Costello, Elvis - You Shouldn't Look At Me That Way Lyrics

Am I fine, am I pleasing
Are you pitying, are you teasing
You shouldn't look at me
You shouldn't look at me that way

Should a glance from you, just shoot through me
If a glimpse of you could undo me
You shouldn't look at me
You shouldn't look at me that way

Time among all of your enemies
Leaves you nothing but bitter memories
From the first splash of affection
To avoiding your own reflection
You shouldn't look at me
You shouldn't look at me that way

Now the flashbulbs may dazzle
While you're figuring out this puzzle
You shouldn't look at me
You shouldn't look at me that way

Don't take more than I offer
All my love or I'll make you suffer
You shouldn't look at me
You shouldn't look at me that way

Time among all of your enemies
Makes disguises from drastic remedies
From the first splash of detection
To avoiding your own reflection
You shouldn't look at me
You shouldn't look at me that way

You shouldn't look at me that way

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Costello, Elvis You Shouldn't Look At Me That Way Comments
  1. William Gibson

    Before Van Morrison gets too old or too curmudgeonly there should be a collaboration with EC. I doubt it could happen, Van is set in his ways and seems to think that Jazz is where it's at. It isn't and it never was but you can't tell him that.

  2. mr.mike h

    I like that a lot! Its a lovely song. I like the piano melody.

  3. Roberto Caroti

    Splendida canzone interpretata magnificamente!!!

  4. Sherry Silva

    Am I fine am I fine am I pleasing....❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sherry Silva

    I can’t get enough of this song

  6. 1707more

    muy manon

  7. whaszis

    For the longest time I have awakened in the morning thinking of this song. Saw the movie and, like another commenter, couldn't wait to get home and find it on youtube. Best to You, Elvis, a wonderful talent I just found.

  8. David Gunnell

    A great shame this film didn't do better, but the bottom line is not many people want to go see films about people dying of cancer.

  9. Dr. killpatient

    What surprised me was that you people in 2019, even had a clue who Gloria Grahame was, & that you'd be willing to watch a movie about her.

  10. swsalem

    Magical song...never get tired of it. Love it when he does ballads.

  11. Sybille Wesenberg

    Wonderful song - wonderful movie!

  12. sandra swackhamer

    This song is hauntingly beautiful. The movie is also. See it, Treat yourself.

  13. Kostas Livadas

    i ve met elvis in athens greece ,,,what a concert back in 2010 .,,,,,one of the true greatest of our times

  14. urbanbio


  15. Phoenix Clouden

    Just watched Call Me By Your Name and this film was apart of the previews. When I saw Elvis Costello did the song for it, I knew it was legendary. Was not disappointed.

  16. Chaeyun Park

    Wonderful song!

  17. What did you say?

    Dried lemons

  18. neojohn44

    I may be in the minority but I find him to be a marvelous musician and writer with a really annoying singing voice...he just doesn't have the pipes to perform his more complex material. It seems like it would have been a natural to have his wife, a much more accomplished singer, voice his nine new songs written from the perspective of women...too obvious?

  19. G.O. Perks

    Elvis Costello's voice just gets better with age, like a fine wine.

  20. Dr. killpatient

    Reminiscent of his " North" work

  21. Rose Daddona

    this song is a little bit of perfection..thank you sir..

  22. Leon Stratikis

    Elvis Costello said, in his auto-biography, that he was tired of doing the same 3-minute trick over and over again. Did this mean Billy Joel- level stubbornness about releasing anything pleasant sounding and reminiscent of his past success? Not sure, but glad he's over it, and sounding good, instead of trendy, on his latest.

  23. Jenn Mourin

    Such a beautiful fitting song for a beautiful movie - Annette Bening was divine and Jamie Bell was brilliantly amazing in it!!!

  24. Jean-Pierre Nguyen

    Wow! I accidentally stumbled onto this song and fell in love...,!?

  25. daveinprogress3

    This is so beautiful, as is the movie. Why this was not an Oscar contender is inexplicable. There's a sublime mix of drama and softness in this recording; makes it quite haunting; again like the film. Thank you Elvis Costello for a lifetime of amazing music.

    Pip Farquharson

    I agree totally. Inexplicable. It was a truly beautiful film. I've watched it several times.

  26. Edna obenschain

    I just love elvis costello. He's so wonderfully gifted with so much talent. He just takes my breath away every time I listen to his songs & believe when I stumble upon a new won Im just smitten. Oh he makes me swoon. One of very few men I ever heard sing & compose music as well as he

  27. Cliff Debattista

    very romantic film of love there is no boundaries age of when you love somebody

  28. Why Meme?


  29. Desire Released

    Elvis Costello has so much swagger it’s ridiculous

  30. Janette Cotton

    Superb, brought tears to my eyes, can't wait to see him next week in Brooklyn :-)

  31. whaszis

    SAW the movie yesterday and hadn't heard this song until the credits rolled at the end.  Couldn't wait to get home and find it on youtube.  Would love to hear Tony Bennett sing this.

  32. Ron Espiritu

    This is a great song. A little different than the Elvis C that I grew up with. But against the film it was written for, it is superb. And turning to the movie, Annette Bening was just stunning. Probably the best actress never to have won an Oscar (along with Glenn Close). This song totally makes me think of this movie. Well done, Elvis!!!

  33. FecitAnon

    The film is absolutely brilliant.

  34. John De los Santos

    Rarely do I immediately love a song the first time I hear it, great decision using it in the movie’s trailer, love this song

  35. Bulldog Beatz

    Of love between young and old,truly, till death shall we part. Nuff said.

  36. Poetic Entanglement

    Fantastic! 💖💜💖

  37. Treehouse Ape Feet

    "Don't take more than I offer.."

    Treehouse Ape Feet

    there's a whole story in that line...

  38. Sean Kriner

    Great video. Wonderful melody and vocals. Bravo once again Elvis.

  39. Ken Lydo

    reminds me of Mark Eitzel ...and thats good

  40. Carise Zangerle Murray

    is there a soundtrack to the movie?!

    jake jordon

    Carise Zangerle Murray It is.

    Lorena Silvestre


  41. New York In Slow English

    I don't know anything about the movie, but I love this song. This reminds me of the wonderful album Costello did with Burt Bacharach, which was divine!

    Jack Shelley

    I love North, wish there would be a South, East and West !! And I love This Years Model too!!! along with the rest !!

  42. Dr. killpatient

    From the 1st blush of affection/ To avoiding your own reflection. Pure Costello.

  43. Leigh Manlove

    My, my, my man. swoon

  44. Lemon MacButtons

    If he gets nominated for the Oscar, he'd get some well-deserved recognition, I bet you.

  45. Dr. killpatient

    The subtle poerty that we participate in every day. That rises & undoes us.

  46. Keith Johnson

    I have loved watching his evolution over the last 40 years. Simply Outstanding!

  47. Mark Coleman

    What a wonderful song.

  48. Ben Banks

    Me too.

  49. Cleetus Jonesington

    Why is this in my recommended bro this is perverted

    Treehouse Ape Feet

    Tony R embrace the perversion.

    Cleetus Jonesington

    Jason Stephenson the perversion is now embraced

  50. Dr. killpatient

    We love u Gloria Grahame Queen of the Film- noir ( w/ Marie Windsor.)

  51. Dr. killpatient

    Day 2- i' m in love w/ the song. Does' nt jump out at u but grow' s on one.

  52. Fred Fat

    i think as he became more technically accomplished he lost his creative drive

    Treehouse Ape Feet

    I will always listen to his new stuff. Nobody writes lyrics like him. But anymore it's like, "Elvis Does Jazz," or, "Elvis Does Appalachia," etc.
    Usually one or two good songs per album now.

    Simon Warner

    Trouble is, you know who writes songs like this? Burt Bacharach. So let him do it. Who writes songs and lyrics like Elvis Costello? Only him, no-one is close. I'll still have a quick listen to Elvis Does Balearic House Music when it comes out.

    Vern Pascal

    When Elvis was in his prime77-83 nobody could top him. He got taken for granted like Joe Jackson and Graham Parker's first four or five albums that are so powerful that the only place to go is down. I'd love to see him put out one more really strong album. This song is terrific.

    Treehouse Ape Feet

    Vern Pascal This is a good song. When you don't hear from a musician for awhile and then get popped with a good one it's probably because they've taken a break or been doing something completely different for a bit.

    But my feeling is, insert tragedy, extract great art. Artist, musician, writer, it's all the same deal.

    Vern Pascal

    Got some great news! Elvis is making a new album...

  53. Popincourt


  54. Helen Hancock

    What a beautiful song, love Elvis Costello. I'm really looking forward to watching the film.

    Helen Hancock

    Kevin McMahon That would be lovely!

    Helen Hancock

    It's a shame it didn't get an Oscar nomination today.

    Helen Hancock

    Many thanks Kevin! I've just sent you an email! All the best, Hx

    Irene Davo

    Kevin McMahon are you both on Twitter?


    careful what you say on internet, you might end-up deported by Trump & Associate "North Americans"

  55. Thierry Volver

    Encore une belle chanson... Bientôt l'album?

  56. OtaconNachos

    Return to the Painted Memories

  57. Randall Snyder

    Great tune. Reminds me a lot of the songs he wrote with Bacharach.

  58. малышка

    does elvis costello know that i'd die 4 him

    Malik Konaté

    robert smiths hair
    I could die too.

    Nick K

    asfkdhd same


    careful what you say on internet, you might end-up deported by Trump & Associate "North Americans"

  59. JayZizzleFizzle

    This is beautiful! Amazing! And I am so much more excited to see the movie!

    Andy Wears

    JayZizzleFizzle Date night?


    Andy Wears For a second I thought I was being asked on a random YouTube date