CottonTale, Peter - Forever Always Lyrics

You're my favorite song
Your melody's so strong
When I think of you
You're a dream come true
What I'm trying to say
Is that I'll always
I'll always love you

You're my sing-a-long
You're the only song on my iPod
You're the only CD I keep in the whip (the whip)
You're my number one song on every playlist (playlist)

What I'm trying to say
That I'll (that I'll)
Always (always)
Always love you
Breaking love is not like breaking up
It takes some making love
It takes some waking up early and making bacon
It takes scripture chasing seeing Nathan
When you've both been saving up
Patience, perseverance
Waiting, dating
Taking blatant disrespect from groupies
Goofies hating
Hear my love jack
Hand on my heart jack
Hand me my shot
My shit is so conditional yeah y'all
Fall out every time the caller drop
Y'all might need a better otterbox
Breaking love is not like breaking up
Cause ain't no breaking love
It ain't no faking love
It''s give and take in love
Man it won't break us, made of faith and Savior's blood
Babe we ain't breaking up

What I'm trying to say
(What you wanna say, what you wanna say)
That I'll always
I'll always love you
(Forever) Forever

(Forever and always) Forever
(Forever) Forever yeah
(Forever and always, forever and always)
Forever, forever (And always, and always, forever and always)
Forever (Forever)
(Forever and always)
(Forever, forever)
(Forever, forever) Forever, ever
(Forever and always)
Till I go down, my descent, ooh

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CottonTale, Peter Forever Always Comments
  1. Supabetz

    What a lovely song. Thank you!!!

  2. Nafirza Ramadhandy

    This song is soooo underratedd

  3. James Rellera

    Words cannot express how much i love this ❤️

  4. zockity

    Why is this song so iconic tho

  5. Justin Delos Santos

    this song is just CRAZY

  6. Jacob Besser

    tiny desk?

  7. feel special

    this song makes me want to fall in love <3

  8. Diego Davila

    most underrated song i know

  9. ayliahna wilson

    i’ve been listening to this song for the longest but i’m just now seeing the music video.. my heart 🥺

  10. Michaiah Anderson


  11. Zyan McArthur

    Ohhh my gosh Rex and Daniel in the same song I’m crying so bad rn 🥺🥺

  12. Daffodil Holler

    What joyful tune, lovin' Yebba in the background!

  13. Alex Gillam

    Who ever disliked this is so rude there is nothing offensive about this song

  14. Mai Vy Nguyen

    If someone could just comment when each singer starts singing their part 🙏🏼 (they all sound the same to me lol)

  15. Charcy Bullock

    Honestly how the fresh fuck did I not find this song until today

  16. Walter K.

    Anyone know the girl from 1:13 ?

  17. Nick B.

    Like I was sold on this song already... It just sounds so dope.... But who is the woman hittin them notes from 2:34 ? Geez...

  18. Nur mathias

    rex's "ooh" soo😍

  19. Lovely Jaljis

    This is so underrated i swear

  20. Zeltron 2020

    Love U Peter. Got me in my feelings 😭❤️

  21. dolly lebow


  22. putri hatmanti

    oh my god this is very underrated

  23. kay duffy

    this was so so sweet i'm very weirdly emotional rn

  24. Bradley Dillman

    That’s amazing!!! 🤟🏼

  25. C0in Alchemist

    2:07 :: left middle, my boo 😘

    Thank you, Peter 🙏🏻

  26. Muriuki M

    Trying to listen to such song with my boo in bed🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. Joaquin Castañeda

    This is probably the greatest song I’ve heard in a LONG while.

  28. Caleb Smith

    This song is sooooo underrated!!

  29. JP zono


  30. Therese P.

    I like this

  31. Papichulooo

    One of the most beautifully composed songs I’ve heard in a while

  32. lyric Innocent

    This sounds like chance the rapper so much

  33. Laura Medlin

    So many great artist are in this song I'm so happy yt recommended this to me

  34. arar

    i cannot express into words how in love i am with this song

  35. Shindy CS

    So [email protected]

  36. Vicky H

    how bloody beautiful

  37. Detroit_ don

    Great song cousin👌👌👌👌👌

  38. k80

    This me and my bfs song forever

  39. Zorro9713

    This song yo...

  40. Jasmine Green

    This is literally the cutest video I have ever seen in my life. I for real started tearing up. Love is so beautiful in any form!

  41. njihsn

    wow this was beyond beautiful!

  42. Matteo J

    Great vibe, always, forever

  43. Jacob Crye

    Daniel caesar with that last note was nice

  44. Meira Wille

    damn i legit forgot about this song skskks


    Aweee I’m so sad and happy lmao this is cute

  46. mikakura98

    the beginning sounds a lot like professor layton's bgm

  47. Captain ClusterCakes

    With all my heart, I do sincerely believe that I'm in love with the most wonderful girl. I can't tell for sure exactly how she feels, but it's something (I think) similar for her too. When she had kissed me it felt like the world stopped just to tell me that everything is right. However things are weird, I want to be the one for her, but due to things from the past and things around us now it's difficult for the both of us right now. We still flirt and will continue to be there for each other like friends do, but sometimes it hurts and I wonder if we'll ever be together. Listening to this song gives me hope that our friendship will last a very long time and also hope that just maybe someday I could be, at the very least, the girlfriend she deserves.
    To anyone who reads this, I hope you never give up on love, in any of its forms.

  48. bricksheffield

    Just so u guys know, i have broken my record for the most consecutive days being single. Hoping to break it again tomorrow.

  49. Annabelle Kershaw

    Came here for Rebecca and Ian,
    Got so much more ❤️

  50. pink panther

    Out song💑

  51. FlybyFrancis

    WOAH! I'm sold. This is great

  52. CHOP

    This song is so good I can’t stop listening to it.

  53. Scott October

    Cool song :)

  54. Nicco Rea

    Why does the guy in the high pitch voice sound like Frank Ocean?

  55. Fordugo Fernandez

    thank you my recommendation 😍💛

  56. Pepperoni Playboi

    im in LOVE WITH THIS !!!!!!

  57. Loli.en_

    0:47 Alex's voice AAAAAH 💟

  58. Mark Pascual

    If Kyle didn’t cut his hair

  59. Dos Global

    ❤️ HARD!

  60. sofrozyne music

    the artistry

  61. Mike Hearn

    This should've been a hit. Straight sleeper

  62. Dancy Tamang

    didnt know this song had a video😭❤️

  63. Joshua Rhodes

    Where did they come of with these idea to make a video like this? Truly amazing

  64. Nueck

    great video and beautiful song. I really liked it!

  65. Li Jay

    Loving the the Composition, Beautiful song peter. Keep It Real

  66. muhluri sibuyi

    It’s beautiful. ❤️

  67. muhluri sibuyi

    I wish I could store this in my heart. :(

  68. lil isaiah


  69. Jalalien C.


  70. Eugene Laurel


    failed abortion

    Eugene Laurel and

    Aaron D

    Where you been?

    Keshav Sharma




  71. zoulful

    peter u are very talented thank u for making this song i am very happy that u made this video too pls keep making good music that is all good day <3

  72. Dalanight

    lol I made the music video before you did

  73. Thomas Fish

    He did like Rebecca did to lapis and gave her 3 frames of screen time 😂😂😂

  74. MrGrimlocke

    the beginning of the song sounded bad to me but then it got a lot better as it went along

  75. Carla Nicoyco

    bro this is so soft i luv it

  76. FlinartyBoy

    This should have atleast have more than a million views....

  77. alecssa nicole

    this song is so beautiful ❤️

  78. Joshyosh Katamba

    Who's the guy that sounds like chance

  79. Food Is Bliss

    That's beautiful!!!

  80. That Guy

    This is so unbelievably beautiful


    Yooooo heard this once and I’m fukin in luuuvvv with ittt 🤪🤪🤠

  82. vee vee

    pretty sweeT~

  83. muayed Al khalifa

    i dedicate this song to this song 💙

  84. Lucia Ogango

    but Yebba’s voice just went insane woah

  85. Alayno Cor

    Been listening to this on SoundCloud and izzz sooo goooodd 😤❤️❤️❤️

  86. Alayno Cor


  87. Terrance Wade

    Finally a music video! Thank you!

  88. Michael Jarrah

    I love this song

  89. Tamaira Panton

    That baby is so cute

  90. Kyle Kinard

    the song I didnt know I needed <3

  91. rosewood.


  92. Rendi Setiawan

    Just popped on my recommendation, and I never thought that the song gonna feature Daniel Caesar, Chance The Rapper, etc. Overall, It's a nice song by Peter Cottontale.

  93. Daniel Marzec

    Does anyone else see the blatant Frank Ocean Blonde rip that this is??

    Nate Haile

    A lot of the elements sound identical to Ivy. I am surprised no one else has picked up on this

    Sean Westbrook

    Lmfao this is literally nothing like Blonde what?

    Carson Brown

    Sean Westbrook have you even listened to blonde? One would assume not if you can’t hear the similarity

  94. Tyler Tinari

    How is this video here SO slept on and underrated??? Only 25k views... WHAT?!?
    This is incredible. The talent in this video and the collaboration is WILD.

  95. Tyler Tinari

    How is this SO slept on and underrated??? Only 25k views... WHAT?!?
    This is incredible.

  96. Khalil

    we should celebrate love more often

  97. 艾邦殆蒙

    So much influence of Frank Ocean. Nice

  98. Alex Smith

    I’ve been waiting for this video. Thank you so much Pete foreal bruhhhh