Cory Gunz - Speed Lyrics

You can turn the beat up louder

Marchin' like a martian, hit the starship with the carbon, I'm a marksman
Verse for verse, I walk in and chalk men, with the words I'm cursed as cartman
South of the Bronx, the worst department
Swim in the mouth of the swamps, the skirts and garments
Withdrawn in my mental safe in a case to say
I don't think my mental's safe
But I'm sayin' the date issued on the pistols great
Than late crystal wanna be in crystal lake
With a straight pitbull that run a cripple straight
Trynna run a pencil straight through ya stenciled face
I ain't on planes when I swarm fans
And my vains hangin' on vains when I'm on xans
No one in a guinea pants by ya grown man
Stan hands full of strands when I'm on grams
Can somebody tell me somethin'
I know they hear me comin like a copper go and rob an eltiudi
Livin life illegal like it's legal
I gotta carry somethin' till the beta cops catch and tell me nothin'
Cut and get the ropes, I'm a ropesmith
I grew up with the skin of soapdishes if we gotta get it bubbly
Scape snakes wild try, pray the table mine, sound like dubbly
The issue we get speeder
Cuz the militia leader, little peter, got a millimeter heater, and a kilometer rita
See to me you niggas sweeter than a rita, pretty nita, you kilometer rita, I'm an animal Vegeta
Man, she peter, so I eat her when I beat her, she be hangin' of the shoulders of my beater
I be bangin off the meter
Put under the blanky with a yankee get a spanky from the panky like he Gida
Drive by nine niggas in the five-seater, lettin' mind fly, blind side leave ya wife beat up
In the mind guys die try to get like me
But my design can fine line any type seater
I'm Re'd up
Kiddy pull the beat up, it's small, I ain't gotta pull my seat up
I'm G'd up
Kill it, forget it pull the beat up
Young Money up

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