Counterparts - Dark Ages Lyrics

The sense of insignificance
It winds itself around your chest.
Surrender and submission have now become what it takes to be alive.
Just keep in mind this happens to the best of us at times,
And it's not going to get any easier.
You walk this road of desolation,
Only to end up on your knees,
But just know that you are not alone.
The only things holding you back are the lies that you refuse to challenge.
You're drowning in a sea of self destruction,
And your lungs are starting to cave in.
And when you feel that your words can only be heard in echoes,
They are more deafening than ever before.
Every day we face helps build the strength that makes us who we are.
I've lived through this,
And so can you.
Suffering in silence has become something thrown to our past.
And though the friendships that we've built are constantly falling apart,
The remaining few retain the most heart.
And I'll give you my heart.

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