Ms. Felony Strutter

    Thank you, I am trying but...nothing works. Idon't want to hang myself again

  50. Justin Lassiter

    First time I've heard this version. This is what music should be. Heart and soul wrapped up in an assortment of chords and phrases.

  51. Euroheat0022

    Acoustic version definitely tops the original. This has heart to it


    Totally agree!! :D


    original is much better imo

  52. peepsk771

    Love this !!

  53. David Gonzalez

    twice seen and twice amazed!! always an amazing concert

    Keith Birch

    David Gonzalez same here, I took my daughetr yhe seocnd gie:and we lit up ghe floor but. Don’t think Adam noticed. Aclistcs were awful at sow: stdium i; London.

  54. Darrin Kirchner

    always been one of my fav groups ..took me along time before i was strong enough on the inside to admit i felt like this.....

  55. Dave Caplener

    At some point when Schizophrenia snatched me out of life, it left me no sense of who I once was. Thank You Adam Duritz for the Beautiful way you've expressed this for me.

    thomas jackson

    Dave Caplener that's hilarious..oh your serious

    Lisette Dye

    GOD BLESS YOU for caring . Sad how cruel people take advantage of people with mental illnesses that's why they should never share that it will be used against you by ignorant folks,cops,your car dealership and any scum bag sales man. I've seen it happen too many times.


    Dave Caplener What little I know about you condition, it gets more manageable in your 30s on. Take care

    Luke Sear

    With medications help you will recover your more delusions (although some diminished hallucinations may remain) Then, it is up to u. You may feel pressured to start life anew with an emerging identity (that’s always an option). Or, you may want to slowly pick up the pieces of the life you were leading before your psychotic break. It may take five years, but you can integrate your new identity with your former identity.


    @thomas jackson die you ignorant arsehole

  56. Wendy

    come to me I will take care of you,,, XOX <3

  57. Joelynn Ross

    A Long December was his penultimate offering...


    well yeah, that album ended with _Walkaways_ which kind of capped off the album nicely.

    he also used that well in concert banter.

  58. jj dogg

    they can change your life bro...adam...the singing

    Ellen Eggers

    Does it really matter what religion Adam is? Your comment sucks!

    Key Of The Wolf

    I don't know, is being a douchebag in, now? Do you know how many singers are Jewish? Barry Manilow, Lenny Kravitz, Adam Sandler, Goldie Hawn, Chris Cornell, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Jakob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Carly Simon, Paul Abdul, Paul Simon, and Billy Joel, among numerous others.

    Perhaps we should just create a religion for you, call it "Ihavemyheadupmyassholeism." Or is that offensive?

  59. MrWillybillly

    this is incredible

  60. leslie oxendine

    I'm a huge CC fan and this is the 1st time I've ever heard this song. it's so deep. and I love how they write. lyrics about life. not just drugs and running from cops. even though that's a life too. they're more human. always seem to capture how I feel it's amazing

  61. anny garcia

    This song on acoustic was much more beautiful


    Agreed Anny, turns into a must have on the playlist in acoustic.

    anny garcia

    yes....ShananaGnS78 very very beautiful

  62. SuperGoldstar127

    NintendoCaprisun brought me here.

  63. Gary Sparkes


  64. SuperTigerlily09

    rare to find such a beautiful song and have you seen me lately

  65. Jonathan Wilson

    That was terrible.  Sing it like the original and quit ruining your own songs

    Mad Mike

    You're a terrible fan

  66. Matt MacKelcan

    Hey, What's Up?! Saw you were a fan of this awesome music and thought you might dig my original songs. Mind checking out my channel and letting me know what you think? Hope you like! -Matt MacKelcan

  67. fossaalta


  68. Tyrone Wiggins

    This song in particular fucking blows me the fuck away. How beautifully tender they made it from the studio version.

    Amy Hatfield

    +Bethan Jamieson got your BellEnd hangin


    I'd respect your perspective a whole lot more if you didn't have to go all gangsta with the F-bombs. It also disrespects the emotion of the song

    Tyrone Wiggins

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    Gerard Hooks

    couldn't agree more

    Gerard Hooks

    never heard a more gorgeous tune

  69. ohbrightsparks

    a message for all Crows fans - for more songs like this please come listen to our music

  70. C M

    Rare to find a person as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. And Adam is absolute perfection in both. 

    Tonyalynn metalLnmore

    No one can calm me like this guy ... And he can lift me up when I'm way to down . This band can set my mood for anything.

  71. pamela robinson

    I want this song played at my funeral

    Paul Maher

    your way too young listen to miami or goodnight elizabeth enjoy life

    what? the question.

    I'm quite partial to cremation. Oh well. People need something to listen to as I burn. Just as good eh?


    In Colorado they do outdoor funeral pyres. I'm going to have them play Led Zep's Immigrant Song. :-D

    thomas jackson

    pamela robinson or you could not die that would be great

    Christopher Messinger

    I feel the same way

  72. Shannon Smith

    my heart

    pablo jansen

    my soul

  73. Andi Demian

    and all those litle things which make up a memory..

  74. Leonard Jones

    Have You Seen Me Lately

  75. Mark Cutino

    such a great song. poetic justice at it's best... "this isn't going to be easy but I don't need you believe me"

  76. Ty Propst

    This song and round here share the same lyrics.

  77. Elizabeth Leclair

    The sheer honesty and poignancy of the song, with Adam at the is incredible on so many levels. 

    Dave Caplener

    +Elizabeth Leclair That's truly the Magic of this Song. The Sad Honesty. I love your comment.

    Jt Smith

    goodnight Elizabeth goodnight.

  78. Greg Roach

    This reminds me of what once was. Then what it became. It's been 4 years since we parted, after 20 years together. Still hurts.

  79. Stefanie Schipper


  80. Jason B

    Poignant stuff

  81. Stan Adcock

    ahhw man this song is great

  82. Stéphane Le Gal

    so nice

  83. Dyce Studio


    Rainking Crow

    I know exactly what you´re talking about. Fucking pictures....

  84. Imene Boulhaia

    I dedicate this song to my ex that my conditional love for him will always be buried deep inside my heart <3 Adel <3

  85. gillan bowd

    i used to sob listening to this during my divorce. every lyric has a significance 

  86. Gerry Delafino

    I listen to Adam, ok!? And I can hear Jimmy, my friend...I can hear Jimmy...

  87. MrChronicus

    says the saint, right?
    if everyone thought like you, we could put a sticker across the globe that says today's america.
    And although the majority of the population is just like you, the smart ones know to listen to Adam.


  88. Jess K

    One of my favs for ages.

  89. UngoldenBoy

    He knows.

  90. writerconsidered

    nice post great imagery and word play. however " sell Crazy somewhere else willya, we're all stocked up here." that's a jack line

  91. Gerry Delafino

    This guy is such a huge pothead it sends me laughing my ass off every pic of him i see..

  92. David Sweeney


  93. stevus23

    I def did a doubletake of that and read it 3 times, read your comment and then laughed! Thought u should know haha

  94. stevus23

    That was amazing

  95. 'Ralph' the Wonder Llama

    That was somewhat fucked up, but I laughed really hard.

  96. Bobby Mobay

    Amazing.......each time I hear his song it seems like the first time.....don't know how he does it.

  97. Claire Gonabe

    Me too.

  98. ScorpioRising

    What? He's not dead...