Corey Hart - Komrade Kiev Lyrics

I watch the paper every day
They drink the same cup of tea
I read the t.v. everyday
They deal the same cards for me
I turn my head now to the left
And see the marx upon your face
I turn my head now to the right
See the darkness of your light
I didn't see the flag you raised
Through the glory that we praised
There's a child that stands amazed
At the craziness we've paved

And the sun will shine through winter time
And I pray the rain will someday end the flame

Shoot komrade Kiev
That's what they say to me
Shoot komrade Kiev
Shoot komrade Kiev
That's what they're telling me
Shoot komrade Kiev

And through the pride and prejudice
You blind the truth you couldn't miss
For the target you have drawn
Won't bite the hand that cuts the arm
And when the story's finally told
That each man's heart was bought and sold
There was no enemy you see
Only the doubt in you and me

I know the sun will shine thru winter time
I pray the rain may someday end the flame


I've walked through mother Russia
In the cold of winter time
And I've seen
Every mountain that each man wants to climb

But I know -
Farewell to arms
That one day the sun will shine - o
Shoot komrade Kiev

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Corey Hart Komrade Kiev Comments
  1. The Power Station

    Predictive texting! I was "do" happy should be "so happy" 😉

  2. The Power Station

    I was do happy when I found a second hand copy of the album on original vinyl. Corey was so underrated outside Canada but we loved him even more in the UK as a result. 👍 💖

  3. Maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby I appreciate your music alot 🙏😎💙😇🌻🌷

  4. Valerie Brown Cheers

    Very underrated and I love his sound!

  5. mary sutherland

    love u💙

  6. tracy rae

    One of my favorite Canadian singers

  7. Keith Campbell

    Corey was a visionary who foresaw the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin famously sang this one while standing on the tank.

    Global Threat

    Corey is a jew, and his ilk, the jewish bolsheviks, killed 66 million Christians in Russia and Poland.

  8. Trenton Iocca

    1985 to 2015.

  9. Trenton Iocca

    1985 to 2005.

  10. Trenton Iocca

    August 1984 to July 1985.

  11. maryjane Sutherland

    You always give that look you me yes you do everything tu please un pleased yes u do please the people would say things like that would be my extended family I'm judt thinking where i lived down east your home is so close to home ï know you are here i get so nervous all the time even if you just looking at me you would cuz im yours you do get get very jealous not angry ï would to if i knew how why baby un not going to do anything u put on a peddle srill un not petfect maybe i am i cant figure u out everything u to to me i just want to run away from u cuz un use to have ing that all day dont u take breaks lol un just kidding how cône its so easy for u to touche me that way your aleays touching me my socks alot everyone as them your heavy ï cant even move u thought i didnt know well dam it it hurts

  12. maryjane Sutherland

    You thought all girls were that way of coude it had to be me i thought all guys wete friends you are surprise ed I'm surprised at my self i wish there was another way lol

  13. maryjane Sutherland

    Yourp hot looking ï didnt know u thought that way of me just hurts alot its not a sin any more of we are thinking that way of each other its so scary your laughing at me its just s... I would never thought that way before about a guy i was watching tour video where your dancing you ï want the show to begin lol

  14. maryjane Sutherland

    Now ï know your jealous just be nice un not looking at other guys u make me feel good i never do if i did il sorry why would u think that of me U love u

  15. JPMcFlyFeelsTheBern

    This rocks pretty hard for a pop/dance singer, that guitar riff in the beginning almost sounds like it could be on an Ozzy song

  16. mary sutherland

    I see your still pouting

  17. mary sutherland

    what do u want me to do im tired of being alond

  18. Faith Den Elzen

    my favourite song

  19. Luis G Saenz


  20. trinity

    Love this song , my favourite on the album . . Corey Hart has an amazig voice.I'm from Sweden and he had a hit with sunglasses at night here .


    that album is such a perfect mixture of hard rock and nice detail and melody..just a classic record. I never get tired of Eurasian Eyes and Silent Talkin , its a perfectly balanced record. I hear Corey Hart was offered to sing the Danger Zone theme song for Top Gun. He should have taken it. I am not sure what happened to his career, maybe he just was satisfied with a short career.

  21. Ghislain Laframboise

    I ask myself if Corey Hart was popular in the 1990's outside Québec and/or Canada  Did he have an international career now he lives in Bahamas with his wife Julie Masse who was also a popular french-Canadian singer in the 1990's and their 4 children.


    His Corey Hart album had a European release in 1996 but it didn't have much impact outside Canada. Not sure how it did commercially in Canada. He will always be popular internationally though for Sunglasses At Night, because that song is such a classic. If you say "Corey Hart" to people in Germany they will either know right away or if they don't tell them  "Sunglasses at Night" and they will go "Oh! Of course, I know that one! Great song!"

    Ghislain Laframboise

    It's the same in Canada if you said Alphaville (Big in Japan), Nena (99 Red balloons) 99 luft balloons and Peter Schilling (major tom) 3 of germany many popular artist outside Germany in the 1980's end 1990's now today when we think of germany singer outside Germany the name of Rammstein is more popular.

    John Kristof

    Dunno, Corey held the # 1 spot in Germany for 3 weeks I believe.

  22. Terry Hunter

    Brings back great memories.  Nice!  Love you, Redbird

  23. yermomdotcom1

    I''m a full-on metalhead, and I gotta say, this HAS to be covered by a metal band. The lyrics are awesome, and the music screams for a C.O.B. makeover. Just sayin'.

  24. Randall Klassen

    this guy was awesome, my favorite song of Corey Hart.

  25. Kathleen Coltey

    great album!!!

  26. Kathleen Coltey

    great song!!

  27. Gigs507

    great song forever...


    What a awesome sound!
    U got me!