Cory Wells - Cement Lyrics

You're a mess, I'm a wreck
It's the way we are
Drag you down cause I'm cement
Weighing down your heart
Let's pretend we're not upset
Try to move past these scars
Fall asleep and just forget
Never gonna get that far

This silence is deafening me
Drowning out all that we need

Don't know why we put ourselves through hell
To convince us we're not fading
I don't think I'm ever letting go
It's not love but I'm still waiting

You break down, I don't sleep
Talking's just too hard
Hold your breath, we're in too deep
Sinking through the dark
Wishing we could turn back time
Try it again I guess?
Just sit back and push rewind
Never gonna fix this mess

This silence is deafening me
Drowning out all that we need

Don't know why we put ourselves through hell
To convince us we're not fading
I don't think I'm ever letting go
It's not love but I'm still waiting

I don't wanna drag you down again
Cause I'm around your ankle
I'm pulling you under

Don't know why we put ourselves through hell
Can't admit that we're just fading

Don't know why we put ourselves through hell
To convince us we're not fading
I don't think I'm ever letting go
It's not love but I'm still waiting

You're a mess, I'm a wreck
It's the way we are

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Cory Wells Cement Comments
  1. Pascale LP

    This song is touching my soul.

  2. Nathan Stripling

    OMG. The album this is on is good all the way through. But this is my favorite song by far.

  3. Maq Wet

    Jesus christ I love you Cory Wells. Absolutely incredible

  4. Motivated_Guru

    I've been thinking about something since this video has been released. Should Cory and Audra Miller (singer of First To Eleven) do a collab together ?

  5. Jonathan

    Just started listening to him last week and everyday i have his album on repeat. This dude is what my musical taste has been missing.

  6. Moi _08

    Cracks 7u7

  7. Joseph Vasquez

    Super stoked as a fan to see the progression in his music and if only he could know how much his music means to his fans. I stumbled across his songs randomly and I have been AMAZED ever since!

  8. Mike DaVeggie

    Cory Wells can do no wrong, his songs just keep getting better. I for one thank him for them all. They've impacted my life.

  9. Shiki†

    Is not a Cory's song if there is not a "Fuck" into it😂
    Btw.. I love the song and video is absolutely amazing. I'm waiting more stuffs from you soon dear Cory!!

  10. Shawn-Ray Dalinsky

    This is so freakin good!

  11. heather lacourse

    a song too many of us wish we couldn't relate to...Cory wells you mastermind

    Zachary Sheets

    heather lacourse yeah I felt this one pretty hard....

  12. Kyle Norbury

    This song was pretty generic to me

    Cory Wells


    Billy Brown

    You’re generic lol. Go tf away

    Maq Wet

    You're a flog then.

  13. Swiggity Swootie

    OMG I love this man's voice!

  14. john med

    Great fucken song.

  15. Samuel Stephens

    It's like you've lived my life.

  16. Jacob


    Billy Brown

    Jacob WHAT?!?!?


    @Billy Brown "The Way We Are" is out now! All platforms, go buy it and show support!


    @Jacob thank you man I didn't even know that album was out. I'll definitely going to buy it! (6am in my country and now I need to wait till tomorrow holy fuck, I don't think I'll be able to sleep lol)


    @Shiki† it's really good!

    Billy Brown

    Omg, I’ve already listen to the new album songs like 3 times over bie

  17. CAM Melick

    Cory slays every song, nice job man. I dig the vibe, I dig the lyrics, I dig the voice. Wish you continued success and all the best in the future!

  18. Jonathan Sargent

    Damn you Cory Wells, you are too good. I'm pretty sure your mustache is the harbour of beautiful music.

  19. david wodek

    Not on spotify??

  20. Tehvro

    Goood stuff Cory

  21. Jordan

    Saw Cory at the TJT concert. Never heard of him before but i'm definitely a huge fan now. Looking forward to the next time he comes to Dallas.

    Tim Roll

    What is a TJT?


    @Tim Roll The Juliana Theory

  22. WizardHands

    Fuck yes Cory, keep on releasing bangers! 🤘

  23. Lainey Nae

    Ladies and gentlemen... Cory Wells... HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

  24. JustGiona

    oh yeah!

  25. Stephen Kyrie

    Great song man! Greetings from the Philippines! 🇵🇭🤘🎤🎸🔥🔥🔥

    Kristian Jezzer Gonzales

    Stephen Kyrie Keep it as a treasure kapatid

  26. J.J. Saggitarius

    This guy never has a bad song... Your voice is so pure I can hear the emotion in your words/voice. Love you man, keep making that beautiful music.

  27. Michael Lenahan

    So proud of you Cory! Been following you for years and you totally deserve this! Keep em coming!

  28. Daily Scratchers

    Cory is killing it lately

  29. Rizz3n

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you!

  30. tenesajuancruzenyb

    I needed this today, thank you, Cory, I love all your music 💟

  31. Milo

    I see Cory Wells I like

  32. ZedorDead

    Need this on spotity, I checked it's not there yet

    johnny carpenter

    That's what I'm talking about! Give him hell "Zedor". Video sitting on YouTube is fine and dandy. Not being able to watch or listen to YouTube when I'm playing Xbox isn't that disturbing considering that Spotify plays in the background...

    Actually I believe that an artist has half a brain if they fail to capitalize on all the various streaming companies in which their music might be made available. Settling on the biggest website for music & video streaming is not only lazy, but it's also counterproductive for an artist who intends on making their music available to everyone they can.

    Goddamn, Cory! When you wake your ass up in the morning, finish uploading this song to at least Spotify... Or not. It's not my career nor is it my position to tell another person that they should or shouldn't do.

    Consider the purpose and function of the suggestion we voice (to you) this day before tomorrow (Tomorrow is a concept governed by a time's past, present, and future , and as 11:59:59p.m. grows into 12:00:00a.m. the present remains intact as tomorrow gains momentum once again. Since it's always today, yesterday changes on the calendar to reflect the Gregorian Day and is forever irredeemable.).

    Today is your only option. I hope our time is as important as yours.

    Danielle Bennett

    the song, along with the entire album will be available on all streaming services tomorrow when the album comes out. if you wanted it early you should have pre ordered the album and supported the artist. just saying 💁🏻‍♀️

    johnny carpenter

    @Danielle Bennett If It were better advertised, it still wouldn't make me consider paying cash to preorder an new album release just before the free one drops.

    Why would you suggest that a fan should be so obsessed and careless to discern over how financially secure a man might be when they willingly followed the industry standards that force him to create music and videos to just give it away on by purpose.

    I would only purchase music if the man revised the time of free released music.

    Say this new album goes on sell and he releases the previous album to the free market (after being on sale from its release to the release of the album that is coming out now).

    Before u soil yourself, recognize how you basically said people are some how beneath you because of you immeasurable fanhood... No value exists behind telling me than I'm not a Uber fan because I don't blow money on music that is instantly free. I'm a normal day than enjoys this song which adds to his views.. (most notably is how little it matters that there's a new album dropping when our comments we in regard to this THIS this song.
    Btw, if I were completely retarded I wouldn't have understood that it hits Spotify tomorrow with the rest of the album.

    You should slow your self because I never asked u. I definitely didn't want someone to say that I'm wrong or whining and getting excited about this song,

    Idgaf about learning that if I had pre-ordered and albulm of 10+songs that I may hate just to see normal people enjoy the same album free for simply waiting a day...

    Did you buy the albulm?


    @Danielle Bennettthis video was out early, it was put to unlisted not long after my comment. Didn't really see anything about an album until I this video, I just see a video and I listen to the song I also like to listen to them when I'm going on walks using Spotify

    Danielle Bennett

    ZedorDead that’s awesome, and i’m so glad you like it! the album is out and all his songs are now on spotify! 😊 I hope you love it!

  33. Josh LeMay

    The falsetto was FLAWLESS WOW!

  34. Gelo Macanas

    This beautiful song deserves a heavier guitar. Nonetheless, great song.

  35. John Grey

    this dude keeps getting better & better

    Kyle Norbury

    I think this one was a step back imo

  36. Rezza Gurning

    57th viewers

  37. Triggered Mitch

    Fuck yeah Cory!!! I feel like it’s ages between uploads but every time you do it’s sick.
    Keep it up mate 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  38. sleepy head

    56th views

  39. Vince Lev

    whats up with the low view count :( ?


    You got this super early how did that happen? 😂

    Lainey Nae

    For me it got released like, 6 hours ago...

    Vince Lev

    Really? I must be a real fanboi then 😅

  40. Darth Popcorn

    Why has no one seen this?


    How is this comment from a month ago? Haha

    Lainey Nae

    For me it got released like, 6 hours ago


    @Lainey Nae me too. Haha

    Matts Outrageous

    Found the time traveller!

    Darth Popcorn

    It showed it was posted a few months before I watched it. This is some Twilight Zone shit..