Counterfeit - For The Thrill Of It Lyrics

Another night we're out on the prowl
And I'm getting ready but she's already out
Flash bulbs burst in her face
She don't live for this shit but it helps get her paid
I know I've played the fool
You say you can't compare
He's not as good as me
So I don't fucking care
So start over again coz she's made her choice
And it ain't you my friend

Fuck she looks good in the morning son
She don't belong to anyone

She gets dressed and crosses herself again
For the thrill of it, yeah for the thrill of it
I'll make moves to cut back and come out swinging
And she's done with sex if it isn't with him
For the thrill of it yeah for the thrill of it
So give me 20 to life

And everyday I pay for regret with these marks on my arm
I wish weren't permanent
Forgive my shallow soul
She looks with wide eyes as my story is told
I'm scared of letting go
I'm scared of giving in
Coz she's so fucking pure
Yeah she's my everything
Her past is laid to rest I know mine is as well nothing left to confess

Fuck she looks good in the morning son
She don't belong to anyone

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Counterfeit For The Thrill Of It Comments
  1. Amy Graves

    This and you cant rely are my favourite songs by them.

  2. Madeline Remley

    I can’t believe I’m just now starting to get into this🌹💜 so amazing!!

  3. Hedda Andersen


  4. Marianne Carlson

    Loving this SO much!

  5. Anamarys Rdriguez Armijos

    the bets song forever

  6. Baśka XD

    O Fuck !
    Its Fantastic!
    I ❤ Counterfeit 💕

  7. Sideline Scores

    My new shit \m/

  8. Sandra Montgomery

    So good!!!!

  9. Lucozade

    **listens to this**
    **proceeds to force everysingle person i know to listen to it**

  10. Flo Ryan


  11. Nusia Orekhova

    omg i love this album so much!! it's fantastic! i hope that there will be the concert next year somewhere near my city. goood, I love you, guys!!!!!!

  12. Shreya Puthran

    Shit I still cannot get over the fact that he played Jace once upon a time :p

  13. Nicole B

    This is my fav song i fucking love it

  14. Eliott Seitz

    Why your first album is not in CD ?

  15. Tammy Santoos'

    Playlist 💘

  16. Sa Mom

    This will also be mine

  17. Cande More

    como cuando te aburres de ser un cazador de sombras y te vuelves músico 😍😍😂

  18. Sendilla Humaira

    His voice is actually good! Nice kick, Jamie!

  19. Pavlina Karapapa

    waiting for the album!!!!
    guys pleeeease come to Greece
    love you ❤❤❤

  20. Book Addict

    Leave it to Jamie to make your day. X

  21. Dalma Dankovits

    when come you guys to Hungary?😳😢

  22. Edna Hernández Guerrero


  23. Thayná Gonsalves

    come to Brazil 💛💚 #CounterfeitinBrazil #ComeToBrazil

  24. mallory

    album comes out on my birthday, best present ever

  25. Leila Moreno

    The world needs songs like this

  26. dreamersoldierechelon

    wow amazing sound!!

  27. Abbigail Sutherland

    2 weeekkkksssss😀😀😀😀

  28. Mila Jopke

    I can't wait for the album to come out! Locking forward to see you in Hamburg. xx

  29. pablo binch calvo

    holy shit im in love cant wait to see you at leeds this year!

  30. Amber Womack

    Please please pleaseeeee come to the states!!!

  31. Milena Mesquita


  32. Verena Marie

    So amazing xx 💯👌

  33. Daniela Ardia


  34. Little Black Star

    You are awesome, I'm looking forward the album!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Kraljica Tame

    This is stunningly amazing❤️


    Excelente y para cuando gira por México 🇲🇽???

  37. jednorozec 48

    i love it!!!

  38. adelina pirjol

    I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!
    I love you, guys!
    This in amazing! <3

  39. ali t

    I feel you Johanna

  40. Pauline Black

    That's amazing! Love that so much.

  41. A. Babe

    this is dope

  42. Anastazja x

    Can't wait to see/hear it live! 👅

  43. Maki Swirls

    👌 can't wait to see you in April again

  44. Aishwarya Pathania

    can't wait for the album to come out

  45. Lupita Flores

    Perfect 😍❤👌

  46. Hana Soukeníková

    its awesome!!! :))

  47. Sofia Gutierrez


  48. Rock$taR

    Love u guys! Come to Chile please!!!

  49. Wiktoria Jeleń

    I love this song so much ! <3

  50. Татьяна Алексеева

    когда вы в Россию приедите уже, а?

  51. Stefanie Emery

    slayyy ♡ #gold

  52. Anat R. T.


  53. Aimee Perez Perez


  54. Camila

    this is so so good guys!! can't wait for the album!!

  55. Theresa Chase

    I really love this one as well! I absolutely love this!

  56. nahomi009

    I love this!!! .. you guys have such an amazing sound ... i cant wait for the full album to come out... you really should think about making concerts in south america you have soo many fans here !!!! me .. for example hehehehe

  57. Indy Rose

    holy fucking shit
    I can't not fucking believe that Jamie Campbell Bower has a band. I been bless my the holy Jesus Christ himself.

  58. Alissa

    Please tour Australia!

  59. 박소영


  60. Kriety

    Chicos, ¡son magníficos! 👏🏻🤘🏻❤️

  61. sun & moon


  62. Cyndi Torres

    Que preciosoooooo♡

  63. Athina Krenz

    Can't wait for the concert in berlin. i love u

  64. Rebeca Puebla

    Pre-ordered it this morning! Love the music of this band ! Looking forward to the album. Wish them all the best!

  65. Mar Sevilla


  66. Grace Horth

    I'm so glad you guys have released new stuff

  67. Julia Rúa

    in love

  68. Natalia Krawczyk

    Perfekt 💪

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    Actually this kind of music isn't my fav but still love it ❤❤❤❤❤

  70. Zuzanna G

    Good job guys👌

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    can't wait to see you guys again in april

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    Awesome😍 love it ❤️

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    It's my life 😍😍😍

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    This makes me so excited for the album yaaaaaay 😍😍👌👌

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    going to see you april 12th xox gay

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  81. agustina Lagrecca

    comentaría algo en ingles pero soy malísima en eso. me voy a limitar a decir que me encanta la banda y que los amo 👌

    Lucía Miranda

    agustina Lagrecca x5

    Carolina Gauto

    Lo mismo digo y desde niño gran actor y ahora en adelante hasta antes de actuar de nuevo boom ultra sexy James


    agustina Lagrecca jajajaja

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    I love it do much 💓

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    Yesssss!!! This is so so so so fantastic. Made my day ,probably more than a day x

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    Can't wait for the album! ❣❣❣

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    YAY!!!!!!! LOVE this Song!!! Can't wait for the Album! See you in Hamburg! <3

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    You never let me down guys. Cant wait for the album!

    Lola Krnjajic

    Georgia Blackland i am going next month on concert 😍😎

    gifted with thøught

    Lola Krnjajic lucky you !!

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