Counting Crows - Goodnight Elisabeth Lyrics

I was wasted in the afternoon
Waiting on a train
I woke up in pieces and Elisabeth had disappeared again
I wish you were inside of me
I hope that you're ok
I hope you're resting quietly
I just wanted to say
Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth
We couldn't all be cowboys
So some of us are clowns
Some of us are dancers on the midway
We roam from town to town
I hope that everybody can find a little flame
Me, I say my prayers, then I just light myself on fire
And I walk out on the wire once again
And I say
Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth
I will wait for you in Baton Rouge
I'll miss you down in New Orleans
I'll wait for you while she slips in something comfortable
And I'll miss you when I'm slipping in between
If you wrap yourself in daffodils
I will wrap myself in pain
And if you're the queen of California
Baby I am the king of the rain
And I say
Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth

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Counting Crows Goodnight Elisabeth Comments
  1. Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ

    I miss hearing Counting Crows songs on the radio, the 90s ❤️

  2. Steve Tady

    This song is going on the soundtrack to be played at my memorial. And I don't know an Elizabeth.

  3. Bettie Torres

    A beautiful man gave me this song, knowing very well how much I love him. Goodnight Mr. Leav, wherever you are.

  4. Kjell Boele

    We all have our Elisabeth, haven’t we

  5. Sarah Riggins

    Nostalgia, forever. My soul band.

  6. cleggy justcleggy

    A lot of memories attached. Some song, some band.

  7. Brad Rainwater

    For Lisa my love. Forever in my heart. You are missed and loved by me. ALWAYS in my heart.💜🌹💚

  8. recub13

    This whole album is so good and evokes so many emotions I honestly find it difficult to listen to at times. Maybe I just don’t want to go to the places it takes me. Memories both good and bad, personal struggle, times of genuine positivity, coupled with instances of pure naive freedom.

  9. madison brody

    my aunt died and this was her favorite song because her dad that passed away when she was 17 loved this song to peices wish i wouldve listened it to it more with her before she left love you auntie lisa rest in peace

  10. Shawna Labbarre

    Milton. PA. Wall street. The hood hit and chopped her head off. Old car helping her father. I say in my mind. Why wasn't they prosecuted. The dad should have been held. Responsible. And arrested. That reminds me my brand new car I paid for. Cheap. But a good car even to help him. Long. At 2 Hower Rd. Yet. Was 2014. To give coal ashes. He choose to hit the telephone pole. Instead if me. Jeff threatened me. I wasn't about to bring them out for a husband that was married to Helena Long. At all. And she died of an aneurysm in Bucks County. In there. Children's bathroom. ? Life sucks. And he Jeffrey Lynn Frey. Was involved with Bill. Kerr's daughter's Death before McDonald's in Lewisburg Pa. If ya people only knew. And discriminate me. As if I would hurt anyone. And not an angel. At all. Only 41year old woman. That made it through Hell. But still feel. Shit all around me. And I have the right taste. Say I can't stand slow people. And stuttering. Too. Hell they are Guilty. And fucked up

  11. Jeff L

    And if you're the queen of California, then baby, I am the King of the rain...

  12. Roger Rabbitz

    Won’t you falll down on mee

  13. Neil Emborgo

    I'm here beacuse of JHS Pedals

  14. Tolonso

    Rick Beato brought me here...

  15. DarkLight

    thanks JHS ,you know who you are

  16. Shannon Boler

    my mom loved counting crows, R.i.p mom still listening to them and thinking of u

  17. Rainbow Moon Readings

    I’m an Elizabeth. Love this song. ❤️

  18. Scott Turner

    Thanks JHS Pedals for recommending I check this out. Glad I did. What a terrific song.

  19. andeeleelee

    Best song ever

  20. trav collins

    This song still hits me,two boys and no girl.If i'm blessed to have a girl next time what do ya think I'm gonna name her?????????????

  21. Craig Hindman

    This is s band of merit!! The emotional depth of their music is just incredible!! Fall down on me...

  22. Elizabeth Welch

    I miss Brian Barlow, he was the first man to introduce me to such great Music and amazing crystal viewings, R.I P Brian !! We will meet again.

  23. Travisthehamster

    The great songs like this are not love songs. They transcend categories. This is life pure and simple, bittersweet but always full of hope and redemption

  24. Alyse Truth

    Love this song, plus it's Elisabeth with an "S" just like my name!!

  25. Tulips, Tomes, and Tea

    The gathering of Elizabeths lol.

  26. Kristi Blackwell

    Adam Duritz is a lyrial genius.... He deplicts his Soul into every single one of his Songs... 💜

  27. Cricket 1970

    I love you, Buddy.
    No matter matter how much time goes by or how many miles apart.....

    You're the one.

  28. Jodi Wells

    I just say my prayers, light myself on fire and walk out on the wire once again...

  29. Scott Mygatt

    Beth. I'm all alone you're still not coming home, and I'm still down, down, down, down, down

  30. Elizabeth Davis

    Elizabeth's love this song.

  31. Shannon Tyrell

    My mom loved this song. R.i.p mom

  32. Tom B Stone

    "I was wasted in the afternoon,waiting on a train,I woke up in pieces,Elizabeth".... This song always reminds me not to fall asleep on railroad tracks.Best song by CC.I've got a photo of my daughter and Adam at Woodstock 94',cool picture.

  33. Son Of The Serpent

    This makes me think of my wife who passed. Good night Marilyn Monroe

  34. Lee Davis

    "We couldn't all be cowboys... some of us are clowns."

  35. Jo LaSalle

    Goodnight Elizabeth, mom miss you

  36. Joel McNulty

    When I first heard Mr. Jones, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Sounded nothing like anything on the current radar, and yet sounded entirely familiar. Counting Crows changed my life in that moment. Am a local musician in KC, and last year had the thrill of my career to open for them, albeit on a side VIP stage. True story.....was so nervous I forgot the power supply for my keyboard and did about 45 minutes a cappella. Sang all original material. Just the mic and me. I catch hell for that from friends to this day. Still wouldn't trade that night for anything.

    BK Zappa

    Let me get this straight, did you say you are a musician? Gosh, what's that like? Bet it's pretty cool huh?

  37. Vella Barefoot

    i got to get this cd back! The whole cd reminds me of my brother. Gone since 2001 but i got him in heart forever 💜😟

  38. Vella Barefoot

    i got to get this cd back! The whole cd rebinds me of my brother. Gone since 2001 but i got him in heart forever 💜😟

  39. Dan Bowen

    My daughter......who's settled down down down into I light myself on fire n walk out on the wire once again

  40. Thelis R. Braswell II

    When Music had meaning. Long Live thee Majestic 90s.!!

  41. J Snedeker

    Maybe I should say my prayers and just light myself on fire.

  42. J Snedeker

    Ivwas wated in the afternoon

  43. luvsilly60

    I have read how under rated this band is, I think how unrecognized Adam is as a songwriter.

  44. Bradley Hight

    goodnight Elizabeth, I’ll always love you.

  45. charles donahue

    I'm in heaven with Elisabeth when I hear this song. Thank you Adam.

  46. Elisabeth Lind

    A song for me?? 😁 💕

  47. Russell Smith

    I spent too much time following the wrong crowd. I remember all these songs coming out, but I’m just now taking the time to enjoy them. It is good.

  48. linda railsback

    For my Baby sister ...Elizabeth - Always traveling and walked on in 2005. Good night Elizabeth I Love you dear girl xoxoxox

  49. JT Hunn

    Ahh, the sweet sadness of all Counting Crows stuff ! Great band !

  50. Sara Walters

    I've loved this song since I was a teenager. 5 months ago, I gave birth to my first child. I'm 37 years old and loved this baby long before I met her. I wanted my Adalynn Elizabeth for a long time. Her middle name is a nod to this beautiful song. I thought it would make a great lullaby. Her Dad made some very bad choices and destroyed our little family. I had to walk away. I still sing it to her at bedtime, but it reminds me of his nonexistent relationship with her and I wonder if he wishes her a good night at her bedtime since he chose not to do it in person anymore. Still a great song, just pulls at my heart a bit.


    I follow a channel by a successful musical electronics maker guy (JHS Pedals) and each episode he closes by sharing a different record/band with the viewers that he likes. Just 10 minutes ago he showcased Counting Crows and this tune specifically. I'd never heard it. I'm an old coot from a different a Hillbilly. So immediately I'm struck by the somber mood of the piece, the way the accompaniment & lyrics flow in such an organic way. And then about the time I saw your comment...pensive all came crashing down on me...the gravity of your melancholy abandonment and the bad decision I made 17 years ago when I had a young/cute little family. Not a day goes by I don't regret that my two boys are handsome young men now and don't even know me. My life is absurd and meaningless. There is no hope for me, but I pray for you & your little girl - strangers - that you'll both be loved enough by somebody to fill the void. I can't see to type anymore, & my nose and cheeks are I'll wish you both best of luck, and say goodbye...

  51. Steven Shadoin

    I saw C C in LA at the Greek outdoor Amphitheater.. I paid $220 for 2 seats in a party box I took my best friend who died last year .. I wrap myself in pain everyday now since you’ve been on Midway walk-in that tight rope... you probably lit your own ass on fire!! You made it a life worth living Leonard .. shit ain’t fun now!!!! But you know how to party no matter how bad things are... I loved counting Crows since day 1 ... mom always saw my desperate displays ... the syringes probably gave it away

  52. Jacob Schaffer


  53. Elle Greenwood

    I was named after this song

  54. Jameis Nelson

    may not hear it my music but this band is a huge influence

  55. checkfoldcallraise

    I love the artist that Adam is. After he says "if you wrap yourself in daffodils..." , he subtly adds a litte stress to his voice to say, "I'll wrap myself in pain." His songs always hit deep inside to your inner feelings.

  56. Jonathan Travers

    This just hurts, hurts and hurts him too. I’ll just light myself on fire and walk out onto a wire.😞 I fucked it up. I couldn’t stop.

    Jonathan Travers

    I couldn’t either

  57. wtmjr34

    My Elizabeth's name is Christy. I miss her so.

  58. Erik Helmersen

    First heard this album when I was working Graveyard 15 years ago, still sound the same, take me right back. Amazing song

  59. T M

    I was wasted in the afternoon
    Waiting on a train

  60. Elaine Rosefelder

    never heard this...thank you.

  61. ◄ℬɇx►

    I think any song that makes you genuinely grieve and mourn someone that you have never known, or could never know, is a complete masterpiece. Adam is so clever.

    -EDIT- I read a Q&A once, and someone asked Adam "who is/was Elizabeth?" and all he answered was "She was." (sic).


    ◄ℬɇx► he's grieving breaking up with his girlfriend due to a long distancee relationship . That's what this song is about ...but I can see how it can be used to grieve someone's death.


    I didn't mention it being about someone's death? I know what the song is about...

  62. Robin Lynn Lambeth

    loved it so much, named my daughter after this song..

  63. Liz Resha

    I was named after this song, and I'm very proud of it

    Elizabeth Davis

    You should make sure to use it in it's entirety. The world will try to steal it's grandeaur, don't let them.

    Duchess of Darkness

    Another Elizabeth Davis!

    Elizabeth Ann

    Its a great name ;)

    BK Zappa

    Did you name yourself? I'm not sure I'm following your pride.

  64. Elizabeth Whitton

    If you are the queen of California
    Then I am the king of the rain ☔️

    Dianne Hindman

    My favorite line of the song. I see what he did there.... : )

  65. Mauicio Gonzalez

    might just be my favorite counting crows song

  66. Duchess of Darkness

    I vividly recall my father playing this song for me on guitar when I was little, before he got too mentally ill to play.

    Years later on Father's Day 2017, he tells me he named me after this song.


    Duchess of Darkness
    great memory. Hang on to that one.

    Piano Primo

    Good name... Elisabeth....

    Christa Marshall


    BK Zappa

    Your name is "Goodnight"?

  67. Kendra Webb-Ruiz

    This is one of the albums that my mom listened to over and over again when I was growing up. One of those albums that I can listen to entirely from start to finish without skipping any tracks. It's incredible 💜

    Christopher Allen

    Same here, this and August and Everything After...

    BK Zappa

    Who gives a shit?

  68. Todd Farrow

    This album meant a lot to me. Bought it in Guam while on cruise when it came out.

  69. Antonia Golden

    my friend lover John who is dead and he loved this song so much.

  70. Rick Std

    amazing... browsing youtube and found this song that I forgot..... 10+ years later, listening to this song again... Good night Elisabeth! and Thank you!, Counting Crows.

  71. Carolyn Rudolph

    makes me think of mom.who passed away 6 moths ago.good nite mom

    Paula Hunt

    Carolyn Rudolph I'm sorry about your Mom. My Mom just passed in Aug. How do we get through the pain?

  72. Erin Fisher

    This song is very personal to me, I wish she'd never gone away. Goodnight to my Elizabeth, I hope she comes around again. <3

  73. jadie sharp


    Jonathan Travers

    jadie sharp so much love ❤️

  74. WarmothGuitarist

    This album takes me back. Hard to believe it's been twenty years. It all still feels like yesterday.

    Marinus Sommeling

    is it 20 years old. omg I feel old now. :(

    T M

    Cause a little piece of Maria is in every song that he sings. ;)

    BK Zappa

    @Paula Hunt Damn those employers!! Don't they realize that they control all of your spirit and happiness. I bet they had the audicity to pay you "market value" for your skills. What a croc! Thank God in heaven you were able to escape the clutches of their shackles.

    Paula Hunt

    BK Zappa Thanks for the support BK. Nope, I wasn’t paid market wages but more importantly I gave them all I had and it wasn’t appreciated. I had to work the last Thanksgiving a loved one was alive. I knew her days were numbered. I worked in a call centre for a corporate travel agency, I had ZERO calls that day, there were other agents on duty, I could’ve been spared. But that’s okay, I hope karma FUCKS them in the ass hard. Merry Christmas to you too.

    BK Zappa

    @Paula Hunt Thoughts and prayers

  75. Jeff Sanders

    Things I remember. There's things I forget. I miss u. I guess that I should. .....Perfect.

  76. RainKing

    This song sounds better live.

  77. Ron Davis

    could all b cowboys some of us are clowns

  78. Ron Davis

    I wish u were inside of me !!!!

  79. sighkickchick1

    I miss you Brian, thank you for this.

  80. David Suggs

    I woke up in pieces and Elizabeth had disappeared again....💑

  81. Billyj Matney

    love it....makes me think of my deceased wife.good nite Janelle,rip

    Paula Hunt

    So sorry for your loss. I wish you peace, I wish I could find it myself.

    Joshua DeLong

    Love this song ... Can't imagine losing my wife ... Sorry for your loss

    deon jansen


    Christa Marshall


    BK Zappa

    Don't forget about how sads I am..........

  82. Daina Imperiale

    One of the most beautiful, touching soul songs.

  83. Ashley Oberst

    Oh and he loves me. God does he love me..

    Ascended Serenity

    some love lasts a lifetime. even when that person is gone. that's the impact on lives that we as human beings can eternally make on another soul. (you have the last name of a notable poet):)

  84. Ashley Oberst

    I'm in love with a boy... He stole my heart.. So I sent him this

  85. Dave Wetton

    beautiful song, delivered with feeling.

  86. Bibi Ashmeena Sulaman

    ummm, unsure, lol @Rebecca Ganesh  wayyy unsure, haha

  87. Danielle Librea

    Miss ya DOWN in New Orleans

  88. Lily T

    goodnight  dudes

  89. emo4elmo

    arguably one of my favorite and the best albums by them

    Manguy mcDudebro

    great album, but august and everything after is an all time great album. to even compare these two is blasphemous.

  90. defbri13

    I thought I read somewhere or may have even heard Adam say that this song is about having a relationship while your out on tour and how difficult the long distance relationships are.

    Kendrajason Standederrick

    no it's about a chick he knows who was in the hospital while he was on tour

  91. Sonya Blade

    I love this song. I could listen to it all day.

  92. Pomypilot


  93. Ron Johnson

    If you wrap yourself in daffodils I will wrap myself in pain..

  94. writerconsidered

    I beat this CD to death three times.

    Kevin Conte

    +writerconsidered lol

  95. T Moody

    A great song....... this band is very underrated. 

    Alice Wolfe

    not at all underrated

    Paul Carey

    Not by me they ain't. I think they're the best band in the world (genuinely so). Their versatility and longevity are testament to that.

  96. robert roby

    It is a shame that when someone comments on their being born of the name of this song others can somehow deconstruct it. Elizabeth, your being named after this song is nothing more than beautiful. You are lucky to have it.

    Elizabeth Ann

    Right ;)

    Alyse Truth

    Except it's Elisabeth with an S. I'm happy because that's how mine is spelled

    BK Zappa

    Being named after a song is paramount to God personally smiling upon your soul. Don't you ever squander your unique place in the universe. It is reserved for only you.....stay peaceful.

  97. silverboy888

    my favorite song in album-excelent :)