Costello, Elvis - Walk Us Uptown Lyrics

[Elvis Costello]
Will you walk us uptown?
And wherever you go, you know we will follow
Will you walk us uptown? And we'll stand in the light
of your new killing ground, and we won't make a sound
...Except to sing our sorrow
Will you walk us uptown while our tears run in torrents
to suffer in silence or pray for some solace
Will you wash away our sins in the cross-fire and cross-currents?
As you uncross your fingers, and take out some insurance

No matter what the price
It's your own paradise
Will you walk us uptown?
Will you walk us uptown?

Some hearts are sinking and some hearts are a-flutter
Some scoop gold from the dirt in the gutter
Or swallow the earth, pouring into your mouth
As they bury us upright saying, "Everything's alright"
Will you walk us uptown like some said that you could
We will feast on your flesh and drink down your blood
Will you haul down that flag and dishonour that vow?
Cause we must not change its color now
Will you walk us uptown?

No matter what the price
Each crushed on the corner of their own paradise
Will you walk us uptown?

Will you walk us uptown? That's always assuming
that you're partly divine and partly human
You're the king of our hearts, you're the clown with the drum
Will you walk us uptown if we promise not to run?
Will you walk us uptown? Will you gather us near
as cowards flee and traitors sneer?
Keep a red flag flying, keep a blue flag as well
and a white flag in case it all goes to hell (hell!)

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Costello, Elvis Walk Us Uptown Comments
  1. Evan Hodge

    Big Audio Dynamite ... steamin Mick J.. sounds like Mr C listens to just about anything, which is smart

  2. forks

    Best song on Wise Up Ghost

  3. Adam Harris

    This song came out in 2013.

  4. bulletfastspeed

    Sounds like a funkier, jazzier Gorillaz.

  5. Jack Spraker

    Elvis. A good Catholic boy speaks out against evil. Wait. As always. Morality. Yawn. Will you walk us town.

    And a white flag, in case it all goes to hell.

    Merida Coria

    Jack Spraker what does this song talks about? Just in
    your opinion?

  6. Sandra Ring

    I ordered wrong
    but at least I have some decent country songs in my file,
    thanks to ElvisC.

  7. evolutionary transgression

    It's no Pills & Soap, though it wishes it could be.  Elvis phone home!

  8. 青木朋博


  9. regis fernandes vieira

    viva allen ginsberg muito bom eu preciso desse album!!!

    regis fernandes vieira

    viva alguém conseguiu ?

  10. Andy Rat

    Coolness abounds...

  11. La Loba V

    esto es trabajos.  Costello and Roots, Smart and Bad ASS!


    Love the song. Great album.

  13. Dylan L

    What an amazing way to merge two brilliant artists/bands!!! Enchanting....

  14. Samuel Oyewusi

    I'm not a fan of this song especially because I don't hear black thought in it.

    Al Crapton

    @Samuel Oyewusi Music has to pass a racial purity test, huh? Too bad for you, because this notion of "pure black" or "pure white" music is totally cosmetic corporate marketing bullshit. Jazz, blues, r&b, hip hop are American music genres. That music wouldn't have happened anywhere else (Africa, for instance) *because* the cross-pollination of European, African, Mediterranean, Latin etc. music in such a concentrated way was only available in here. Same with rock, country, folk... that stuff wouldn't have happened in Europe, only here, and for the exact same reason.

    Looking at achievement in art or science or anything else and deciding, based on the ethnicity of the achiever, if it's a "black thing" or a "white thing" is only going along with the braindead Culture Wars crap that is sooooo popular now in the bullshit worlds of American media and academia. Open your mind and your ears will follow.

    J.M. Arruda

    @Al Crapton you know Black Thought is the name of one of the members of The Roots, right?

    Samuel Oyewusi

    what are you on.

    Eric Lachapelle

    +Al Crapton lol "racial purity test"... This comment just made my day. You do realize that Black Thought is the lead MC of The Roots...

    Bradley Pruss

    Al Crapton I bet you feel kinda dumb now hey? That was the biggest load of Bullshit I've read in a long time

  15. Ginnette Powell

    grooving to this.. heard it on WERS 889fm its sticks in your head!

  16. stuckindms

    I picked up the album, with heavy anticipation. Still haven't decided. Love the Roots, love Elvis. My number one album of all time is, " Imperial Bedrooms", noticed so many lyrics and riffs from IB. First time I listened to IB, I took it off the "record player" and didn't give it another chance for several month's. Ended up my absolute favorite. Maybe this will do the same on my USB stick in my Pioneer in the car....

  17. anthonychirco

    sounds like the clash

  18. Sabato Colella

    Nice sound. Someone knows the meaning of that song?

    Richard Smith

    Its all black now.

  19. Mike Sweeney

    want to hear this album...

  20. jack rice

    thats a good one

  21. jack rice

    Hold onto your hat Bob Zimmerman, theres a new sheriiff in town and Elvis has taken your throne.

  22. Nathan Parsons

    Elvis's best in ages IMO .

  23. A. Abazi

    It's like Sly Stone and John Lennon had a baby.

  24. Remember Neal

    Does anybody know if there is a name to the type of drumming style quest is doing in this song? It reminds me of 70s funk drumming.

  25. Jerry Harding

    Looking forward to the Paula Dean remix.

  26. earlschoerl

    oliver´s army is here to stay .. best single since then!!!!!!!!!

  27. pat merino

    Brilliant collaboration !!!

  28. pickle forbes

    For Gods sake get rid of the lyrics as text littering this vid....the music is all we need and by making the lyrics visible you are robbing the song of its mystery...

  29. William Recchia

    This man just cost an hello. He came from heaven yo do the good on earth. Never say goodbye to him.

  30. Johnny Red

    Aye Declan Patrick ye did it again mate. Brilliant stuff from a feckin legend.

  31. muhammadzikree

    try undun 1st plz

  32. titostacos

    What comment R U responding to?

  33. Patrick Dionne

    I never said it was a fact

  34. mondospectre

    Strange bedfellows but this works!

  35. Frank Brenner

    "Beauty" like your comment is subjective.

  36. Frank Brenner

    You're an ass. I'm not a mad Costello fan, but this tune is solid as a year old piece of dog shit.

  37. Gus Fridell

    I can't see what people's problem with this song's classic soulful and it shouldn't have to apologize for not being the rap that's apropos with the Roots

  38. William Tatum

    Pretty fucking awesome right there .

  39. Stefan Tonio Sampson

    This is the best Clash single i've heard in years.... ;-)

  40. camionerodebasura

    Check out the past catalogue before you judge his songwriting.

  41. rolandwieser1

    he`s genuine !!!

  42. Javi Matura

    oh god... make it stop!

  43. chopz87

    Black Thought is a fucking true lyricist, period.

  44. Roo986

    Give us an example of a good one

  45. John Handcock

    This song is like the cost of rent in NYC; people put up with it just to look cool.

    This song = Dog Shit

  46. vogonjag

    nothing better ive head in recent times

  47. ChazStrummer

    Elvis is immortally cool.

  48. kip

    1st listen and I'm in! Yes Cozza!

  49. mmmkkkeee

    Somebody needs to make a proper heavy dub-reggae remix of this!

  50. Phil Hibberd

    Didn't Elvis write Watching the Detectives after listening to the Clash all night? He's been at it again!

    Good stuff.

  51. Henry Cadman

    @Christian Pickhardt. listen to all the layering of sounds and music and feeling underlying the vocals. its all about balance. i mean, think about The Doors, the music was relatively simple but the lyrics were uber complex. so you can focus on one or the other. im not saying this is how music Should be done. music shouldnt have to be anything. but this is a generalization of what occurs in music.

  52. Christian Pickhardt

    I love Elvis Costello. I really like rap music; original 90's rap music, the only good stuff.

    However, I really don't care for this song at all. The vocal melody is uninteresting. The lyrics are uninteresting, repetitive, and ultimately senseless... which is REALLY strange, because Costello is typically a FANTASTIC lyricist. I can see his flavor coming through, but it isn't effective in this genre.

    But this is the only song from the album I've heard so far. I hope the rest is much better.

  53. Kieran Dacey

    love it one of the best collaborations

  54. Shakti Lila

    #OccupyLove T-shirt!

  55. Ultra Sheikh

    This is good one

  56. Patrick Dionne

    Because he isn't good at singing. It's just whiny, he doesn't have beautiful vocals. And it's repetitive.

  57. Samuel Howard

    you should use smaller words. so people can have some idea what you're talking about.

  58. archologyzero

    apparently hes good enough that the roots are fans of his work.

  59. bcharamuga

    Please disable comments.

  60. William Casey Wells

    Being verbose doesn't make you any less wrong.

  61. David N

    Ray Charles said "Drunk talk shouldn't be printed in the paper". He's worked with the Roots, Allen Toussaint, Jimmy Cliff, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, produced the Specials, etc. He performed at an event entitled 'Rock Against Racism', FFS. But I guess those people are ignorant & you're the smart one, right? How do I feel about Paul(a) Dean & the "Seinfeld guy"? Let me see them co-headline an interacial show & I'll get back to you. But I'm not holding my breath.

  62. bernschwartz

    If you are open to hearing an interesting mix of new music, check out a Facebook page called Larry's New Music Cafe. They post a new 25-song playlist and video every day. The address is facebook com/Larrysnewmusiccafe

  63. Zahars Zutalo

    Ja tas i reps tad es i nēģeris...

  64. LeDoppelganger

    Are you The Architect?

  65. Seva Miheev

    this may be the most intelligent thing ever said on youtube

  66. Adam

    Actually "bro", I'm not mad at all.

    You need to realize that I, like most people I'm sure, didn't even bother to read past the first sentence of your diarrhea of a comment. But for a comment which was supposed to be a "joke" (which nobody is laughing at by the way), you sure are spending a lot of time defending yourself.

    So calm down, take your Ritalin, have a juice box and then I think somebody needs a wittle nap, because you're getting all cwanky.

  67. Adam

    Why would people flag this comment as spam? Don't get me wrong...I do think black thought is genius, but are people really so butt-hurt by your opinion that they would rather that it be redacted? Man people are little fucking bitches on youtube.

  68. Adam

    The only person you've fooled is yourself. And based on the way you write, I'm guessing you are.....15 years old? You see, you're that very special type of idiot, who not only thinks that you're brilliant, but that everybody else is stupid.

    But one day in your life, maybe in school, maybe in a new job, I'm sure you will find yourself in the presence of mediocre intelligence, and your whole world will come crashing down around you with the realization that you aren't as smart as you thought.

  69. Adam

    I represent Mensa and we are looking for another pompous, self-righteous windbag. Care to join?

  70. Paul Dake

    It's just music, folks. Really, really good music.

  71. FungoLingo

    You're entitled to your opinion, but I think it should be pointed out that the drums are the featured instrument on this song.

  72. TheDoomer

    *face palm*

  73. Angela G.

    ❤❤❤ eargasm

  74. gorillatao

    you're a complete idiot.

  75. Aardvarked

    Pretty much this, if you don't think black thought is at least a talented MC you shouldn't be talking about hip-hop at all.

  76. EnglishElectric23

    brilliant. fusion - the only way forward.....

  77. David Richman

    He was just trying to provoke Stephen Stills. In no way is he racist at all.

  78. Doug Crew

    so you're against forgiveness racial reconciliation?

  79. zazarowe

    maybe they worked with him because they know him and they it doesn't bother them because they appreciate it was nearly 40 years ago and he has done plenty of other things which matter a whole lot more since.


  80. Jerry Harding

    Costello got off better than Paula dean for doing something much worse. I get they may have thought it would be an honor to work with a living legend... But some things take a higher priority. Forgive but don't forget.

  81. Jerry Harding

    I find it odd that the Roots would work with him. This is the same guy that went in on Ray Charles and James Brown. Google it. Make all of the excuses you want (drunk, etc), but he still did it. And for those that want to defend, how do you feel about Paul Dean and the "Seinfeld" guy? The only difference is that he did his dirt "pre twitter." Should people get 2nd chances? Yes. He got one... I just don't think the roots should have remembered their own "roots" before working with this guy.

  82. Andrew Wells

    Wow, some new Elvis music that doesn't make you cringe or fall asleep??? Wonders never cease...

  83. Paul Escamilla

    Love it...even if it's not the best track on the album. There are a lot to choose from. Some of the best work of Elvis' long and brilliant career, IMO.

  84. Joseph Vance

    It's okay. I'm still interested. I wanna hear more tracks.

  85. curtcurtcurtis1982

    just discovered this now, and holy crap, this is great! i'd love to hear a diana krall collaberation with the roots =p

  86. Mrplumpynutt

    Imo, it's the best music Elvis has made in years.

  87. tulllguy

    I guess even Elvis is entitled to a bad tune, as this is.

  88. CoyotePoet


  89. Torrey G.


  90. Laura Arnone

    DIG IT!


    Love it!

  92. erBarone Rosso

    Very cool!!!

  93. Bechteloffices

    can't wait for wise up ghost!

  94. LDskye


  95. Edward Little

    This album is gonna be so cool.

  96. joe cerasari


  97. Gerardo Jauregui

    So is Black Thought going to be on the album?