Corey Hart - I Am By Your Side Lyrics

I am by your side
Give you strength
When you're lost inside
You can always count on me
I will never hide, you see

For I am by your side
Shelter from the coldest night
You can always run to me
I will be there
Can't you see, oh, no

And when the world
Has knocked you down
And you are trapped by your fears
They can never reach you
From high ground, oh, no

And I will never disappear
Turn the darkest corner
I'll be there
With every day
I'm calling out your name

And I am by your side
In this truth I will confide
You can always count on me
I will never hide, you see, oh, no
'Cause I will never disappear
Turn the darkest corner
I'll be there
With every day
I'm calling out your name

And I am by your side
Suddenly, I realize
I can always run to you
You will be there
It's true, I know

Oh, I am by your side
I am by your side, oh, oh

I am by your side
I said I am by your side
Oh, oh, oh

Well, I am by your side
I am by your side, oh
You can count on me
Ooh, you can

I am by your side
I am by your side, oh
You can count on me
Ooh, you can count on me now

I am by your side
I said I am by your side
Oh, oh, oh

I am by your side
I am by your side
I am by your side...

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Corey Hart I Am By Your Side Comments
  1. Sootys Disco


  2. Timothy Pierce

    I quit my job. I'm still waiting for Corey Hart to come by on his motorcycle.

  3. Lisbeth

    So good...❤

  4. Jo Jo

    Love this dude song... always loved his songs.

  5. Vivian Kaczmarek

    I love him😍👍

  6. Yara De Blanco

    Love this song s

  7. Vivian Kaczmarek

    I love him songs😍

  8. veronica acuña

    fantastic theme 👌

  9. aujourd8

    at the end, the endless repeating of "I am by your side", I love it

  10. John Gambler

    Hi baby I'll be moving intonmybiwn place with my son I can't get along with my daughter I help her out with everything and it seems she don't appreciate anything I do for besides my son needed his I own room and I need peace in quite its time noisy here but I hope your doing ok i love you very much

  11. I Love Crosby

    This was filmed in Alberta.

  12. Rachel Ebert76

    I'm still in love with Corey Hart. It's amazing how much he's been on my mind my whole life. His voice is still like the angels above..

  13. joao evangelista monteiro

    Escutava nos programas de vídeo clip😀

  14. Gary Mazin

    This song sounds familiar, was it in the movie THE WIZARD (1989)?

  15. Jacqueline W

    That's my dad at 3:05 shot in Drumheller Alta.

  16. Susie Lang

    Loved Corey back then and still do! After 20 years of taking care of family,he is coming back on tour! Hoping to see you Corey in June! Xxxxoooo

  17. Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    Went for one long walk!

  18. Richard Henle

    Corey is always leaving because that was his experiences in his own Life, his father not being there, getting into music and leaving home at an early age.

  19. GT -R

    This video is so Alberta. The Eamon’s sign in Calgary, the Balzac wheat mill thing, the badlands....

  20. aujourd8

    I love this song way more now than when it was released, how strange, the ending is especially amazingly good, 'i am by your side' ad infinitum

  21. maryjane Sutherland

    I know that baby it took me awhile to comprehend.your always here with me I thank you for doing do love you 💙💋🌠🌷😎😘

  22. maryjane Sutherland

    we going to figure some thing ok💙💙💙I need to go lie cuz my son will worry ill charge my cell that's why when I got from the bed I got ahead rush I thought I was going faint I need to be laying. ok my love💙

  23. maryjane Sutherland

    You look so [email protected] 😇💋🌷💙😎

  24. SnowbirdFlock

    *_ROLLING MY NAKED 20/20 VISION EYES! The beginning has nothing to do with the rest of it, typical 80s junk_*

  25. Chief Primo

    I'm a solid fan of this man!

  26. Xennial Hipster

    He was pretty hot (and still pretty handsome for a guy in his mid 50s now). I love that he vocally supports LGBTQ rights

  27. Xennial Hipster

    Corey should've decked the old man at the beginning. He was 23 and his old ass was probably 60, would've been no match.

    OVI-Wan Kenobi

    This video was shot in Alberta which is where I live and the oil patch roughnecks out here are pretty tough, even the old ones. You have to be in order to work in that industry because it's physically demanding.

  28. Xennial Hipster

    This is an even better song than Sunglasses At Night and Never Surrender, I wonder why it wasn't a very big hit?

  29. maryjane Sutherland

    I know 😇😎💙

  30. Stone Solo

    Bryan Adams brother?


    Bryan Adams wishes.

    OVI-Wan Kenobi

    Bryan Adams sucks, not to mention he's a total douche canoe LOL

  31. dinomori66

    The female lead in this video us a beauty😎

  32. maryjane Sutherland

    Yes I know 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  33. Paul St. Louis

    he's. a great singer

  34. Mariano Banegas

    Corey Hart is good and simple guy... still now.

  35. maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby i believe it now your always by my side love you😇💙💋👣😎🌟👍

  36. S M

    Love ya, Corey. Such good music👌

  37. Christopher T Munro

    One of the most underrated singers of our time without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Kenny Rudolph

    Why are people so mean to Corey Hart in this video ? It's easy to figure out.They are just jealous of him because he is a handsome,good looking guy and they're not.

  39. Chris Beimers

    I love this video! I was in Drumheller, Alberta this past summer and was in that exact spot with the Hoodoos!

  40. stitch16261

    I miss this song!!!!

  41. maryjane Sutherland

    Yes u r by my side always r always inside the box always 💙💙💙💯💯💯😎😎😎😇😇😇

  42. María Luisa Arnez

    Hermosos temas y hermoso Corey!!!!

  43. mary sutherland

    I hate this guy lol


    muy buen tema! 😎

  45. Michael Osborne

    I listened to this song SO many times that I can still sing along with it to this day.

  46. Bernadette Popp

    Good grief he is so hot!!! Could be 2017!!! ❤️❤️❤️Corey hART!!!

  47. Art Deco


  48. Buster Actual

    one thing that always bugged me about this song...  near the end it starts to sound like he's saying "i am by so side". how is that possible?  corey is magic

    Candice Oles

    That is exactly what he says. Why, I have no idea.
    I remember every word he sung! God, makes me feel old!

    Michael Paul

    seriously what is that...and why?... only thing i can think of is that it sounds emphasized on top another background vocal singing something else behind him..which you can hear, there are multiple vocal tracks, but maybe the engineer/producer wanted more "sss" because Corey always overemphasized his "s's"..

  49. Buster Actual

    Man, this bring back so many memories.  I remember the family driving south on hwy 2 and seeing those majestic grain elevators as you leave Edmonton near Ellerslie Road.  you just don't see those as much anymore.  Good to see the Drumheller hoodoos being represented in the video cause they 'rock'!

  50. Goldie Sandhu

    oh how i miss my youth...forever gone...vicious cycle.

  51. DDD Francis

    still have my stormrider from the 80's

    Denise Gudmundson

    DDD Francis I got to wear my boyfriends storm rider in my high school that made me a pretty cool chick.

  52. Gerardo Ruben Dentasano

    muy romantico....y esprecibo!!!


    RebelGirl17 I know exactly what you mean, I've felt that for a long time now


    RebelGirl17 Hi RebelGirl17 I'm glad you ask, and I would love to tell you, do you have an e-mail address?


    RebelGirl17 but in short I can tell you that when I see that image I would like to be the guy riding the bike with a girl by my side for all that it represents, mainly: freedom!!


    RebelGirl17 What about you?


    RebelGirl17 I meant your feelings about freedom, sorry if I bothered you


    RebelGirl17 I understand, We (men) are always trying to hold you ( women) down in one way or another. Thanks for sharing RebelGirl

  54. angelgirlffm

    TX again for another great track to sing along to!

  55. cognitivephonetician

    Woo Calgary!

    OVI-Wan Kenobi

    How do you know this was in Calgary and not some other city in Alberta???
    I call BS if you don't know the exact location and address.


    Eamon's Camp is at 2:47. I live right next to it.
    There are other southern Alberta landmarks, too, including the Drumheller Hoodoos and what appears to be a grain elevator in Balzac at 2:30.

  56. Erik Max Q Mcc

    love this song, I would listen , Never Surrender and this one love it😂😂😂😂😂

    Trent Hampson

    Erik Max Q Mcc echxkdkfj

  57. Robert Slattery

    wish I had a an 80s radio used to watch the bars on the volume bars moved up and down sure liked the 80s


    And now we know what Max Hardcore did early in his career..played the tough guy in little known 80's music Videos :)

  59. mike hamilton

    fuck he has an obsession with walking or running away from life and problems lol

    Jav Ag

    is an american rebel boy.

  60. Lito Joven

    I am by your side

    Moni Cat

    yes,please :-)

  61. dan hollis

    corey is so underated, I love his music, brings mee back 30 years ago, a time when the united states was a safe and humble place to live!

    Philip BRADBURY

    dan hollis ...he's Canadian...come up here when Hillary brings nuclear annihilation to your once relevant nation.

    Matthew martin

    Honestly it’s still just as safe or dangerous depending on how you look at.. but humble that we are not for sure. but were we ever really I mean especially the 80s Reagan era maybe people were humble but not the United States as a government I guess shit I mean what do I know I was born in 94 but I wish I wasn’t

    Mega Music

    Canadian boy. Video shot in Alberta. Agreed, a time long gone now.

  62. summerhaven32086 -

    I'm confused. Is this guy, actor James Marshall? Or James Hurley on Twin Peaks? Or Michael J. Fox? Or the guy in the Back to the Future movies? Or even Matthew Broderick? I'm going insane.

    Just kidding. Fields of Fire is by far my favorite album of his.


    he was often compared to James Dean... the actor !

    Marc Rose

    Actually, C.H was to be casted in the Back to the Future movie!

    Bryan M

    Marc Rose I heard about that. Did he turn it down or was he just considered?
    They even filmed a lot of BTTF with Eric Stoltz, which I think Hart would've been a better fit, but definitely not over Michael J Fox.


    lol he likes singing dont he

  64. Ronda L

    Is the pretty girl in his video, Erika Gagdon, his first wife? Certainly looks like her and the song was written for her.

    Shelley McCrae

    +Ronda L yes it was.

    Toula Frango

    its not his wife lol it was a model/actress!

    Bryan M

    Toula Frango thought it was Phoebe Cates at first glance.

  65. Bradley Pestyk

    Love this song

  66. Kevin Barr

    When I've been walking a long distance, I often like to lay down on some nearby railroad tracks, too.

  67. jtoe111

    I still think he pimped himself out for that bike. I mean, he clearly had no money, and yet.... bike is his all of a sudden. Just sayin'.

  68. David G.

    This is my new favorite song...even though I remember it from 1986. Corey has always had a strong voice. Does he tour in Canada? Does he ever come to the USA?


    Corey did a last farewell concert in Montreal couple of years ago. Not sure it was a true farewell...

    Toula Frango

    He played live in Quebec City on June 25th 2016.. you can find live video of entire concert!!! He is an amazing live singer!!

    Stacey LaValley Lambert

    David G. He’s touring Canada the summer of 2019! ❤️

  69. i k1ll u 1 t1me

    God, thank you for making Corey Hart! :-D Thank you very much God!!!

  70. i k1ll u 1 t1me

    This song is on my radio, I have almost all of his songs on my radio! :-) love you Corey!

  71. Juu Liah

    Love this song!

    Darrin Shewchuk

    Juu Liah So your a Corey Hart fan.

  72. orlandobabe

    God! he is so gorgeous. I'm in love with this song.

  73. OVI-Wan Kenobi

    Ever notice how he's always running away in all of his videos?

    Buster Actual

    or sliding on his knees

    John Rambo

    I always thought it was pretty cool... especially when it was slowed down like in this video.


    you're old the day you can't run anymore

    Mirror Domains

    It is odd since the lyrics seems to suggest that it's about someone being a pillar for someone else. Unless it suppose to symbolize a ghosts perspective on a loved one who is still alive.....maybe.

  74. Railer505

    Only 36.4 cents per litre for gas!

  75. Jonathan Roman

    This song should of been a contemporary christian hit song because of the lyrics!


    can't! then it would imply that corey is God.

    David G.

    +Jonathan Roman The lyrics appeal to non-Christians, too!

    John Rambo

    I always thought that this was what Jesus would sing to us does have a spiritual ring to it...

    Brian Mortensen

    If that's what Corey Hart, who wrote it, intended, but... it seems presumptuous to think that way.

  76. Elizabeth Armada

    Bestfriend, para sayo ito

  77. Barbie Girl

    I just love Corey !!!

  78. Evencrux

    The beginning makes me laugh so hard. Every time I watch it, I expect his boss to say, "You've got a purrty mouth, bwoyyyy." Corey Hart is the best. I wish he was Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

    James Kelly

    @Evencrux Yeah, it does have a gay undertone!!! Corey reminds me a lot of James dean....Very cool.

  79. Liza Armada

    I love this song very much,remind me of very special someone too far from me and yet i want to know him better

  80. Vicente Eric Ignacio

    Where is Corey Hart now?

    Mach Steelr

    @Vicente Eric Ignacio He is on Facebook. Ooops.

    Celeste Keenan

    @Vicente Eric Ignacio He was living in Hawaii with his wife and 4 children last I heard.

  81. Chris Danzell

    Still loving his songs 11/12/14

    Erik Max Q Mcc

    Love this song amazing

  82. TEDdotcom

    Phoebe Cates!

    Bryan M

    TEDdotcom looks like her. It's not though...... I don't think.

  83. collegejus

    Listen ta me Bwoywe, I'm talkin' ta you Bwoywe haha

  84. TheLeebannerman

    at ..  3:25 Looked like the Winnipeg jets NEW jersey logo. But in fact it is not.

  85. JS G

    he always quits his job. lol.  or leave the house.

    Darren Henderson

    i know? like in Never Surrender, or this one. are there any other videos?

    Gord 101

    He still can't get a job on the rigs....wonder what he did lol

  86. Higher-self

    To think until now thought "Never Surrender" was his best song..

    mary sutherland

    Higher-self best song ever made by ch🌟

    Stacey LaValley Lambert

    Check out Corey’s new song, Another December. Another classic from the man in shades!

  87. OneidaNativeGirl16

    so cute he is

  88. Сергей Прокин

    Просто супер)))))))

  89. fabian elorza

    lol songs

  90. Susie Schule

    loves your songs corey hart

  91. jason jerome

    I love this song it means a lot to me

  92. nemia ledesma

    oppppsss never surrender i mean...sorry...cory hart luv u...