Costa, Matt - Real Love Lyrics

Good love's hard to find
A real friend over time
What did you find
Sad child of the night
Was it real love?

Garden shadows rise
Days come and gone
The chimes of midnight
In the town and country
Ring for lost love

The poplar all bend back
The rivers a dried up path
You walk among riddles
Falling from the sky
Disguised as real love
Disguised as real love

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Costa, Matt Real Love Comments
  1. Will Drosche

    20 people don’t know what real love is

    Amy Wasson

    More like 3/4 of people don't

  2. WHY

    Wonderful...took us on a journey. Can't stop listening.

  3. Luis Racero

    Super cool!

  4. Andrew Fosheim

    Great song and cool video Matt