Corey Hart - Never Surrender Lyrics

Just a little more time
Is all we're asking for
'Cause just a little more time
Could open closing doors
Just a little uncertainty
Can bring you down

And nobody wants to know you now
And nobody wants to show you how

So if you're lost and on your own
You can never surrender
And if your path won't lead you home
You can never surrender

And when the night is cold and dark
You can see, you can see light
Cause no one can take away your right
To fight and to never surrender

With a little perseverance
You can get things done
Without the blind adherence
That has conquered some

And nobody wants to know you now
And nobody wants to show you how

So if you're lost and on your own
You can never surrender
And if your path won't lead you home
You can never surrender

And when the night is cold and dark
You can see, you can see light
'Cause no one can take away your right
To fight and to never surrender
To never surrender

And when the night is cold and dark
You can see, you can see light
No one can take away your right
To fight and to never surrender
To never surrender

Oh, time is all we're asking for
To never surrender
Oh, oh, you can never surrender

Time is all you're asking for
Stand your ground, never surrender
Oh, oh, oh, oh, I said
You never surrender, oh

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Corey Hart Never Surrender Comments
  1. James Kennedy

    So if your lost and on your own /You can never surrender !!!

  2. Victor R.

    Why are snowflakes so stupid? They all have the same stupid comment! How brainless and sheep mentality! Can't you see and read that 99 percent of the comments are as stupid as yours! It is the same comment! go listen to rap! IDIOTS! Is anyone here because you saw the same stupid show that I did? how, original.

  3. Nada Elbanna

    Stranger things brought me here, 🙂💓

  4. Rose Olson

    In 1985, this was my grade nine graduation theme song - only Corey has the Heart to sing it right.

  5. Rolly Pineda

    I love 80s 90s song....

  6. pink foxy

    Im here because this song keeps me going..🙌

  7. Lei Albino

    Love this song..reminishing the past..

  8. James Kennedy

    Music has died since 2000.............


    You damn right


    fuck 2004

  9. James Kennedy

    The eighty's ......

  10. Juan Carlos Moreno G.


  11. Red Maruhom

    i am now 42 yr old but i look like 29 yr old fresh and i still remember this song

  12. Scum E. Badger

    80s too good. Millennials have no clue.


    Get it straight, idiot.

  13. Adelaide Dupont

    Might think of making a #christmascatchup ... or a #kringleketchuptreat ... #neversurrender #howverychurchillian

  14. Adelaide Dupont

    #coreyhart for the win! And this has a #strangerthings #connections? Oh I wish I'd sat down this July / August.

  15. Stranger Things Videos

    0:47 *mike wheeler has entered the chat*
    1:06: *mike wheeler has left the chat*

  16. MrVieyra14

    It's amazing growing up in the 80's and now having my kids introduced to this music. Life is a trip........ literally

  17. Joey Fernandez

    I' WILL NEVER SURRENDER" (Just like the song of CORREY HART) I do not know what I did??! Rumors.. Hugot"#2019

  18. Abergavenny4Ever

    Corey was a hottie.

  19. Maria Celia

    Alguém ouvindo essa música ê linda demais ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. James Kennedy

    You can never surrender........

  21. Justin Richards

    Who's here cause the 80s are just friken awesome.


    They might be awesome but the 90's are better

  22. FrantikDisarray

    Remember seeing this video as a kid and was thinking they should have inserted a flashback scene at the end of him being the only survivor of a car accident that took his entire family, an his sister was a ghost in the video

  23. Greg Fuhrmann

    80s , good music and memories

  24. Teresa Outlaw

    80's music takes me back to a wonderful decade and many sweet memories. Miss my MTV!

  25. Julia gamer

    Stranger things 3??

  26. Cyrus Moini

    Fuck this shit.

  27. viva la patria argentina

    lindo tema cuantos recuerdos, saludos desde argentina

  28. King Keltic

    Corey Hart is the shit and fuck Stranger Things I'm obsessed with the 80's even though I was born in 89'.


    90's are better

  29. Brett Soyars

    Song has taught me that even when your having problems/or your down on your luck, Not to give up, But also has taught me to remember the word faith. Things get better with time. I love this song. A good feeling of confidence, & a positive way to look at life.

    Jack jackson

    grown man and sitting here in bed balling...I fear much pain and worry in my life...this song gives me some hope...I love it too brett.


    This is why 90's are better. Everyone today obsessed with the 80's, I see they're nothing but pussies no wonder they like this song. Lmao No backbone and wanna run away from home.

  30. Angel girl

    Just when things was just starting to get my depression going😔 I come across this song .. maybe it’s what I needed to hear just now 😢

    Jack jackson

    me too,,,grown man and crying like a baby.


    This is why I laugh at everyone obsessed with the 80's. I see they are pussies with no backbone and this happens to be their anthem? Lmao The 90's were better. Fuck the 80's

  31. Danirama Senju

    Anyone else here because Corey Hart is a genius?

  32. Di highprietess7 Priestess

    Corey Corey love u

  33. Cloud Creative

    Super crazy how he looks just like Fox Mulder at 0:47!

  34. Ems Roche

    My first crush! I still love Corey until now.

  35. scarlett Delafield

    I still love u

  36. Eric Vo

    Corey Hart looks like Tony Romo

  37. john towers

    Trump Never Surrender MAGA 2020

  38. Jose Leyva

    Fuck you. Reggaeton. Always. Living. This. Músic. 80s.

  39. Blonbomas spiritual counselor Co

    Never give up

  40. Blonbomas spiritual counselor Co

    Is he handsome or what Corey

  41. jose luis pinzon C

    This song in some way was the sign of the end of a cool era...the 80s


    90's are better. Fuck the 80's

  42. tarimaa1

    Dec 7 2019

  43. flowerets faithful

    Never surrender listening 80s music

  44. Adriano Alves


    CG/MS 🇧🇷

  45. Silvana Sisa

    Never surrender a este cambio cultural de porquería...mata inocencias y flias....belloooo

  46. Pankaj Kumar

    Jus bcz of stranger things 🥰

  47. John M

    9,291,233 XO

  48. ljvue

    I’m here because I’ve always heard this song randomly on the radio for decades, and today I decided to look up the song. Awesome.

  49. Arthur Manuel

    Love it

  50. James Kennedy

    Jesus fucking christ...............................

  51. G T

    Totally Rad

  52. awolpw70

    Now I know what I'm going to listen to on my way to work, 20mins of pure coolness 👍🍻

  53. awolpw70

    Corey is such a dude, I bought my first cassette, record and CD of him. He is my favorite singer ever. I styled myself to him lol and I would pretend singing his songs. Man it was a good era.

  54. TheGrafton12

    Before the internet made everything so much more accessible instantaneously, I remember using a cassette to tape off a radio, or buy the album when I saved up enough, by taking a bus to the Music store. I seemed to remember that every movie in the theater was spoiler-free, and we savored conversations, whether on the phone or face to face. A simply magical time, one that I always wonder, WHAT IF, what if I could wake up as a teen again in that era of wonder and possibility.

  55. OzGuR

    Came from the stranger things)))

  56. Leslie Kljajic-Chandler

    I would of surrendered to him..#lovemesumeightys

  57. Viki Kőszegi

    Mike sing it better😆

  58. Chaosknightz

    I came here because of Future Man you plebs.

  59. yazz444

    It's an 80s anthem.


    Yep, anthem for the pussy whipped Gen X. I guess that's why there's an 80's overhype today: They want everyone to sympathize with them and they insult Millennials to hide their problem with their mommy and daddy as described in this feminine ass song lmao

  60. MissAmazanda

    Back when you had to actually be very talented and a good singer to make it as an artist, nowadays you can suck and everyone can know you suck as an artist but the music industry will shove them down your throats and call them a star

  61. tina yakiki

    He sounds like the singer from the police. Also he looks like young Richard Gear.

  62. Mike Wagoner

    If you feel down and see no hope in site know you can find the light to make it through a another day.

  63. williamrobertg1

    I'm not going to lie, the house he was in I have been to. It's my old bosses I worked landscaping with a few years ago. The house is located at the intersection of Highway 48 and Bloomington road in Southern Ontario Canada near the Town of Stouffville.

  64. Timo Games

    Im hier for stranger things

    Timo Games

    Very cool

  65. Cory

    this song was in one of the cold case files episodes.

  66. Chazz Lawrence

    God please bring back the 80s.


    Wow, the pathetic 80's overhype going on today isn't enough for you? Lmao And ya'll insult the younger generations when ya'll are the worst in being unable to grow the fuck up Lol! Fuck the 80's. 90's are better.

  67. BOBCAT katzumi

    He sounds like the singer from the band could the police!
    And he looks like Richard Gear? :-) :-) :-)
    He's sooo handsome?

  68. Jerry C

    Who is here because this song inspired them to join Band Class and play Saxophone?

  69. Gisel Maria

    I'm here because of the series FUTURE MAN.

  70. Hidden America

    0:46 ... 1:32 ... 3:30 ... 4:28

  71. Pamela Flater

    One of my all time favorite songs. I totally loved Corey , I still wear my sunglasses at night <3 80's had the best pop culture ever


    No, bitch. The 90's had the best of everything. Get it straight. Fuck the 80's

  72. Sal Paradise

    David Duchovny plays him in the movie.

  73. Sal Paradise

    I miss the videos with their nonsense stories and incoherent imagery.

  74. Ryan Sohoolian

    I'm here because I'm thinking about the Japanese imperial army

  75. Oscar Serrano Lopez

    La mejor década, para una canción motivante!!!

  76. jnr red


  77. Joshua Nesbitt

    Future Man brought me here. I really liked this song

  78. Rise Of The Machine

    Back when this song was released, I remember thinking it was pretty nice...Years later, I listen to it and it takes on a much deeper meaning. And it is is far more than pretty nice now.

  79. Pratik Kc

    I m here because Mike n el didn't kept the door 3 inches open 😂😂

  80. Maryjane Sutherland

    I watched all of the episode stranger things awesome show 💋👄💑💙😇😎🤶🎅


    (They DON'T have good enough "emoji's" 4 these kind of moments!)
    long sigh.................,Ahhhhh❗
    😍😊My eyes instantly close & a HUGE SMILE take over my face........long sigh............(still smiling.........ahhh!

  82. Jetto


  83. Ela Hamříková

    Steve: Ahoy
    Dustin: Grrr
    Erica: You can't speak America without Erica
    Mike: Never surenderkdjfn

  84. Mangy 87

    Mileven deppresion

  85. Jon Andersen

    I am here because I was lucky to hear this song when it came out during the time of me being a spoiled Gen X kid. The 80's had some great music. They could not play this song enough.   Never Surrender.

  86. James Kennedy

    So if your lost/ and on your own................

  87. James Kennedy

    God is good / God is great..........

  88. Michelle Hanford

    I need this 😴

  89. James Kennedy

    You can never surrender..............

  90. James Kennedy

    Fucking Incredible music................

  91. Shawn Archer


  92. Be Savage

    I'm here from future man anyone else

  93. Gabi A Piçarrinha

    I need a full Finn Wolfhard cover with This song (Mike Wheeler)

  94. Sean Newhouse

    Yeah these songs that make me sad for my cat Nigh like never surrender and yet I sit here and think about how if they were never played at all I would never have her in the first place

  95. Shawn Johnson

    We can never surrender to this new age music! 😁🤣🤣😂😂😆😆

  96. Silvana Sisa

    Qué bello tema!!

  97. Brooks Lewellen

    Grew up in the 1980s and was 13 when the song became popular before Stranger Things!

  98. Allan Paul


  99. Harkiret Drum

    This is one of the worst songs of all time

    Neal M

    SO you surrendered, huh?

    uncle ben

    Are you fucking retarded?