Counterfeit - Letter To The Lost Lyrics

It's been a little while now
Since I last saw your face
And I'm hoping that in death
That you have found a better place
I still think about your childhood
And the future you did waste
I guess you felt you don't belong here
And that haunts me everyday

And I know that I get lonely
When I think about your smile
And there's moments when I know
I could have helped or should have tried
And I'm sorry I get angry
When I know what you have lost
You're not alone

I just wish you could have told us
You had gotta go
There's so many things un-answered
So many things I wish I'd known
And I know where you belong
And it's not here upon this earth
I just wish you could have told me
And not given me this curse

And I know that I get lonely
When I think about your smile
And there's moments when I know
I could have helped or should have tried
And I'm sorry I get angry
When I know what you have lost
But now you're home

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Counterfeit Letter To The Lost Comments
  1. torrie smith

    0:54 ❤️

  2. Emilie Prescott

    I lost my uncle and grandfather to suicide. I never thought I'd be dealing with it twice in my life... then I lost a guy that was like a brother to me and my husband to suicide. I would never wish that pain on anyone. It haunts you every day thinking could I have done more? Why does all the men I look up to... That i love have to leave me? This song explains everything. I'm so fucking angry. I miss them so much. I love you Chris, grandpa and Matt. I'll see y'all again one day. I'm glad you're in a better place but I'm still here... And this earth is so much darker without y'all. Fuck man... got me in my feels with this one. It's a beautiful song you guys! I never thought anyone would put into words what I feel. Thank you.

  3. joannerx91

    I’ve got goosebumps 👀🖤

  4. Marina Claire

    im pretty sure im in luv with u

  5. C I

    Good music is back! This is also another master piece

  6. agnieszka rozbicka

    Are those dislikes the result of missing the like button? Cause who could have dislike such a masterpiece?

  7. Lolly Singleton

    The actual song starts at 0:53

  8. zasadd :v

    like 2019

  9. zasadd :v

    amo esta cancion saludos de arg.

  10. April Nowak-Tolen

    Love him, his music, and his acting. Heartfelt song. Made me tear up.

  11. dance x

    emotional song cheers sons crying x

  12. Weronika Paszkowiak

    2019? 😅

  13. maydojy

    Amazing in all the pain and darkness

  14. Jade Brown

    I wonder what this song would sound like if a girl covered it

  15. Jade Brown

    Anyone else depressed now?

  16. Barbara Kertész

    2019 <3

  17. My Name is Rain

    Once my music teacher told me "when we can't stand up, when life won us by all means and whenever you try to speak only tears come to you... Then is when the best creative side of yours come out. We find art in misery, we find gold in pain. " I think if she ever listens to this, she'll say "told you"

  18. kameela Blackmon

    I’m sorry

  19. 陳俞璇

    i like the voice!!!

  20. Patrycja Wojtasiewicz

    I love you Jamie <3

  21. Wątroba Drobiowa

    siema uctok

  22. Rachel Augsten

    Tears in my eyes - every time
    Love this song <3

  23. Marta Markowska

    ❤️❤️You are the best❤️❤️

  24. Palu S

    This sings gives me goosebumps and makes me cry every time I listen to it. This song is a whole 5-sense experience

  25. Merkurlu Kiz


  26. bittersweetgirlelle

    I'm getting a nirvana and NIN vibe here...

  27. Grace

    this stopped me from killing myself.

  28. Snow Wharton

    Amazing...I love it!!

  29. Lori Bravo

    Love the Portishead-like candor of the chord changes! ^..^

  30. Lori Bravo

    YES! ^..^

  31. Maggie Thompson

    This song makes me think of my best friend James he killed himself last year he was 14

  32. Pink Death From the Sky

    Please, play again on Woodstock, I"m waiting

  33. Ana Julia LdeZ

    Still one of my favs Songs

  34. Nix Mitchell

    I love this song❤️❤️❤️

  35. jad Tupas

    if you may listen the lyrics... it's beautiful

  36. Lola Bee

    Totally feeling this :)

  37. Rollothegucci

    I wiem, że czuję się samotny,
    gdy pomyślę o twoim uśmiechu,
    i że są momenty, w których wiem,
    że mogłem pomóc lub powinienem był spróbować.
    I przepraszam, że się złoszczę, kiedy wiem,
    co straciłeś.

  38. Nathan

    This is so good, these guys are the next generation of punk rock

  39. Asozialer Aaron

    Little Kurt Cobain

  40. A.K

    This song was sung by Jamie? Wow, he's amazing.

  41. Mz Morgenstern

    Well f**K I was listening to counterfeit like I normally do and this came on, I just lost my childhood best friend to suicide 4 days ago and I just lost it I broke down crying. This song has never hit me this hard before but I want to thank this song as well because this is exactly how I feel! Thank you counterfeit, thank you Jamie and all the other boys just thank you.


    So sorry for your loss, it's such a hard way to lose someone. I agree with you, this song is so real, so raw and so intense. It really hits all the emotions one feels in this situation - I think often people don't realize how much anger is inside of the grief that comes along with a loss to suicide.

    abbie loves marina

    So sorry 💖

  42. Asia Czuma


  43. Leonie Mühle

    Love you💘

  44. Vas

    I just love this soong

  45. Boushra A.

    so meaningful im in tears

  46. Markéta Fuchsová

    He sounds like an angel................oh.....wait

  47. Markéta Fuchsová

    I am only one who is dreaming about Jamie and Lily Colins?

  48. Rozi Gruszczyńska

    He had gum in his mouth when he was singing? Really good song!

  49. Erika -

    I fucking cried while listening to this. Is just...Amazing. I love Jamie and Counterfeit so much. I just hope to see them someday.

  50. Baśka XD

    2 years ❤💞🎵🎤🎶

  51. Tiara Anahí Libramento

    enamorada de está canción igual que la primera vez que la escuche, te amo Jamie 💕

  52. James Herondale

    something with a bit more feeling and meaning bands like this will hopefully stay true and not sell out recently found eternally cherished

  53. Diren Devrim Öztürk

    And I'm sorry I get angry
    When I know what you have lost
    But this fear I built inside
    Came at a cost
    Coz now you're home
    And now you're home

  54. Smerf Laluś

    Woodstock 😊

  55. Selene Kallan

    What a beautiful voice, so deep and raspy. And the lyrics, they're meaningful, not so common on this days.

  56. Yuki Sora

    i Love this song 😍

  57. VII

    This song makes me cry every time. Every. Single. Time.

  58. TheDarkRabbit77

    This song is so sad. I know it's been a while but, I'm sorry for your loss, Jamie.

  59. Lily

    Gosh his voice is so perfect and sexy😍

  60. Polny Kwiatek

    every sound of this song touches my heart damn deeply every time

  61. Borostyan4

    This is my favourite song now.

  62. veranya2074

    depression song,I can relate

  63. extreme ride

    my music

  64. Piper Ryan

    He sings with such passion X

  65. Astrid Kutos

    Actually listening to the lyrics makes me cry so hard...

  66. Anna-Rose Newell

    This song was honestly incredible live. The story and the passion was incredible.

  67. emily elizabeth

    can we take a moment to appriciate everything Jamie does for Counterfeit and the fans

  68. Nicole Belke

    this song gets me everytime

  69. LiliQe

    omg this awesome song was realesed in 2015 sooo long and i feel like IT was yesterday

  70. Evy Albigo

    eu vou casar com esse cara!

  71. Mel Barna

    Just beautiful...♪♥

  72. Anica Barisic

    still the perfect Jace....

  73. Visleidy Vilchez

    Me encanta su música ><
    I love you Jamie <3 Desde Venezuela

  74. Ryan Underhill

    love this

  75. Ukleta Sjenka5223

    This is life ❤️

  76. Abbigail Sutherland


  77. Marie Machiels

    Wonderful ... A little bit of Jeff Buckley, of Nirvana...

  78. wengchipp

    I love love love love love this! Love him!

  79. Соли Океанские

    so i live in russia ,but i know this song in my life..i like this

  80. Leila Moreno

    He sounds like Kurt Cobain!

  81. Mundo de Isabel

    ave maria canta ruim de mais!

  82. Adolescenza Rovinata

    Jamie sing like Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana...

    Sebastian Nojmiler

    I think every one know that Kurt is form nirvana... XD

    D I M I T R I Y A

    Sebastian Nojmiler i think everyone knows that Nirvana is a band😂😂😂

    Adolescenza Rovinata

    Sebastian Nojmiler oh my god was about to say maybe someone did not know

  83. Corny Schmucker

    you have to come to munich please😍😍 you are the hotest boy in "chroniken der Unterwelt"

  84. Waiting 4Karma

    Come to the states! I would go anywhere state side too see y'all! Welcome back good music 🎶

  85. Suzana Malic

    this song sounds so good

  86. kaltiny1997

    oops, wrong counterfeit video lmao

  87. Zayda Kim

    I love you, Jamie❤

  88. Zayda Kim

    come to America

  89. Apple Green

    Czy to Instytut!?

  90. Apple Green

    Nieźle Herondale

    Cyan Hotel

    Dusky Pink dla mnie wykroczył on poza role w DA.

  91. ilaria marino

    What a beautiful song!

  92. KJ Santiago

    1:44 I'm alive

  93. Mel' B

    I'm so in love of this song! She is more that fucking good!

  94. Katherine Medina

    Jesus I love his style of music. I'm trying to find more from his band and seriously love this.


    1225kmed they're releasing their first albumn this march

    Katherine Medina

    thanks :)

  95. javeria zubair

    Jamie you are Amazing love you <3

  96. Eszter Anna Budai

    this is just so sad