Counterfeit - Washed Out Lyrics

God damn I think I'm stuck again
Last call it's time to sink or swim
Blacked out I end up on my back
And I know that I should stop
Come on and cut me some slack

When will this end? But I try again
And say I'm good yet it still feels like I'm failing
I know this isn't fun but I'm stuck in a rut
Of endless nights with friends who seem to forgive me

Knocked out by a bottle of spirit
I'll be fine just give me a minute

And I, I'm to old to live I'm too young to die

Another day and I still feel like shit
I need a pill, something to help me quick
Coz all the things I did the night before
Have left me wanting nothing yet somehow I do more

I walk the razors edge between my life and death
And every times the last I claim that I'm trying
Don't let em see you sweat
Now let em feel the heat
I'm an animal and I can't be caged

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Counterfeit Washed Out Comments
  1. Léane Buzaré

    eh euh... venez en France svp :)

  2. Harry Potter Fantastik Canavarlar


  3. Cecilia Gomez

    Come to Paraguay, I love You Jamie ❤️❤️❤️

  4. marcinn

    tabs, tuning, anything? :(

  5. M G

    it's not what i imagined Jamie to sound like but it sounds better like this

  6. Mateo Valdivia


  7. Mateo Valdivia


  8. laura drennan

    Me and my boy are seeing you in Chicago. He loves your song 'Waiting' Hope you play it for him.

  9. cheese cake gurl

    Come back to Poland! I'll wait❤❤❤

  10. melanie harper

    JAMIE you are the acoustic version of this song !!!

  11. Sterling Bradley

    Just cannot wait to see you live. So utterly exhilarating to hear you were coming to the US soon.

  12. Boomie4

    Brilliant song live! Really got the pit going!

  13. Essy Love


  14. Serena Kabello


  15. Piper Ryan

    Love counterfeit😍😘😜

  16. Gypsy

    God damn I think I'm stuck again... listening to this album on repeat.

  17. LUMOS

    Come to beşiktaş

  18. Alicia Hynes

    Please come to Canada🙏🏻❤️

  19. Nous Même

    i love so much this music

  20. Piper Ryan

    Holy god..... this is life!!!!!!!!!

  21. Aka La

    I just love you even more... Come to Phils.

  22. Dome Horses

    <3 maybe Poland soon? <3

  23. Mireia Torrecillas

    amazing one

  24. tara evee

    Under appreciated. Come to New York City please

  25. Elle Malanafey


  26. Nikola Puškášová


  27. Agnej73

    this shit needs more likes

  28. Hozier


  29. Visleidy Vilchez

    Amo cada canción de este disco <3
    Desde Venezuela con mucho amor :v

  30. yu yu

    love this!!!!come to japan!

  31. LoveBooks

    come to Ukraine

  32. herondalex 1991

    I love this song❤

  33. Tianna's Art

    finally! 😍😍😍 love this one!

  34. Stefanie Emery

    with you guys Electric Castle will be UNFORGETTABLE ♥

  35. Claire Good

    Just so you all know, this is perfect for cardio. I can't even run to another song, you guys ruined it all for me. On the bright side, I'm getting fit to jump up and down like a madman in the pit. CAN'T FUCKIN WAIT.

  36. Marie Hopper

    come to germany🙏🏼❤


    They will this year:
    24.03: Hamburg
    30.03: Berlin
    01.04: Hannover
    03.04: Wien
    10.04: Pratteln
    11.04: Wiesbaden
    13.04: Köln



    Schröder McSchröder

    Wien and Pratteln are not in Germany, by the way 😉


    Well I guess it's too late anyways, but thanks for the heads up :-) Being native german obviously does not keep me from bein foolish sometimes ^_^

  37. Дана Шевчук

    yes-yes-eys! I finally waited! guys, you are amazing! hello from Ukraine ))****

    Юля Петушенко

    як приємно зустріти тут ще когось з України :))

  38. Pavlina Karapapa

    please come to Greece boys.....😃💜💜💜💜

    devil's tongue

    Pavlina Karapapa nice idea

    Charitini Karakatsani

    Pavlina Karapapa yesss

    Freedom _THG


  39. nahomi009

    im getting goosebumps !!!!!!! this is too good ... really .. just too good... i cant even!

  40. Camila

    oh fuck, just come to Argentina

  41. klamannowa


    Emilia Gotfryd

    Myślałam, że jedyna z Polski uwielbiam ten zespół :D <3

  42. Nicoline Blankespoor

    yaaas love this!

  43. agustina lombardo

    i love you guys!! please come to Argentina Bs.As

  44. ebeling

    love you guys, come to Argentina 💞


    ik is impossible but still

    Md Alom

    Evelyn VG shark. Xxx.LIVE

  45. Lara Totzenberger

    You're so Perfect!!!
    Can't wait to see you in Vienna ❤❤❤

  46. Alli Evergarden

    this sounds so good, can't wait to see you in Newcastle

  47. Orsi Fuzesi


  48. gifted with thøught

    I fucking love this

  49. Ketsueki Bokusō-chi

    Love you, guys😍

  50. Theosaurus _

    INCREDIBLE! you guys are the best band ever and I loved meeting you on Saturday

  51. ringer mikaelsøn

    we've been blessed

  52. Hadita de los libros

    me encanta

  53. Maja Stroińska


  54. Tammy Santoos'

    Jace, sua voz me deixa excitada. hahahaha.. sério!


    Tammy Santoos' kkkkkk tipo isso

  55. Tammy Santoos'


  56. Pietro Wikström

    my fav 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  57. Diana Teo

    It sounds amazing❤❤❤

  58. Sangela Santos


  59. Flor Garramone