Cory Wells - Walk Away Lyrics

I'm at a war with myself
Stuck between loving you and leaving you like you always do
You know it's true
The cap twists off again
Here we go again
Another night alone
Waiting by the phone
Please come home
Come home
Follow through

Walk away
Swear to God, I'll find a way to hate you
Your mistakes cast you away with all the love I gave you
Save your breath
'Cause there's nothing you can say to me
So walk away
Hope to God, you don't find a way to break me
Someone save me

Are you bored with yourself?
And I promise you I'll be leaving you and your pride will too
You know I'm through
The cap twists off again
Here we go again
Another night alone
Waiting by the phone
Don't come home
Come home
Follow through

Walk away
Swear to God, I'll find a way to hate you
Your mistakes cast you away with all the love I gave you
Save your breath
'Cause there's nothing you can say to me
So walk away
Hope to God you don't find a way to break me
(I just want to forget you)
Someone save me

When you chose to abandon home
And tore apart a family that loved you
We made a promise that I'd let you go
In due time maybe I can forgive you
I just want to forget you

Walk away
Swear to God, I'll find a way to hate you
Your mistakes cast you away with all the love I gave you
Save your breath
'Cause there's nothing you can say to me
So walk away
Hope to God, you don't find a way to break me
(I just want to forget you)
Someone save me
(I just want to forget you)
Someone save me

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Cory Wells Walk Away Comments
  1. Jared King

    everything hurts and i feel dead. thank you for writing something i can relate to cory. appreciate you.

    Dave Foskett

    Hang in there Jared, if you're going through a breakup take a step back and take a breath. My wife and I split up last year and it took me a long time to gather myself again. My two kids are trapped in the middle of everything, but I know I have them forever. Also reaching out to friends and loved ones is a great relief. I dont know you but I know you'll pull through whatever you're going through👍

  2. seb sharpe

    Come out with some new shit pleasee

  3. DeadTownManifesto1985

    Everyone here is trying to forget someone 💔😢

  4. John Hanna

    I've never heard of this guy, I'm kinda blown away right now. Beautiful song

  5. Tay Davies

    I'm huge fans of Guardin and Guccihighwaters so I came to take a listen after I saw you were added to the showlist. Dude you are extremely talented!!! I can't wait to hear this live in March<3

  6. OneConscious

    it be like this

  7. Haley Christina

    I love this! 💕

  8. Sleeping Sheep

    Help me, I’m crying.

  9. Im Gavvo

    Does he still make music

    Kiely Meade

    Yes. I saw him last night. He’s currently on tour with The Spill Canvas.

    Dave Foskett

    Hes touring the UK this year

  10. Brittany Hutchinson

    Save your breath...there's nothing you can say to me.🎶

  11. J W

    This guy's voice is underrated. More people need to hear him

  12. Dwija K

    Damn!!!!!!!! F*cking deep, i like this song

  13. DMS HC 101

    Amen 🙏

  14. Venecia Holiday


  15. RRay Mann

    who hurt this man??!!?!?!?!

  16. Sad Jams

    Can someone tell me which vans she's wearing?!

  17. Courtney rose

    This is deep af! Don't dive in if you cannot swim! ❤🖤

  18. Mark T

    I rarely comment but feel compelled to do so on this song/video. Amazing song, artistry and voice is so on point!

  19. Michael Stastka

    pure emotion. I love the fragility in his voice. one of my favourite songs!

  20. Daniel Johnston

    I feel that way when I drink all my La Croix too...I saw that box..

  21. Sam Hardaker

    0:31 I cannot unhear whatever that sound is

    cory wells

    It's me taking a breath. You need those to sing. Also to live :)

    Sam Hardaker

    @cory wells Oh no no, I'm on about the sound half a second after the breath! :')

    cory wells

    @Sam Hardaker you're hearing my fingers slide on the strings to the next chord

    Sam Hardaker

    @cory wells Oh is that what it is? Thanks for saying man 👌

  22. Kade Castles

    lowkey sponsored by pabst

  23. Silvana Pedraza

    That damn voice ❤️

  24. mgk0586

    This shit is so good! Found it on Tiny Moving Parts radio

  25. Bleed PRPL&GOLD

    Modern masterpiece

  26. Craig Miller

    Realky nice song if you like screaming at the top of your lungs

  27. WestCoast FiRe

    Dudes voice is insane and I dont care what genre of music you like this songs deep.

  28. Will Newcombe

    So relatable

  29. Life Line Fishing Gear

    instantly loved his music, this guys voice is fire, gave me goosebumps, time to listen to some more.... new fan over here

  30. Matt H

    Man this hits way too hard for me. Great song.

  31. Basicore

    Rich Asian man GG

  32. WestCoast FiRe

    Deep shit my man, the pain just seeps through every word.

  33. ToOLoOkInToMeDuSa647

    I hate my baby mama fuck you dj rest in piss

  34. Elizabeth Wilson

    Hes very good. Uhg. 😭


    I fucking love Cory's voice

  36. Jacob Parker

    Now I need a pbr

    WestCoast FiRe

    We all need one after hearing all that pain, it's actually decent beer for the price better than moose piss Budweiser

  37. fluxcc

    This generation's Dashboard Confessional.

  38. WestCoast FiRe

    Nice PBR placement 🍻

  39. John Smith

    This is for my ex i want back so bad but she walked away from me

  40. Broke At Best Music

    You made it! Good on you, man.

  41. merlin704

    Just love his music. You can just feel the emotions through his voice. Doesn't matter what mood I am in, I can totally rock his stuff out!

  42. Sonya Demaio

    This dudes voice melts my body.

  43. Ryan Ring

    So good, so genuine.. can't get down with a shirt in the shower though... come on man,

  44. Hitm4rksmonthz

    This is amazing man keep up the good work


    This is the start of a good thing...

  46. Rücskös Tomi

    song is shitty but i busted a nut for the chick

  47. Dian de Wet

    I fucking love your music! Please keep on making more

  48. mohd Ilham

    So deep

  49. Mr. Indie

    I’ve listened to a lot of seriously sad music before, but this is top notch. Heartbreaking, and I love it.

  50. jbfreshh

    Who ever you are cory wells. Thank you for making music. I'm sorry for what ever has happened to you to make such powerful relatable lyrics. Hope to work with you some day.

  51. Joshua Duane

    Damn, the girl that broke this dudes heart must feel like a dumbass now.

  52. DevlinEatsDiamonds

    so fucking relatable. So stoked to see you progress Cory!

  53. B M F'n K

    Saatva mattress showed up 12 mins later

  54. Marius Ciuchete

    cool song \m/ !

  55. Jake Meigs

    The mother of my child sent me this song and listening to the words and seeing the video, I feel like this is about me. Her and I are close friends now, but God damn this cuts.

  56. C Trusz

    Shoes on the coach, shirts in the shower WHAT IS THIS MADNESS

    Hannah Lee Ewing


    C Trusz

    Hannah Ewing ❤️

  57. Derek Pokphan

    " your breAAATTTTTHH..." that transition between singing/screaming, so emotional

    Hannah Lee Ewing

    That's what I looooove about this song!!

    Amber Nicole

    Goosebumps every. damn. time.

  58. blue flowers

    I've never been in a romantic relationship, and probably never will, but this song fits in my life. (Not the mv though.) You can insert a long sad story about childhood problems, but this song fits for missing my brother. I think it's beautiful when the emotions a song portrays aren't just applyable to losing a significant other, but for other people leaving.

  59. wolf days

    She just walked away after 2yrs of facing the world alone together. Now I'm picking up the pieces and allowing me to hate her just so I can move on

  60. Benny rodriguez

    Front Porch Step 2.0

    Tessa Campbell

    Benny rodriguez minus the underage touching

  61. plaguedyouth

    I don't trust anyone who I know what the back of their molars look like. Holy shit keep those chompers in your mouth. I can smell them from here.


    Name model?


    That's a horse.

  63. Leny

    Bono from U2... :)

  64. horizoniki

    Well, at least she was only playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with that guy.

  65. Long Hual Audits

    Powerful Powerful it’s painful and hateful but hits a certain part of my brain that relapses to a time when I just felt everything he put in here. It’s our generations ballad I am lovin’ it

  66. Jo Paint

    can someone tell me what guitar he is playing? awesome song btw

    Arief Bozeman

    Its an acoustic guitar😜

  67. ChezthePanda

    Just saw him yesterday opening for Ryan Key, he did a pretty amazing job and I was blown away with how he can combine screams with acoustics well.

  68. Tim Kemble

    That girl is sooooo hott

  69. Hannah Lee Ewing

    New favorite song!! I literally listen to it like 5x a day ❤❤❤ anyone have recommendations for similar sounding songs??

    Zach Wittneben

    There's a song called don't you by landon tewers with a similar vibe


    Trophy eye's John Floreani has some solo stuff similar to this. That acoustic emotional, dirty vocals sound.


    Front step porch - run away

    Hannah Lee Ewing

    @HaroldTheHoboYo I'm a huge FPS fan ❤

  70. Sara Ferguson

    So glad I discovered you today! 😭💗

  71. dxxd wings

    This deserves so much more recognition. Great song

  72. Indra Indra

    Greatt ❤️❤️

  73. Priscilla Hamlet

    I just love his damn voice...and how he always seems to add a "fuck" in his songs haha my favorite. I'm so glad I discovered Cory!!!

  74. CJ Johnson

    you and landon tewers need to team up on a song ASAP

    Priscilla Hamlet

    OMG what a frickin awesome idea, I can't believe I never thought of that! That would be amazingggg

  75. Melanie/Shiloh Everlight

    My heart completely burst when she picked up her A.A coin

  76. Alden Fox

    I am intrigued. Did the girl get sober and leave? Or is the AA chip a representation that she took away Corey’s sobriety when she left him?

    Hannah Lee Ewing

    Oof the latter of the two 😭😢💔


    Why would he give alcohol to a horse, she clearly needs hay.

  77. Scher fy

    You're so fucking underrated. This song is amazing !
    Continue with that!

  78. Steve Fury


  79. TheDoombringers

    I was about to write something like that to my ex fiancée, it resonates with me. Here we go again, another night alone waiting by the phone...


    TheDoombringers hope you’re doing okay!

  80. Star Sines

    Man .... the jeans is way too torn. Maybe wear shorts instead.

  81. Brian Corbin

    Gosh why do I feel like drinking a PBR.....? Hmmm....

  82. William Bowen

    2019 and was just fav..add

  83. Hendrik4L

    getting major jonny craig vibes from this. please dont do heroin tho

    Cory Wells

    I've honestly never listened to him lol but I've heard his name come up many times over the years. And I will not do heroin lol. Too many dead friends. Have a wonderful day!

  84. Anthony Colley

    Just WOW!!

  85. Damian (Shane) Gorman

    Holy Shit! This is great!

  86. Zidane

    Swear to God, I'll find a way to hate you

  87. Denny FrogUgly

    SO DEEEPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Parker

    Amazing voice my man! So much passion and emotion in that voice!

  89. caddisking

    Dashboard 2.0.


    Not bad 👌

  90. W3ssy W3s

    It's like the music I listened to in high school grew up with me.

  91. Ariel Alvarez

    This dude has a great voice, but damn the lyrical content is always so possessive and weird.

    Cory Wells

    You mean grammatically possessive? They are about very specific people and I'm basically just speaking to them through a song and not just making metaphors and general statements.

    Ariel Alvarez

    @Cory Wells it's your music and you're clearly doing something right... but sometimes some of the songs come off as toxic. I can't pretend to know anything about your life, and it's clear the songs come from a deep place... but I guess it's all just my "outsider" prospective.

    In the end, I'm a nobody. Keep doing what makes you happy because it's good regardless. You do have loads of talent.

    Cory Wells

    @Ariel Alvarez in a toxic relationship it tends to be that way. And not all music is gonna be happy go lucky and have some sort of message embedded into it. Sometimes it's just "this is how I felt when you lived with me and didn't come home until 4am every night." But I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for listening

  92. absol_89

    Damn good chorus

  93. Adrien Smith

    Please share this he deserve to be more bigger than he is.

  94. Keegan Staff

    Such a great tone in your voice. Very addictive

  95. I Gede Artana

    I love your song cory

  96. eric scott

    this is the saddest song about breaking up with the most beautiful woman in a music video i've ever seen that was completely unrelatable and what the fuck musician idiot sir d;ude, alive

  97. Sean Durbin

    on it's way to 1 million views... keep singing with passion my friend.