Costa, Matt - I Tried Lyrics

Rats they run across the field, crows rest in the tree
Barking madly at each other
Standing from the rooftop i scream "Won't you bark for me?"
As you turn your back and fly away

Caught on the fence you've left behind
Dive into an empty pool, I've tried
Oh I've tried
Oh I tried writing with nothing in return

When the wind freed me from the roots that tied me down
Now I need them back for comforting
Carvings that we left in branches scarred up on this tree
Lingering are thoughts you left with me

Calling the phone that you ignore
Slowly walking backwards from your door
Oh I've tried
Now we are done fighting, it's time that you return

Candle lit small light inside your window that I see
Hoping that the light still shines for me
Standing on the curbside I scream "Please come back!"
As you turn your back and fly away

Groundhogs digging with their claws
Burying their loves with dirty paws
Oh I've tried
There's no igniting, my head is in the dirt

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