Costello, Elvis - High Fidelity Lyrics

Some things you never get used to
Even though you're feeling like another man
There's nothing that he can do for you
To shut me away as you walk through
Lovers laughing in their amateur hour
Holding hands in the corridors of power
Even though I'm with somebody else right now

High fidelity
Can you hear me?

There's a new kind of dedication
Maybe you'll find it down the tunnel
Maybe I got above my station
Maybe you're only changing channel

Even though you're nowhere near me
And I know you kiss him so sincerely now
Even though the signal's indistinct
And you worry what silly people think
Who just can't wait to feel so frozen out
I bet he thinks that he was chosen out of millions
I suppose he'll never know about


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Costello, Elvis High Fidelity Comments
  1. TheMrPangloss

    Monumental bass lines! One of the best tunes ever made.

  2. James Barsby

    Bruce’s bass line drove this song , a underrated genius of a bassist

  3. Jeffrey Cain

    Costello spazin' it up. Great song. Great album.

  4. Lawrence Scott

    Record And Tape Exchange

  5. Mark Plank

    Get Happy!! Sure do when I listen to this whole album!!

  6. LastTrainToClarkson

    Great dancer, bad songwriter... just kidding!

  7. Gage

    He danced like such a goober.

  8. Giulian Bates

    Love this,... and the way it starts!... 'Some people you never get used to, Even though you're feeling like another man...'

  9. Togo Burrows

    prog nerd rock

  10. Doug Dexter

    That bass

  11. Phillip Alaimo

    In this video Elvis and the attrations had a dance teacher.

  12. likebigg


  13. Melody Montana

    this is better than pizza

  14. LillyBritches

    This man is insanely and brilliantly prolific...

  15. Jerry Nosek

    i suspect in the making of theses videos there was some alcohal comsumption.just guessing.

  16. Frederick Vincent

    Great song to exercise while the FBI is listing all your conversations.

  17. Michael Ashley

    I've seen him twice. Brilliant.

  18. tucko11

    You know I’ve had something stuck in my tooth for two days now! You have to use the other floss...


    It was good coffee this morning.
    Vienna Roast.
    It's not as acidic as the Italian.
    ......cleaned me right out.

    B C

    @kylereese2000 you need more ruffage in your diet

  19. the womble

    King of the sardonic lyric.

  20. Bryan Peterson


  21. Rod Mesa

    I love this song but I laughed all the way through this video. I don't know if I should be embarrassed for Declan having to do this video or no.

  22. 前橋みき

    Early Elvis rocks

  23. BandfromtheBand

    Did they film this video at the "Chateau Marmont" in Hollywood? Sure looks like it....


    The music videos for the songs from Get Happy!! are crude even by the standards of 1980– several were quite obviously shot all at once, with Costello and The Attractions drunkenly (it would seem) cavorting around the south of France and attempting to dance. At one point, Costello doesn’t even bother to stop eating his lunch while lip synch-ing

  24. Eugue-Theodore-Marie-Jean-Therese



  25. avamyst70

    He tried so hard to be nerdy and not appealing, however it didn’t work. I saw right through it.

  26. Adam DeVree

    I don't always get what he's talking about but here I am

  27. Changing Gears

    Hey - we've been told we sound like Elvis Costello. Which is a huge compliment.
    Here's our new song "Hold on Tight".
    Would love if you could check it out. Thanks

  28. Chas No

    Audiovisual to the max!!! What a performer!!! Yes, he could be this outrageous, but then perform the extremely subtle "Motel Matches". Both superb and satisfying - Elvis Costello. Did I mention original? He was.

  29. Jeebs Gold

    Holy uppers!

  30. Tom Higgins

    Good song.

  31. Don't Just Stare At It


  32. Lily Stone

    This song is amazing! Elvis Costello is my favorite singer/songwriter and has changed my musical life.


    Me, too.
    Even I am Japanese.

    Paul A

    artistak1 Yes, they are all Japanese, even you, art.

  33. mckill85

    Aaah Sopranos 😍😍


    I miss it.....


    @BandfromtheBand I miss the moment of excitment when I first watched it, the very first episode the very first time...

    Paul A

    Yeah, it was great from the get-go, but Gandolfini didn't get Tony's adenoidal tones down properly til the second season.

  34. TheWibbo

    so uh, that's where Elaine Benes got her moves from

  35. ernest747

    Imagine how much hate this guy got for his artistic psudonym.

  36. Johann Bogason

    doesn´t even need a guitar!

  37. малышка

    i love him so much shbdbdncdnc

  38. Thokkerius

    Started watching Sporanos and got this great song stuck in my head.


    RIP Jimmy G. 😪


    wait, which scene/episode?


    Gregory Tandiono season 3 episode 1, it played over the end credits

  39. 青木朋博


  40. Christian

    It's crazy how underrated he is. What a genius. And his entire BAND were geniuses. Bonkers.

    Peter Morris

    Underated by who? I don’t see millions of people underating his work!

  41. m patrick

    my all-time favorite song from Elvis from my all-time favorite album.

  42. AlectravianJF96

    Uploaded on VEVO, anyone can listen to it, Album "Get Happy" is on Spotify, song is unlistenable! Fuck You Spotify! Fuck You Elvis Costello?

  43. GL AnnapolisTeam

    Am actually hearing this album for the first time. Good stuff. A lot of Motown/Stax/soul influence especially in this song. I could hear the Isley Bros doing this back in the 60s.

  44. RivieraNineDramaProject

    I don't know if Elvis was ever a good dancer or not but I just can't take my eyes off him in this video. Love this so much.

  45. Stephen Crane

    A year later I'm here. Happy Anniversary.

  46. Bhavin Chandarana

    fuck! The 80s...

  47. Dave Sheppard

    this year's model had its own unique sound every track class this one stands on its own though

    Ralph Jackson

    I'm sure this song wasn't on This Year's Model.

    Lily Stone

    This song is on Get Happy!!, not This Year's Model.

  48. Jean Kavanagh

    Fuck he hot..

    Jean Kavanagh

    I agree with me. Ma dug Fella too....

    Terri Ann

    Yeah I'm reluctantly realizing that too. Sexy in that nerd-tastic way, and though this is old he's still the same today.

  49. Luciano Rosati

    Bellissimi ricordi e la scoperta dei un cantante eccezionale Grazie ELVIS

  50. falica77

    killer bass line, as usual taken from the brilliant Get Happy


    falica77 2


    falica77 too bad Bruce fucked up

    James Barsby

    Better bassist than Farragher

    Buster The Bear

    James Barsby Faragher is a good bassist but he’s not as good as Bruce Thomas that’s not to take away from him though

  51. Eliot Wien

    Just heard this song on Little Steven;s Underground Garage on Sirius Radio Channel 21. Had to turn it up! Great song!

  52. Paul Valleau

    Elvis Costello ftw.

  53. mlongpre100

    the rebellious nerd!

  54. I'maguynamedTrevor

    Excellent song and excellent music video. Elvis Costello is one of my biggest musical inspirations

    Also this was put to marvellous use in The Sopranos


    I'maguynamedTrevor Elvis Costello's music changed my whole outlook on music! He never became mainstreet so he was my special my special treat!

    Paul Casey

    The feds planted a bug in Tonys basement. Great s/t on that show.