Costa, Matt - Early November Lyrics

Early November took a drive to the sea
Just to hear the waves crash on the night on the beach
It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
Hearing them sing
We drank coffee in the morning light
You read the paper and I put my head in my hands, in my hands, in my hands
And cried

Early November just a leaf on a tree
We walk with a fog through the lonely cemetery, -tery, -tery
Lonely cemetery
Early November seems a lifetime away
The words that we spoke like clouds
No they don't seem to stay, seem to stay, seem to stay
Stay in one place

And they don't, and they don't, and they don't
Even mean the same thing

No they don't, no they don't, no they don't...

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Costa, Matt Early November Comments
  1. Walter Michelin

    this is off tone

  2. Rumah Hijrah

    very cool!