Corey Hart - Take My Heart Lyrics

Take me to the top again
Take me to the high road shining
'Cause you know I never seen the world like that
You take me to the top again
You take me where it's slow and easy
'Cause you know I never dream inside like that
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
Won't you take my heart
Don't leave me here standin'
Take my heart
Where only you can
Take my heart
There is no resistance
I can only go as far as you can
Yea, through the leaves of grass I search
And I follow like a soldier
Where the battle rages on
Reveal what's true
And I call to open skies
And I call to high plains driftin'
Through the wintertime the earth shall feed my soul
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
Won't you take my heart
Don't leave me here standin'
Take my heart
Where only you can
Won't you take my heart
There is no resistance
I can only go as far as you can
Discover borderlands that we have yet to run
And you can search forever never reach the sun
And I can go on tryin'
And I can go on cryin'
Won't you take my heart
Don't leave me here standin'
Take my heart
Where only you can
Won't you take my heart
There is no resistance
I can only go as far, o I'm cryin'
Take my heart
Don't leave me here standin'
Take my heart
Where only you can
Take my heart, o I said
I can only go as far as you can-n
Take my heart
I said, take my heart
It's okay
It's all right now
Everything, everything in my heart

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Corey Hart Take My Heart Comments
  1. Maryjane Sutherland

    Is our whole life about us I guess there's no hiding from social freaking media it was you I saw for a brief half hour you changed my future forever I was so young like now I grew up doing everything alone so Ithought I raised the 3 babies alone I use to wo wonder why the babies would be looking at you I got lost I found my way back to you I love you than like now 😇💙😎💏👍

  2. Patricia Gonzalez


  3. Planet Drew

    Showcasing the pristine Canadian wilderness.

  4. Salvatore Garozzo

    Quando la musica poteva chiamarsi tale! Corey grande icona!

  5. Mohamad Bashir

    piece of art

  6. mary bernstein

    I love this song so much reminds me of my grandfather George who I miss so much.

  7. Cak Redi

    I hope Stranger Things brought you all here too.

  8. willin chok

    2019...anyone ?

  9. Dane Logan

    He looks like James Dean

  10. maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby it just seemed liked you were forced to do many things you didn't want to do .I was in that situation with this person but I don't let him don't do that to me anymore.I do my own thing I don't let my kids do that to me anymore ya I could easily walk I do would like to take a break and go somewhere. To spend it with you there's nothing any body could do.But I love you baby very much I just want to make you happy and I do make you happy and you make me happy very happy also ..o ill be getting another cell phone its the same one as.I have this one but a bit smaller same make . but a newer model well enough writing I love and care for you very much you helped me come out of my shell I thank you for all that appreciate what you 💙🌠🌷🐥💋😎📱do foe me

  11. maryjane Sutherland

    I didn't even you were around I didn't you were around I didn't know anything I just liked music 💙love you💙

  12. spray of laughing rapids

    ..can't believe there aren't more views, i think this beautiful song is his best ever. i love rediscovering old favorites!!!

  13. Mystic Boi

    Still the jam ***2018***

  14. Bitser Corp.

    said, take my heart
    It's okay
    It's all right now
    Everything, everything in my heart.

  15. Bitser Corp.

    Aun escuchando en el 2019

  16. Gabrielle's Gardenia's

    Lance take my heart, you always had it

  17. Lizzie Demetro

    I'm glad I was apart of the 80s. 🤘

  18. maryjane Sutherland

    Gm u should a concert at kddays ill be ur manger I'm ok lol 😇🌷😎

  19. Samantha Weatherhead TV

    Beautiful song and romantic melody <3

    Michael Kupiec

    He is awesome and going to his concert tour 2019

  20. maryjane Sutherland

    My daughter was here at 3:am this morning so I was up early but hi went back to bed💋

  21. maryjane Sutherland

    That was very beautuful poem I love it😇

  22. serpentineufo

    Better than Sunglasses at Night. So smooth.

  23. maryjane Sutherland

    Am i the piece to the missing puzzle. 💙👼

  24. Kalyma De Luna

    Am I the only one who sees that, besides his music and voice, he is extremely hot? This song + that beautiful place + Corey walking alone with no shirt and all soak and wet... Gosh! I'm only a woman!

    Besma Jubran

    Alegría Feliz You're not the only woman who finds him attractive! He is very handsome!
    I love this song! It's so poetic.

    Joe Buck

    Very handsome and talented! He could have been a model as well... How about an actor? His kids are gorgeous 😉 Reminds me of John John Kennedy!

  25. maryjane Sutherland

    I didnt know any better. Thats proble why i stzyed in school .i didnt want to get involved thzt i know why u zlways give that look .i know its ok .its still hurts .💙

  26. maryjane Sutherland

    I was going to say something o im your girl ok 💙😇👼💋

  27. maryjane Sutherland

    It was u coming into my room at ur always kissing me 💙💙💙

  28. maryjane Sutherland

    I rember commenting don't fall in the water 💙💙💙

  29. maryjane Sutherland

    We both look the same n love u i took m'y painkillers for the paink un

    feel a a better ï quit smoking for u baby cuz i love u with all cuz we make love so understating

  30. maryjane Sutherland

    Irs not that u know why already i know we have the same hands same feautures but were not the same your sad singing that song. One llove id i hurt i didnt mean to. Hutrt u U kept nme strong i think my son knows it dont matter i still love😎👼😇💙👣

  31. maryjane Sutherland

    I was wondering why your were laying rhere its ok baby im here oxoxox

  32. Maryjane Sutherland

    Or am i just crazy

  33. Maryjane Sutherland

    You very spiritual to like me💙💙💙

  34. Maryjane Sutherland

    im still shaken from wgat happened buut ill be ok your here💙💙💙

  35. Maryjane Sutherland

    your songs are soothing

  36. mike Elliott

    Kristine you did take my heart just know that .

  37. Matt Burlingame

    OMStars! How had I never seen this before?!

  38. Don Thompson

    coreys got some great great tunes.

    Michael Self

    Listen to his non hits. The man is a poet.

  39. orouba14

    Such clean videos. No twerking or bump bump bumping. Proud to show his kids.

  40. M U

    80s songs leaves me speechless!

  41. Mary Sutherland

    music is still corey songs beautiful songs💜💜💜

  42. Mary Sutherland

    lovely song!💜💜💜💯💯💯😇😇😇💋💋💋

  43. Mary Sutherland

    when I listen to songs it just makes everything all better💙💙💙

  44. Mary Sutherland

    you mean everything to me💙💙💙

  45. Sergio C. Chipana

    buenazo, sin duda corey el mejor

  46. jose luis Alvarez

    un buen lento de los ochenta

  47. bai long64

    love this music, thank GOD, I live in the 80s.

  48. Lauren Wallace


  49. My Life As A Potato

    nowadays they call it music!!!!!!!!!!

  50. margharitta

    james dean

  51. Claude Lamoureux

    Such a great song,the start blows me away,that was back in the day folks

    summerhaven32086 -

    The guitar? interlude is amazing.

  52. Franco Tarsitano

    Corey Hart is a great singer & song writer..yes our music today is passionately lifeless and empty.. eletro shit! Like most, I think , we enjoy a meaningful story with our songs, make us reflect and remember our own life experiences.  Check out some of Corey songs that were never released. Welcome back Corey!

  53. Katie White

    Love this song and video!!! I wish music today was more like this...  I especially like the imagery in this video and understand this video was filmed in the Eastern Townships in Quebec.  Would anyone know where this video was exactly filmed?  

  54. christian ramos

    ralf malf

  55. Gordon Jenkins

    Corey Hart and David Duchovny are Boys in an X-Box.

  56. Roland Schindler

    wish music were like this today

    Don Avan

    What's the difference if its composed today or 30+ years ago. Music is timeless and if you personally like a song, it'll stand the test of time to you forever. But if you're saying most music today is total garb, I agree with you 100%.


    +Roland Schindler me 2


    Roland Schindler yeah and no they don’t make music like that today’s music it about cursing gang bang stealing other people’s girl friend

  57. Claude Lamoureux

    so good

  58. kenny cross

    one of his best songs ever

  59. 6Osval

    muy bueno.-

  60. summerhaven32086 -

    The best song, from his best album (Fields of Fire).

  61. Gruplive Gruplive

    Me encanta este video .que derroche de sentimiento.Gracias Corey aunque te haya descubierto ya mayorcita.lbzlive

  62. claraboomday

    love the middle 8 in this song

  63. mannixon711

    sounds good until now 2012 awesome Corey Hart, i collected posters from 1987

  64. PonyboyInNewZealand

    Sounds more like a synth/guitar to me

  65. mauriciorapdo

    & the keyboards line a lot too !

  66. Pray4Mojo

    @voodooalchemy lol their love child

  67. mauriciorapdo

    Don Quijote podría haber protagonizado este video gritando a los cuatro vientos su amor por Dulcinea

  68. Eduardo Cristaldo

    thumps up if you like a lot the piano intro..

  69. greymilton

    @voodooalchemy Interesting observation! I like the way he often had incorporated nature into his videos too! Does that make him like David Suzuki too??? :-)

  70. llukyrhs1975

    helping somebody at night

  71. Stu Pidazo

    I had no idea Corey Hart had this many freaking music videos...holy shit!

  72. 6Osval

    very good

  73. JRoca79

    amazing amazing song!!!!!

  74. YamFZR93

    @voodooalchemy lol, neither one of those dipshits can sing though.

  75. 1975veduci

    nice song ...this man has a very good voice

  76. Lisa Casler

    canadian artists have to work TWICE AS HARD to get any where god bless em ronnie hawkins said that

  77. shmuli9

    I had all of Corey Hart's albums from "First Offense" to "Bang!".

    summerhaven32086 -

    You don't still have them? You should at least get "Fields of Fire" (which contains this song) again! I think it's the best of his LPs/CDs. (I even prefer it to his G.H., F.o.F. seems to have a "theme" but hard to put a finger on what that is, besides "emotional", but I always find it a satisfying listen.)

  78. DCMA247

    @voodooalchemy wow true, spot on man, Yeah this guy is an amazing artist from Canada. He's a really down to earth and a really nice guy. My dad was a big fan, rest his soul.

  79. Steve

    gr8 colours