Counterfeit - Lost Everything Lyrics

Just shut up
I'm talking to you so shut your mouth darling
I'm trying to get a little respect
And make some sense of all the things you said you'd do
But never come
Explain now, begin
Please now, begin
I'm clawing at walls of my prison cell
I'm done being under your spell

This is where love lies alone
This is where hope dies and I hope you know
The promise you broke to come home again
Has shattered my dreams you've lost everything

Save your breath
Coz I don't want to hear the words you say
I'm through with feeling like a pawn
Coz I'm a man and that I've learnt
And now I know that I cannot be played
In your game
Go play your games
I'm done being treated like second best
I'm sorry this is the end

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Counterfeit Lost Everything Comments
  1. Elonvy Benninghausen

    I Love this Song 😘😍

  2. out_and_outer _

    This is so powerful 🖤

  3. Isa Draven

    My absolute first thought when reading the lyrics was "Albus to Gellert" with "damn, this is good" as a close second.

    Mirna Mehmedović

    Isa Draven my first thoughts tooo
    I ship grindeldore sooooo hard

    But that " I shattered my dreams you lost everything" part is more Gellert to Albus, cuz Albus lost his bf, sister, and never talked with his brother

    Isa Draven

    Mirna Mehmedović You’re totally right!

    Mirna Mehmedović

    Isa Draven glad we agree, and nice to see another potterhead in this bunch of shadowhunters XD

  4. marcinn

    tabs, tuning, anything? :(

  5. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Someone needs to make a tab for this

  6. Niki Geiszt

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!! I'M CRYING ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4

  7. Kelsey Henson

    Hello, I am a huge fan of counterfeit and I am currently doing a media course and it requires me to create a music video - I thought that it would be a great idea to create a music video for my favourite band, however withing this project I have to do primary research and part of that is a survey. If you have the time would you be able to take the survey and help me out. Thank you :)

    Miranda Bee

    Responded to the survey! (Yes I'm trying to rig the algorithm with an unnecessary reply so there's a greater chance of your comment being seen.)

    Miranda Bee

    Oh, and good luck on the assignment!

  8. Charitini Karakatsani

    I freaking love thisss

  9. naw kevv

    On repeat

  10. naw kevv

    Beautiful song ❤❤❤

  11. Julia Jur

    Woah Im so into this song 🌹

  12. Mateo Valdivia

    Esta cancion necesita videoclip

  13. Karolína Kubová

    I´ve got a question ... are they satanists ?

    Cassie Sinclair

    Karolína Kubová all music w a slightly heavier sound is satanic didn’t u know? Gosh

    C Tambling

    Fucking hell I thought we were done with this in the 90s to you people anything with even the slightest bit of distortion played at anything above 2 is Satan music. Did you even look at the lyrics

    Miranda Bee

    I don't know the religious affiliation of anyone in Counterfeit is, and idk if any of them have ever mentioned it.

  14. Nela Neca

    I thought i didn't like punk. But i guess i was wrong..♥♥♥
    Love it!!!!

  15. Olivia Trail

    Shit omg I love this?

  16. Guadalupe Hernandez

    Is this song for Lily C or for someone else?

    Joey Chow

    @lis noro I really want to see this video! !Have u found it ?


    @lis noro they're together again?

    lis noro

    Kimberly Tabora no, They got back together a few months after the song was released... but now they are dating other people.

    lis noro

    Joey Chow no... sorry.


    @lis noro WOW when was that?

  17. Kay Christie

    This is by far my favorite song

  18. Alvi avi


  19. NO OR

    this song is my favourite one.. 😀😄

  20. Aka La

    "I'm talking to you so shut your mouth...."

  21. Annn Niemm

    Omg I love can't rely, BUT THAT WAS UNTIL I HEARD THIS OMG. this is fucking FUCKING good.

  22. Panna Hartyányi

    I've waited for this soo much, but the concert version is way better I think. Still one of their best songs!

  23. Patrycja Kudela

    I fell in love in concert version, but this one is great too😍

  24. Валерия Милютина

    Привет,вы очень классные .
    гостролируйте по России вас ждут#❤❤❤

  25. cinthia bustos

    favorite track of the album. on repeat since it came out. hope they'll tour in south América soon

  26. nunu ramdiana

    Best!! love it! :)))))

  27. Karla

    Dude, i'm so happy, i've been waiting so long for this, i love them so much, fav band ever.
    by the way, i'm mexican so am really sorry if my english isn't good

  28. Alicja M

    My Favorite song of album 💖

  29. Nikola Pokorna

    I don't know what I might say... just so perfect!

  30. bluecrystal22

    I listen to this on repeat bc I feel you, I feel the lyrics.

  31. Emmi S.

    Fav song on the album ❤

  32. Juliana Reis

    Damn! This is really good! 😍😍

  33. Jazz D

    I love this song. I have been waiting for it.😍😍😍😍

  34. ali t

    they should make a music video for this in an open wide place


    jack white YEEEEES!!!!

    Lisa Groenewold

    This is beautyfulll

  35. Zuzana Hulkova

    This song's beautiful.My favorite on the album

  36. Charlie Sun

    omg love you and your music. 😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Chiara Ronconi

    Love it!

  38. Marie Hopper

    come to germany pls

    Donata Lorenzo

    theyre going to germany next week :D


    Marie Hopper I was in Hamburg

  39. Ilana Hannssens

    This is my fave😍❤

  40. Katka Konecna

    My favourite song. I can listen it for eternity.

    -Marina -

    Katka Konecna Me too😍

  41. nahomi009

    OMG !!!!! this is the song i have been waiting the most ... ldjhaofhga i cant even!! i cant with my feels .. it sound sooo different from the live version though.. i definetly enjoy both !!! i love this song.

  42. Camila

    I absolutely love this

  43. Angel Osorio

    Te amo Ruth.

  44. starstruckgurlus

    My favorite!

  45. Nika G.

    One of the best tracks of the album

    -Marina -

    Nika idgafyolo Find ich auch😍😍

    Kaisen Bracker

    The best in my opinion

    Tyuks 302

    Thats a fact

  46. yellow

    oh my fuckin' god.. I love this song.. really now I can lost everything lmao

  47. Lorka x

    I love this song so much <3 <3

  48. agustina lombardo


  49. Milena T

    Your voices go together so well. The chorus is beautiful, I love this song so much!!!

  50. Аня Манухина

    Can listen to this again and again, all fucking day. Love this fantastic song.

  51. Raven

    this song is my life, literally. it describes me

  52. Danny Dani


  53. Stephy Poulin-Boucher

    Your songs are so good! 😍👌👌👑

  54. DarknYourSoul

    So amazing! They nailed it with the melody AND lyrics! Love you guys!!!!!

  55. laura moldenhauer


  56. Carmen Wessels


  57. Anna Bartels

    This song is just like really really really beautiful, i can't handle it

  58. Becseclip


  59. Anna Bartels

    Omg i fucking love this song so much already

  60. Linda Martínez

    i love it !! come to México! 🇲🇽♥

  61. Tammy Santoos'

    Minha playlist 💘

  62. gifted with thøught

    I'd been waiting so long for this

  63. Sangela Santos

    AMEI. 😍😍😍😍

  64. Francesca Marchi

    OH YES😍

  65. Magdalena Pirk

    wow 😱❤🙌🙌👏👏 COUNTERFEIT!!!!😱

  66. Amira Ferjani

    first bitches