Costello, Elvis - Clowntime Is Over Lyrics

Tears on your blackmail
Written to ransom
A point of the fingernail
Says that he's handsome

Clowntime is over
Time to take cover
While others just talk and talk
Somebody's watching where the others don't walk
Clowntime is over

A voice in the shadows
Says that his men know
He don't step back as expected
He's otherwise and unprotected


Almost too good to be true
Who do you? why do you? what do you do?
While everybody's hiding under covers
Who's making lover's lane safe again for lovers?


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Costello, Elvis Clowntime Is Over Comments
  1. 06hatter

    I can't decide if this or imperial bedroom is his best. Christ he made so much great fucking music!

  2. Stoney Curtis

    Elvis is King~!

  3. Dr. killpatient

    While others just talk & talk, somebodies watching where the others don: t walk.CLOWN TIME IS OVER!!!

  4. Rohan Sask

    Send this one to the White House.

    Keith Kent

    Rohan Sask You're too late. Obama has left.

    Paul Casey

    They are totally obsessed...always having to work him into the convo any way they can and expecting everyone else to see the same things in him that they do
    It bespeaks a tortured, enduring infatuation which is humbling to witness. True love.

    Lillianne Garrett

    @Keith Kent What are you doing here? Trump cult morons aren't allowed to like Elvis. Totally antithetical to your ilk.

    Lillianne Garrett

    @Paul Casey You're not allowed here either, negative-integer I.Q. boy.

    Paul A

    All mainstream politicians are corrupt. Irregardless, it's bizarre how people are wont to interject anti-Trump barbs at the most innocuous locations and for no apparent reason, and boy are those guys touchy! Trump Derangement Syndrome, it's called.

  5. Tom Bravo

    Oh I do love that organ

  6. Dee Donner Ramone

    I like the slower version better, only my opinion.

    Paul A

    Only Dee Dee Ramone rivalled this guy as a songwriter in the punk era, imo.

  7. popbottle

    Lord........hear our prayer.

  8. Arthur Mitchell

    What a remarkable song on a remarkable album.

  9. Sousaphony

    the crescendo in this song is completely nuts!!!!!!!!!! And the speed increase! that end part where it's all frantic and loud is just absolutely the best!

  10. Todd L

    unsteady tempo speeding up, but he really rides on the band, each member was a better instrumentalist the EC at the time.

    Joseph Murray

    My favorite song on the LP. I remember in '79-'82 hearing this song for the first time in a bar in Springfield, OH and the DJ saying "they may be short but they sure are good." after the song . I thought he was referring to their height. Ha!
    But bought the LP, CD, and it's now on my "phone".

  11. Dan Hintz

    his best LP.