Costello, Elvis - 5ive Gears In Reverse Lyrics

Five gears in reverse
For girls looking for the big lift
Somebody send out for the night nurse
Please don't stick me on the late shift
If you don't know by now
Nobody's gonna tell you
If you don't know by now
The shock will probably kill you

But if your patience is exhausted and you still cannot decide
You're sitting in the garage contemplating suicide
And you have no motivation you can't even catch your breath
All of this acceleration is driving you to death

Five gears in reverse
You think I don't know what I'm doing
Another fashionable first
Like walking down the road to ruin
But if you're safe and sound
Don't let me interrupt you
And if you're gagged and bound
Well how can I corrupt you


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Costello, Elvis 5ive Gears In Reverse Comments
  1. En el nido (Nest)

    Five years in reverse.
    Fixed his stare to the wheels of a Cadillac

  2. Manny Espinola

    My all-time favorite Elvis Costello song and I don't know why


    For me its the outro. Jamming for nearly a minute at the end


    cause it totally rips and the build in the main riff is killer

  3. genki2genki

    I used to get told off by my boss in the record store for overplaying Get Happy!! As if such a thing were possible. Not that I can recall selling a single copy of it, but still....


    Get Happy! was one of 7 albums I won in a raffle at one of local record stores in Erie, PA.
    Get Happy! and The Fleshtones, Roman Gods were the only two good records of the bunch.  I was transported to a whole new reality w/these two records.

    Cary Willis

    A similar thing happened to me when I visited a friend at a radio station in Lexington, KY, around the same time. I said, man, you sure have a lot of great records here. My friend told me to nab a couple LPs from the "not for airplay" stack. I chose the Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" and Squeeze's "Cool for Cats" based entirely on reputation and album art. Holy smokes, those records changed my life!


    you just don't remember selling a copy. This album is five stars, and great value!


    I had it on 8track , haha . I imagine them selling like hotcakes at Sears and gas stations .


    Love it.

  4. S.R. Smith

    Thanks mhump23

  5. wpollock1

    This and Trust are the most underrated.  Elvis in his golden period........ 

    Gern Blanston

    +wpollock1 Trust was a very special compilation.

    Christopher King

    Yup, my personal favorites.

    Vern Pascal

    This song is probably along with Opportunity the weakest on the album and they are still solid.


    Get Happy is a popular album for EC fans. Trust is the most underrated album and I believe the best one.

    Patricio Fernandez

    Vern Pascal Opportunity happens to be among my top 5 from this album! What don’t you like about it?

  6. bassmanjoe

    Bruce Thomas is the man, highly underrated bassist!

    En el nido (Nest)

    Under almost everything.

  7. Krista Padar

    A great one!!!!!

  8. 77hodag

    Thanks, dude! Great song from a great album!

  9. adam white

    great bass line,bruce you rule !

  10. Paul Ransom Erickson

    Please don't stick me on the late shift

  11. pbrick6301

    thanx for the effort.

  12. Arnar Einarsson

    I'm going to see him live next sunday, can't wait!

    Nancy Stedman

    I'm going to see him live in November, can't wait!