Counterparts - Sturdy Wings Lyrics

Everything we are today stems from the marrow of our back bone
This is dedication at its finest,
And we owe everything that we have to you,
Our driving force,
Causing us to constantly better ourselves.
We are redefining the meaning of contentment.
And though the odds are against us,
We all know that we will prevail.
We will prevail.
Accepting all the negativity and turning it into fuel
For the flames that we keep burning on the inside.
Burning from the inside-out.
Consider this a thank you,
For helping us to mold our future selves.
And your words alone are not enough to destroy our commitment.
This is where i belong.
This where we belong.

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Counterparts Sturdy Wings Comments
  1. TheLightBearer


  2. える


  3. Daniel Johnstone

    First counterparts song I heard back in the day. Brings back memories

  4. Wildan S

    Melodic hardcore ❤

  5. Agam Mulia


  6. Brandon M

    “This is where We belong; This is where I belong.”

  7. Dnera


  8. JudgementStorm1

    5 people are Bieber fans

  9. Faisal Barry


  10. MaxMorerProductions

    Oh Canada

  11. Blueskythinking

    This is their only good album everything after is generic post hardcore.. I hear a lot of misery signals in this album I'm guessing they were a big influence

    Cody Hall

    +Brendon stacey Counterparts and misery signals are post-hardcore? LOL not even close bro


    +Cody Hall ah yes.. That's what they are

    wakingthefalln 7x

    +Brendon stacey i see where you both come from. hardcore to me is sworn enemy, black my heart, ramahllah, terror, madball etc... mis sign and counterparts is in their own league, like ambiance hardcore or something hahah i really dont know how to classify

    Cody Hall

    +Brendon stacey Nah, they're melodic hardcore bro post-hardcore is stuff like Dance Gavin Dance, Silverstein, Chiodos, Alexisonfire. Not even close to Counterparts imo.

    wakingthefalln 7x

    +Cody Hall good call man!!!! i never really jammed counterparts much until recently and in my top bands, which my top three vhanges day to day lol

  12. chiodos57

    so. fucking. awesome

  13. Dubois Kenty

    This where we belong !

  14. WithoutSightsband

    Melodic hardcore at it's finest.

  15. extazyglamour


  16. Stu Winton

    fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  17. 890gg90

    their second cd is much better in every way. prophets is still great though

  18. alicia guhle

    loved these guys live, life changing. shout outs to halve hearts and rescuer

  19. SyndicateofSonic

    It's more Brendan then the rest of them. Hence why their sets are comprised of mostly Prophets songs. Brendan only really likes Only Anchors

  20. xXPnoYx

    It's funny cause this album is great. and they don't even like it themselves.

  21. Kendall Thompson

    You really don't like The Currents Will Carry Us?

  22. WithoutTheSights OfOrchard

    I like this band as much as I like vagina.

  23. Shawn Weaver

    THIS IS WHERE I BELONG....right here listening to this song.

  24. Müsta Klaki

    Was that sarcasm?

  25. karateclit

    This is my personal hardcore anthem. This is where WE belong! Ending is the best thing that ever happened to mankind. ♥

  26. angered

    So Much heart and passion

  27. bcktlk

    From 2:30 on literally gives me goosebumps EVERY time I hear it.

  28. Espo Angler

    Saw Them In Sudbury , Amazing !

  29. hellomynameissarcast


  30. Justin Makary


    A B

    I want them to come back badly!

  31. Everth Garcia

    Esta banda es la mejor loco :D

  32. backburner123

    because we are awesome thats why!!!

  33. Nothing No-one

    This band is the bees knees.

  34. Noah Brierley

    maybe the first album wasn't melodic hardcore but the current will carry us can definitely be called melodic hardcore and why does it matter so much to you?

  35. M Rowley

    Whenever I hear the name of this song I think of the movie Role Models...

  36. Kendall Thompson

    why does being from canada make them cooler?

  37. Kendall Thompson

    This band is preventing me from finishing my final. I regret nothing.

    Bobby Shepherd

    did you pass?

  38. darth tolis

    i think all of us! they're just perfect :D

  39. parkwaydrive KWS

    these guys are sick and whats sicker is there from canada

  40. -Viperplayer187 -

    omg 2 very talented guitarists in this band!


    Wah wah wah


    Cry about it

  43. Rick Marcinowski

    <3 <3 <3 Counterparts <3 <3 <3 check my cover video of this song. :)

  44. Gonzalo Alvarez Falco

    everyone can like as many kinds of music as they want xD I mean I dislike dubstep but I can stand listening to the better artist!

  45. Gonzalo Alvarez Falco


  46. Joshh Rowsell

    Well aren't you stereotypical. Assume i'm a "Scene" kid? From what? My username? Good one. I don't label myself or anyone else, why the fuck should you? Stop starting arguments.


    I'm pretty sure i didn't board the "Scene kid" boat...

  48. Joshh Rowsell

    I Lol'd at your comment. were all on the same boat here, listen to this amazing music and shut the fuck up.



    Lol'd @ ur name.
    We don't serve your kind in this comment section

  50. alexander taylor

    if anybody has seen this band live, they know how badass the ending of this song really is

  51. Joshh Rowsell

    @Gurkmassa Because whoever is calling you a fool has horrible musical taste.

  52. cbhxcchris


  53. SilversteinRescue

    @Adam27X yeah dude im seeing them in a few weeks gonna be sick. I remember checking out this band when I saw this album on Verona Records site a week after it came out, loved it.

  54. Adam27X

    @SilversteinRescue Thanks a lot man!

    P.S. Huge fan of Silverstein. Saw them last Thursday with August Burns Red. Glad to know I'm not the only one who can appreciate both Counterparts and Silverstein.

  55. SilversteinRescue

    @Adam27X not many, Isolation has a little at the end, MMVII has a siiick clean part at the end, Prophets has a little bit. This song and MMVII have the most, which isnt much.

  56. Adam27X

    @SilversteinRescue Which of their other songs have cleans?

  57. SilversteinRescue

    @clanofhyrule ikr, the few times they do use cleans it fits so damn well

  58. SturdyWings

    fuckin sturdy

  59. chris casillas


  60. Matt Philipovich

    i love the clean vocals in the end, i love singing them!!!

  61. Shane Varady

    @Viperplayer187 I understand xp

  62. -Viperplayer187 -

    @1993Shane Don't wanna hear it, I wanna feel it.

  63. Shane Varady

    @Viperplayer187 I can hear it fine... probly cuz i got good sound on my laptop...

  64. -Viperplayer187 -

    drums should be a bit higher in the mix. specifically: the snare

  65. CaughtInTheActTV

    I cant wait to see them live =)

  66. Elliott McKibbon


  67. Justin Fehr

    reminds me alot of misery signals, i dont exactly know why but just....kinda

  68. TcupCmug

    this is amazing. fuck yes canada

  69. dan fontaine

    I just covered this song on guitar! I fucking love this song :$ CANADIAN HARDCORE FTW

  70. aaronlewis11

    hardcore punk all the way

  71. XxtwistedcheetosxX

    1:39 ohhhh shitttt here it comes!!!!!

  72. Kristian Esposo

    Will never get sick of this beautiful sound

  73. GOKi Gaming

    i need to clarify things I LOVE THIS BAND i saw emm 4 times and im very much in melodic hardcore these guys see themselves as a melodic hardcore band i cool with all the members and everything relax its just a genre

  74. GOKi Gaming

    @spencerpaulfrench what?

  75. Duckman118

    im not really into the vocals, but the instruments are a thing of beauty!

  76. Eric Meyer

    @FifeXeno Why does it have to be classified as anything other than music we all just genuinely enjoy?
    Different genres are a matter of opinion for the most part anyways.

  77. adrianondiano

    k, not in to hardcore music at all, or should i say metalcore before anyone fucks me up, i just listen to this because this is my buddy's band (and it's an awesome song) but can't we all just get along and listen to the song?

  78. Michael Kushma

    1:42 just blew my mind

  79. Jevins Jackson

    im so fucking glad i found this band.

  80. -Viperplayer187 -

    @ZombieReptar Why's everyone so uptight about the "Genre discussion". I love music, all music, and genre has no effect on whether or not I like it. That being said, some of us who have a passion for music like to learn about it. I wanna know what I'm hearing, what makes it what it is, where it came from, it's part of my appreciation of it. That's what it comes down to, an extension of music appreciation.

  81. GOKi Gaming

    @ZombieReptar it is good music not all is the same

  82. Frequently Sporadic

    @coltlikesmuffins well lots of stuff I guess O.O does it matter it really matter what I listen to one way or the other :P

  83. CarlitoCloutRiguez

    @FifeXeno Ehh ik what you mean by saying its melodic hardcore, but its mostly metal core, with some very 2 step like meoldic hardcore riffs. Dont forget if your taking traditional hardcore, this is nothing like hardcore

  84. thorrider60


    Where you getting your info from? Wiki? You really shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.

    Like I said "melodic hardcore" is an overspecification of a genre wich already exsists (ie metalcore) IMO.

    In the song I hear two genres metal and hardcore (ie metalcore). I dont need to go look it up to know what im hearing.

  85. michele biason


  86. thorrider60

    s it just me or do these guys resemble Misery Signals?

    Oh and its definitely metalcore. Kids these day are trying too hard to over specify music. Have no idea of its roots. To me "melodic hardcore" is an oxymoron.

    This is good stuff though for sure. Definitely gonna check out their new album.

  87. VomitingWinterx

    @FifeXeno Although I think labels are pretty stupid as far as genres go, wasn't the original definition of metalcore melodic metal and or hardcore before everything started to become overly specific, secular and compartmentalized...?

  88. Lich Rong

    seeing these guys today/tommorow idk its late and i dont feel like looking at a clock all iknow is that someone getting fucked up

  89. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    @BeforeThePlagues hell yeah dude

  90. Beforetheplagues

    @PinealGlandInfinity Holy shit I didn't realize you where on my friends list

  91. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    @BeforeThePlagues haha

  92. Beforetheplagues

    @PinealGlandInfinity I was going to be a troll about your religious views, but I love this fucking song to much and can give a fuck less, just letting you know.

  93. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    thank you god bless

  94. onionbuskut

    1080p up in this bitch.

  95. XxtwistedcheetosxX