Costello, Elvis - Black And White World Lyrics

I was looking at the black and white world
It seemed so exciting
If you'd only put me back to back with that girl
When the night's inviting
With just a little lighting
There'll never be days like that again
When I was just a boy and men were men
You never go from moment to moment
You're the living double of a single fiction
You're very colourful with your compliments
As you feel the finger's friction
It's a freeze-frame
Still it's real life
You don't want to look
Cause you've seen the film and you've read the book
I was looking at the black and white world
Trying to name some pin-up
Those days she was just a beautiful girl
Now she's framed and hung up
I thought she was young
Up until I saw her last night in close detail
Though they all fade away when you're so pale
It's more than just a physical attraction
It starts with a face and ends up a fixation
But you're never gonna feel a fraction
Of the way it used to work on your imagination
When you were looking at the black and white world...

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Costello, Elvis Black And White World Comments
  1. LadyBlackBelt

    Sounds like E.C. was listening to a lot of Led Zepplin!

  2. Dr. killpatient

    I was homeless in San Diego for 8 months in 2016. This album kept me sane throughout that B.S.

  3. CincyDude5

    Another of the fine E songs. The band is really cracking on this one.