Costa, Matt - Santa Rosa Chapter III Lyrics

With the loss of her two brothers tragically during her 17th year
They moved out shortly after the second death
And it was only several times since but no one ever stayed long
It's said that the boys still haunt the house
There have been several exorcisms to cleanse the property
But now it sits vacant and once Sharon and I broke in and held a seance
We fell asleep, she in my arms
She woke up abruptly and told me they just came to me in my dream
She cried till sunrise
I walked her back to her place, her eyes tired from crying
And she was a mess
And her burden was unfortunately too much for me to bear
I flew home the next morning and I thought about it as California lay so distant below me
Our love had become that same distant feeling
I had eventually begun seeing someone in Southern California
Sharon and I stopped talking
She would call me every few years and tell me how she was
She had begun dating someone in Australia who she met online
They tore down the house she grew up in and built a new one
But they were still having the same hauntings
Her father had died and she wanted to meet in Pacific Grove and talk about everything

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