Corey Hart - Tonight (I Wrote You This Song) Lyrics

You don't need to say a word, yeah
You're always singing in my heart
Like when we walk the dog home late at night so peaceful, easy
And then I tell a joke, yeah, only you could understand
We laugh like silly kids underneath the starry moonlight

Oh, it doesn't get any better
Oh, you made my life a treasure

Tonight I wrote you this song
And you know that every word is true
You know it's all because of you
And I want to thank you for
All the desperate times you stood by me
All the faith you gave unselfishly
I was the luckiest guy in the world
The moment you first fell in love with me

You don't need no fancy clothes, yeah
Wear sunblock on your nose
Don't forget how your face gets red so easily in summertime
You don't need no make up, on yeah
To cover up any lines around your eyes
'Cause they are real just like you, so beautiful

Oh, you and I are always gonna
Oh, make love in Barcelona

Tonight I wrote you this song
And you know that every word is true
You know it's all because of you
And I want to thank you for
All the desperate times you stood by me
All the faith you gave unselfishly
I was the luckiest guy in the world
The moment you first fell in love

Every time I look deep in your eyes
I see the children and the dreams we made come true
Through the good the bad the in-betweens
You have been the anchor in my sea

Tonight I wrote you this song
And you know that every word is true
You know it's all because of you
And I want to thank you for
All the desperate times you stood by me
All the faith you gave unselfishly
I was the luckiest guy in the world
The moment you first fell in love

Together we'll grow grey and old
The greatest story ever told

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Corey Hart Tonight (I Wrote You This Song) Comments
  1. scarlett Delafield

    I still love u b

  2. Fact or Theory Live

    GREAT SONG BROTHER! You sing better NOW than you did back in the 80's!

  3. Maryjane Sutherland

    It's a beautiful song for your wife and you, you suit each other very much ,I could tell your so still madly in love that's great corey hart best of luck to the both of you

  4. jennifer royston

    i'm crying, beautiful song Corey

  5. Maryjane Sutherland

    So this means were never going to be together, ok I might as well accept it in my heart now ,well imnreally happy for you,you look so happy, so meeting eachother will never happen, so I need to get you go but you I had lots of fun with you I'll never for get that but I will always love you cuz you befriended me I could stand on y own 2 feet I dont want to say to much I'm really tired have a good night I love you💙😎😇

  6. Batphink Reynolds

    I have to ask WHY this great singer has fucking Auto Tune on his vocal? He does NOT need it, god damn music industry producers put that shit on everything! It just takes from the human feel in this lovely song! We need an AUTO Tune REVOLUTION! Any producer even hints at my music needing Auto Tune can shove it!

  7. Sue Russell

    What an amazing love story!

  8. Ezra Redgwell

    @Corey hart official I was at your concert at the saddle dome Calgary ;)

  9. KaJ uN

    A real love!
    A real love song!
    Lovely 😍😊
    Keep them coming, Corey 🤗

  10. Billy Bates

    Whatta good dude...


    Congratulation Corey Hart i'm fifty i was hear the song "never surrender" What a surprise Congratulation again

  12. Little Carol

    This is a great song, I can't seem to quit listening! Thanks!


    Maravillosa canción. Tu música siempre ha sido honesta y sumamente Real. Gracias.

  14. mightyaontheverge

    You two are amazing. <3

  15. Menacexp

    is it just me or does Corey Hart look a bit like Harrison Ford and David Duchovney lol

  16. Patti Jones

    What an amazing song of true love!!!! <3

  17. MrDjdave12345

    this is one amazing song

  18. Planet Benji

    He sounds much better than he did in the 80s.

  19. Barbara Derosario

    Touching AF(ment with love) brought me to tears..adore that you appreciate your wife so much💕

  20. Randy Reynolds

    I'm so glad you're still making music man

  21. tina

    What an AMAZING man. Best Concert Ever!!!!!

  22. tina

    1 more sleep. NEVER SURRENDER 2019 WINNIPEG!!!! 👊❤️❤️❤️

  23. BGB

    Dedicated this to my wife. Thanks Corey for another great song that says what I want to say to her in music.

  24. tina

    True ❤️

  25. Cat Mmm

    Amazing beautiful

  26. Lyne Greenough

    Finally got a chance to watch this. What a beautiful way to give thanks to your love, Mr. Hart. Can’t wait to see you Wednesday night in Ottawa! Never had a chance in my youth and I know it will be worth the wait with such beautiful songs to sing along to!

  27. Kristi McGowan/ Darko’s Cellar Door

    Wow!! Who knew that the guy in the sun glasses I had a crush on at 16 was still making wonderful music!! What s beautiful song!!

  28. Carl Comeau

    I have loved and enjoyed your music since I was 11yrs old, "first offence" I am going to be 45 in August... Tonight you are playing a concert with Glass Tiger as your opening act.. I've dreamt about the moment I would see you live forever,,sadly I found out too late..Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada..90 mins from where we live...Absolutely heartbroken...

  29. Derek Smith

    my boy is back

  30. Sidney Boyle

    As always... perfectly Corey!

  31. Martine Thibodeau

    C'est vraiment bon, j'ai tellement hâte au spectacle!

  32. S4 Dreamland

    Omg ! Corey's voice only got better ! Can't wait to see him in concert!

  33. Mike Moretz

    Is this his actual wife??

  34. Linda Smith

    Merci Corey Hart et Julie Masse de nous partager ces beau moments, comme toujours Corey tu as écrit cette chanson avec ton coeur, j'aime toute vos chansons, mais celle si est spécial, vraiment, je souhaite beaucoup de succès a toi et Julie et de vous aimer jusqu'à votre dernier souffle de vie, continuer Corey vous nous faite vibrez et votre présence a La Voix cette Année wow .. vous étiez génial, j'ai adoré, tout le Québec et le Canada est avec vous, on vous aimes, merci Corey, votre Grand-Maman doit être très fière de vous de la haut x x x

  35. Hélène Lemelin

    🌼 Très belle chanson de vie... Corey et de votre amour....ღ ღ ღ C'est beau de voir votre famille. Merci je me suis abonné et je l'écoute en boucle. 【:ℒℴνℯ:】

  36. Susan Campos

    Nice. Song Cory Hart! So real! Video also.

  37. Dffgdgdfrrtdg Fgvdfvfbtfyvgfb

    Спасибо за хорошую музыку! Супер! Corey!

  38. spike zezel

    Corey- It’s great to have you back singing- 20+ yrs is a long time- but I have been a fan since Never Surrender - and always will be!
    ♥️☮️ from Buffalo, NY 👍🏼
    Welcome Back Buddy! XOXOXO

  39. LadyAnne

    Oh, how loving you has been golden. .. Treasure untold. 💞..

  40. Caroline Lim

    Sigala, Paloma Faith - Lullaby (lyrics Video) 😅🎵👌

  41. Océanie Bleue

    Omg 😮 what a deep touching beautiful song 🎼🎤❣️
    And they are still a beautiful couple like in the old times Julie and Corey Hart💑 🇨🇦

  42. Louise Silverwand

    YA! Your back! I love this song. <3 Thanks Mr. Heart.

  43. dana simpson

    Corey Hart you are an amazing person and a great musician!!! Love you so much, listened to you since Fields of Fire Your daughter is really good and so pretty!

  44. Matt Lidyoff

    Awesome job Corey 😀🎙

  45. Teresa Blanco

    Thank you Corey for your music and this one ❤️!

  46. Mary Martini

    Very beautiful song 💞

  47. Local Food First

    Love it. Beautiful song, great voice. ❤

  48. Jancelina 2782

    Thank you Corey for the beautiful music you create! Fan for life 😊

  49. Only by gods grace

    ✨✨Beautiful ✨✨
    Come over - tonight
    Hope u show up
    tonight ♥️♥️

  50. C R B

    What a beautiful song!! Sending blessings your way!!

  51. Beautiful video

    Waouh !

  52. flilguy

    I remember buying the vinyl album "First Offense" in 1984 my sophomore year of high school. I turned 50 this year and Mr. Hart will turn 57.

  53. Sean Morrison


  54. RF Strait

    Come On' Radio play this song! It's beautifully written. A great piece of talent. Radio let's play our older artists rather than these wannabe's. Corey sounds amazing. USA

    S4 Dreamland

    RF Strait Agreed!!!

  55. HellonHeels

    Well its about damn time lol Welcome back!!

  56. RSTL1234

    i like both of them! but the perfect couple , is not real

  57. Michel Dubois

    Nice facet of love ! Thanks !Namaste !

  58. Lena Wall

    I love this, no actors, real love, real life! :)

  59. Caryl Eugene


  60. Montgomery Saarvala

    I am elated to see Cory Hart back once again, writing the most profound love song he has ever written. A great song writer, musician, singer, husband, father and friend! Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey, of how you feel and live you life. We are all, your blessed to have you share you story, through your music!

  61. Sebastien Joly

    Very very beautifull song wow Corey Hart this is my idole i am fans of this music am realy happy this song is wonderful

  62. Patti Jones

    I can feel your love.....goosebumps!!!! <3

  63. Feelings

    Beautiful song

  64. KitKat

    Stunning. Love it!

  65. marie claude


  66. Jacan schendel

    Not my kinda music but I wish you great things

  67. Toni Carriero

    Great song

  68. Francoise Leduc

    Wow vous êtes très beaux ❤

  69. ps4peace

    Perfect. If we could all be so lucky.

  70. Diann Washigton

    Beautiful love story for better and for worse tell your story baby. Today?

  71. Falling Star2Nite

    Hi Corey☺💞 Heavenly and Engaging Song 💞(whispering) and I still wear 'My Sunglasses at Night' 😎

  72. Tammy Vargo

    Love like this last Forever 💗When blessed the music writes itself 😇
    Amazing and profound! No artist could convey such emotion Like Corey Hart 💗

  73. Roe Mac

    Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful song. Beautiful video. Beautiful couple. My fave line from the song: I was the luckiest guy in the world the moment you fell in love with me :-)


    Nothing like a man writting a song for his wife!! SEXY!!!!😉😍😘😗😙😚😎

  75. Danielle Emery

    Love that song and the video is just WOW, Julie is a Lady and Corey à Gentleman. Congrats for your 25th. Love you both!!

  76. Pretty Boy Brandon Idle

    Great stuff.

  77. b9 robot

    C'est tellement beau !! Merci Corey l'amour vous va bien !! Stephan - Montreal

  78. Claudine Durocher

    Vraiment beau!!!!

  79. Serhat Kaya

    Love song💛💙

  80. Stacey LaValley Lambert

    Wow. Julie is one lucky girl. And I’m lucky that I have Donald. True love can transcend all, survive all and come through the roughest storms victorious. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  81. Phoebe

    beautiful song, wonderful video. LOVE THIS!!! =)

  82. Shelley Scala

    Wow!! Wow!!👍👍❤️

  83. Dan's Spot on the Tube

    Bravo all around! Cheers!

  84. Sandy Kiaizadeh

    Awww. This video is precious. 💜💜

  85. Jen Baker

    Wow! So beautiful. ❤️❤️

  86. Dolly Price

    I like this song

  87. Jonathan Machado

    Better than ever!!! 😀

  88. Kelly Wall

    Oh it’s just so the bond you two share and thanks for sharing with us.

  89. peermusic

    GREAT song & video!!

  90. HoraceScope


  91. Mario Lamoureux

    MERCI à notre plus beau et talentueux Anglo-Québécois … thanks to be back and with Her ! Big kisses of gratitude from Gatineau … XOX

  92. Angela Chountalos

    Wow. This video is simply amazing, moving and every hearts desire. Bravo Corey, the growth in your voice and tone of your vocals is pure perfection. Love hearing your accent within the words! xoxox

  93. Joy Borkwood

    Without a doubt you still have the ability to write something so pure and honest about love that will speak to everyone soul. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see you perform it. Thank you for still being you and true to who you are.

  94. Matt Burlingame


  95. Anthony Guiliano

    😭 what a beautiful video. Love you ❤❤

    Teresa Blanco

    I love it!!