Cory Gunz - Richer Than Richie Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I got a knock for when I'm ready to yell em some mo, and got a glock but I don't wanna tell em no mo, we got them ketas with Chiquita's fot that medicine flo, and stampedes if your liters movin elephant slo, I get my head in control, that keeps my bread in control, I get control of my bread, and get your head in control, I'm blowin breath in this ho, but I ain't reffin this sho, I'm a be hugh heff in this ro, she gives me pelican throat, u on some delicate shit, I'm on some deli ish shit, u heard the jelly ish fits, and count that 50 so steady, ready for richie and that shotta allota pockets r lookin healthy, I'll sick em with my dollaz and they fittin more than collars, look at me little c from corner 1-7-3, no it's g-u-n-z, oh lawdy don't let it be, we put that on dem nickels we hard as Eskimo nipples, when told to let go that pistol I'm firin this shit cause I'm tryna get.

[Verse 2:]
I kno aerobics ain't showin in valleys no mo, and some hydrolics will drop u like a cali lo-lo, I got a knock thall flood ya block with hella po-po, but bet my choppa make dey choppa not propella no mo, and then I wheel that 4, 4, in the sky like hell they gone go, when I get buck they say we ain't gone hang them linens no mo, underline my plan in low dose, wonder how my plan is gone go, [?]
See the lil nigga with the broke ho, I'm prollt the nigga u should get the do do, with a pocket full of money, and a Rockefeller dummy, so the cops wanna run me up but don't kno, but I will keep my hand on my hip and u will dip when I dip, for tryna nip on my chips and getting grip on my grip, there's so much lip on my tip, these chickens sip on my drip, militia click in this bitch we keep a clip on equip, there's so much lip on my tip, these chickens sip on my drip, militia click in this bitch, we keep a clip on equip.tryna get.

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