Costa, Matt - Ophelia Lyrics

Strangers crash into the night
This train's headed for you babe
One last song plays on the radio
The sun burns the night away
In the morning I only wanna see your fear's face

I'm not asking to keep you more or longer than you wanna stay
The night was like a deck of cards, you hit me with the ace of clubs
I'm placing all my bets begging you to deal some love

Ophelia come on

Rows and rows of corn grow high
Over the tall grass we could hide
Honest pages of an open book
We tangled up between the lines
That's where you'll find me, dying to fill your empty time

Ophelia come on

I'll bring you gems from faraway lands
Or Italian leather shoes
You're the finest thing I've ever seen
Like fire melts ice, it's true
Ophelia, can I spend the night with you?

Ophelia come on

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Costa, Matt Ophelia Comments
  1. Alex Dafnis

    what guitar is he playing?

    Teuku Hazbi Faizasyah

    +Alex Dafnis i think its an EVG (East Virginia Guitars)

  2. Cyborg Rabbit

    He even uses that lyric "like Fire melts Ice it's true"... possibly an intentional reference to the Bob lyric "she's true like fire, like ice"

  3. EVA17864

    bob Dylan of now!!!

  4. MrFrankenreiter

    i love it!

  5. EVA17864

    love this man!!! so talented!!! eeeeek!!!

  6. m.p. Coad

    Love this !

  7. Robin Newell

    He's a modern day Bob Dylan with a smooth hint of Paul Simon. thanks, sincerely, Alice the Rose.....

  8. Phoenix Brown

    I like how he can do 3 different things at the same time and not mess up, that's talent folks

  9. Ernesto Roberto Jamardo

    Un tema muy lindo de verdad

  10. David Ades

    Definite thumbs up from me

  11. Tim Wisdom

    Need more like him!

  12. Robin Tienter

    He's awesome. I love it.

  13. ramboanime

    I'm tired of relationship songs and love songs! this really suck! dislike!

  14. Gaby .E

    Matt Costa's voice is perfect

  15. Brad Cromartie

    Great stuff!

  16. Prompto Uchiha

    Wow that was good music, I love it.

  17. Randy TenBrink

    Good-time music

  18. stuarts2

    Great imitation of 1960's Bob Dylan.

  19. porkyo123

    WaynesWorld1106, I agree, specially the coffee. After all, America run zzz on it.

  20. WaynesWorld1106

    Great song to start my Saturday with a cupa java.

  21. Felicia Fett

    Awesome! Matt Costa is the real deal. What a great way to start Saturday morning. Hope he comes to a Washington, DC venue.

  22. Regan Dreher


  23. syd barrett


  24. Mali Sayarath

    Matt Costa <3

  25. Tony Franklin

    Good Harmonica Good Song !!!!!!!!! Nice ....

  26. Ruth Hernandez

    Now that's what I call MUSIC! <3 his music! And props to the person who drew the backgroud, <3 that story! :)

  27. Steve Vigneron

    Pandora does it again with PWS - brings us the goods.

  28. Agent Lana Kane

    Oh yes. Yes indeed. <3

  29. Marleen Klewais

    Wow, loved it. Reminded me a bit of Neil Young back in the day.

  30. Isadad5

    Cool tunes

  31. karaouq

    Very nice

  32. SoCalGG

    Great song Matt !!!

  33. Caitlin Hamilton

    smoked a cigarette with this guy when i was about 15 years old. he was my old friends neighbor haha weird

  34. scrollpaladin

    So fucking beautiful makes me want to cry

  35. VirgiTube1001

    Pretty groovy - Really enjoyed it

  36. alberto alvarez

    this be very cool.....

  37. Twangz

    Love this! whoever made the whiteboard drawing is pretty talented too

  38. Malik G

    where the wild things are!!! love matt and love that book

  39. brocolizz

    there are no words to describe this! cant even... <3

  40. Julien Masterson

    Absolutely amazing. Def had this on repeat.

  41. Don Garvey

    matt costa.

  42. Eduardo Sartori Leme

    This song is fucking awesome...

  43. Nila Devaney