Corey Hart - Dancin' With My Mirror Lyrics

Oh, no, no, ah

Whoa, oh, oh

It's late at night
I can't fall asleep
Shadows on the lake are obsolete
So I just stay awake
Images running round my brain

Paint your picture
You're the king of the walk
Declare your space
And prepare to shock

There is no precedence
Alone in your room
Your first offence

So I turn surprised
Reflections from behind
And I gaze to the sublime
Said na na na na na na

Dancing with my mirror
Dancing, bring me nearer to you
Dancing with my mirror
Catch it when I can, oh, no

I hear Roxanne on the radio
The red light burns
Tell me where to go
I found my decadence
Obscure but approved experience

So the truth can't be denied
Though sometimes I have tried
Ooh, the blast from the looking glass
Say na na na na na na
Dancing with my mirror
Dancing, bring me nearer to you
Dancing with my mirror
Catch it when I can

I am dancing with my mirror
Dancing, bring me nearer to you
Dancing with my mirror
Catch it when I can
Oh, no, oh, no, no, no

So I turn surprised
Reflections from behind
And then I gaze to the sublime
Said na na na na na na...

Dancing with my mirror
Dancing, bring me nearer to you
Dancing with my mirror
Catch it when I can

I am dancing with my mirror
Dancing, bring me nearer to you
Dancing with my mirror
Catch it when I can
I am dancing with my mirror

Yeah, oh, no, no, no
Late at night
I can't fall asleep
Late at night
I can't fall asleep

It's late at night
I can't fall asleep
I said no, no, no
No, no, no

(Dancing with my mirror)
(Dancing with my mirror, oh, oh)
(Dancing with my mirror)

(Dancing with my mirror)
(Dancing with my mirror, oh, oh)
(Dancing with my mirror)

(Dancing with my mirror)

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Corey Hart Dancin' With My Mirror Comments
  1. Maryjane Sutherland

    Good morning my baby have a beautiful day and I love you ver much😇😎💙

  2. Bruce Meyer

    He is a legend we love you missoula mt

  3. Bruce Meyer

    Is he coming out with a new album? I hope so love his music

  4. Eduar Do Korbs


  5. mary sutherland

    You were mad or upset I see now

  6. mary sutherland

    I had to laugh your so silly I couldn't stop smiling you always catch off guard everything you do everything I went on the wrong bus I'm silly everything I do it's good to laugh

  7. AJ G

    still cute

  8. Maryjane Sutherland

    I'm trying to stay a float for u I'm getting tired baby I'll put on the love songs

  9. Maryjane Sutherland

    I have a pair of those gloves there kool looking your dancing way to fast your making me dizzy I like the way you dance there blue blue jacket you know what I mean lol

  10. Maryjane Sutherland

    We look the same it's to for that now I'm in love with you o my gosh were twins I was looking at our photos how is that possible o well darn you I wont pull away not this time

  11. Maryjane Sutherland

    Way to much info well I'm glad l know my brain is not sore no more

  12. Maryjane Sutherland

    I dont want to lose you

  13. maryjane Sutherland

    When you say dancing with my mirror you mean we kind of look alike .one of my photos you saw my photo. Anyways I was really surprised we looked alike that was before I told you everything about myself.I couldn't believe the resemblance I kind of backed away that time but I came back to you anyways I don't want to hold nothing back from you i owe that much but I think you were always there. I would never lie to you besides we already know how we think about each other and feel sorry about that not to right to much things actually i couldn't careless and i Love you very much the other song I can't help falling in love would it be sin well its not anymore I'm the one that was attracted to you I told you I shouldn't not be talking to you when i listening to your songs i was going through a lot that summer I didn't plan nothing that day I walked away from my family I had to they were having so many problems.I was getting the support I needed them to be there for me and loss of my sister n niece and them i tried to keep it to gether got really sick I end up hospital I got better when my daughter got to the hospital I asked for her cell I needed to hear your song I felt so much better.i missed you so much it's funny we haven't meant but we have connection💙it means a lot to me you mean lot to me I care for you I've never loved any one so much before i must be really short you got big hips and long legs I already know your touch I love it like you already know my touch were both so in love with each other 💙🌠🌷💋😎😇

  14. maryjane Sutherland

    Gm baby a big morning kiss to you my love muah💙

  15. maryjane Sutherland

    I going to charge my cell phone💙

  16. maryjane Sutherland

    I need my own room its to. tiring I can't stay here I love this song I i can't leave my son 💙

  17. maryjane Sutherland

    I'm so happy we met I love you 💙

  18. maryjane Sutherland

    Thevother video u sang in French that was beautiful I noticed some photos in there wow you so smart a genious💋🌠🌷😇😎💙

  19. maryjane Sutherland

    Sexy dancer😇🌷💋💙😎

  20. maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby😇🌷

  21. maryjane Sutherland

    Looking glass I remember that when I was a child lol its mirror now😘😊😇

  22. maryjane Sutherland

    Yuu did an Awesome❤ job on this video😇💙💜💚❤😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Nathan Dunlap

    maryjane Sutherland 🤗

  23. maryjane Sutherland

    Ill never stop loving u💙

  24. maryjane Sutherland

    Ive always loved u

  25. maryjane Sutherland

    I told u what my son said u should be kistening to corey hart he waas concerned i cant tell by his face he said u break uo with corey i didnt say nothing i was surprised when he said that💙

  26. Roxanne Bruce

    hell nop ?

  27. Frank Runner

    This recording sounds a lot better than the rendering that is on his Greatest Hits CD. On that rendering, the highs arent so good, and degrade as the song plays. I wish someone would tell me if I can buy a better rendering of this track - either on CD or a good (320K) download?

  28. maryjane Sutherland

    Xour do strong so tought lime me n u the rest of us💙💙💜💜😇👌👼👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  29. maryjane Sutherland

    Your a very good dancer💙💙💙

  30. maryjane Sutherland

    So cute🆒🆗👌💙✌💙💯💯💯💯

  31. maryjane Sutherland

    You figured me out to.that i never Weill give up on a person.i searched for you .at first u were taking pictures.whst he .u kindvof scared me.ï wanted to know .ï was curious .u did show me your self .it wasvgetting enough .un pefectionestmy son is to .im also like That im sorry for being that way .i cant get very upset get mad at you but i didnt give up on u were the one by the water at walmart.the whole place was flooed i didnt care .u were important to me i want u know that.then i saw u again .i thought i wish he stop runing from .mei got up u were lying beside .ok was it a dream i can tellthe diifence.between a dream n not a dream i just .ok i went back to bed 💙😇👼then u we're on top of me.geese .ok whzts he doing .i did nt even figure out that part either .im not to wise in that field .i was telling u the truth.i was not lying about that part of me .so i shared of part of me u with .in pictures but in i was not ready for that im still not ready every time.u dont have to feel bad .do u lol 😇👼💙

  32. maryjane Sutherland

    Your so adorable 💙💙💙

  33. maryjane Sutherland

    Gm 💙so. U an e.t💙

  34. maryjane Sutherland

    I just notice all my comments im very blunt but in a good way i started sayin i loved u then i forgot sorry💙

  35. maryjane Sutherland

    Every one that watched this video got u all u wrong very strange beings 💙u cant sleep at night so then ur. I know i could sleep through anything accept for that 💙😇👼👌🌟

  36. maryjane Sutherland

    The girls r coming over today ill be busy ull be here to ill be here my grandbabies stranger thingsvhavevhappened they look my daughers 💙👼

  37. maryjane Sutherland

    I get it nm💙

  38. maryjane Sutherland

    Why do u like my hair in front lol💙

  39. maryjane Sutherland

    Ok luv u hqmave a good day👼😘😇💜

  40. maryjane Sutherland

    Dont u have a gf a wife

  41. maryjane Sutherland

    U are so beautiful to me i feel in love u right not cuz of sex💙😇👼

  42. maryjane Sutherland

    I never had problems with acne i dont wear make natural is better u feel in love with my eyes i always wonered y everyine would stare at cuz of my eyes i asked my teacher she was staring at me i asked her y r u stsring at me she said i have beautiful💙 eyes o ic

  43. maryjane Sutherland

    Un ugoung in soon dont feel. Lije listening to songs at the moment!

  44. maryjane Sutherland

    I dont feel like commenting it as nothing to do with u ok i still love Nr u i know ur showing me other video's thanksoxixox

  45. maryjane Sutherland

    My son is 30 u showed a photocopie of photo of hony ste u est standing in back 💙💙💙

  46. maryjane Sutherland

    I was your first then 💙💙💙u loon good dancing💙💙💙

  47. maryjane Sutherland

    Honey moon ste💙💙💙

  48. maryjane Sutherland

    So my frame is a boy n a girl my allergies r actimg up i get really sick from smells i cant wear nothing on my skin perfume shampoos i cznt wear metal on my skin i could up on. Odet even ofs a good oder i gey teall sick

    maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby how are you doing im doing ok judt kind of tired still👼😘😇💙💙💙

  49. maryjane Sutherland

    I love the way u dance im a good a dancer to im not bored of u its like your hands r in my heaert probably r😇👼

  50. maryjane Sutherland

    Im giving u all my attenton im judt a nervous wreck but n a good way 😇👼

  51. maryjane Sutherland

    Im actual wearing those things for ur hands for the winterlol😇👼

  52. maryjane Sutherland

    Not all of them u do have good sangs though thete all good👼😇💙😎

  53. maryjane Sutherland

    I didnt even know have yours songs were about sex 😇👼😎

  54. maryjane Sutherland

    I love when i need. me N i need youu seek my aprrovefullbm my attenttion me to 💋💙👣🌟😇😎

    maryjane Sutherland

    I do give u everythingl my attention it feels gteat 👼😇💙

  55. maryjane Sutherland

    I think i was sent back to save the world so thsts what im trying to do noe thst u know my life storey. I will save the ones that need saving 😇😇😇

  56. maryjane Sutherland

    Im so happy i have u in my life 😇😇😇

  57. maryjane Sutherland

    With all the cments u could write a book i want remain anonymous im ready for the world to know of how much im n love with you i dont want anyone getting hurt i shouldnt care what the world thinksi actually i dont care what they think i want to live the way they want me to live i dont think so i think u understand me now im straight forward i find myself to be way to honest. The way i was brought up even though i grew up alone without parents without siblings if i think u were always there im not sure if were i guess who am today i could. sayi like myself i hope u like yourself to if i wondering why i dontgo on your fb its better ifi dont besides im happy im not so much in pain right now!oxoxox

  58. maryjane Sutherland

    Gosh your so sexy

  59. Maryjane Sutherland

    Your deeply in love i didnt ï would find myself back To you ya u kind of scare me liile u over power me cuz i thought i was incontroll of my life so i ï thought I'm spoiled rotten to core i usallly want my way now your having your way every chance you get im not use to that but in a good way i also Didnt know 2 people could love eachother so much its sicken just kidding but i do love so much your everything in my heart cuz ï didnt i had loved n still love ii notice the i dots lol i think were both crazy in love its driving me more to ï just need to understand the concept of love ï love u u so much like i love my kids. Your songs are making all sense to me now you make sense to me now if ï got made at you the fact cuz u sent me your photo i was blown away i kind of knew so ï dont get upset anymore. but I'm sorry if did. Your so sweet everything u do your sweet i cant type no more it hurts to much my fingers k loveu so💙💙💙😇😇😇im thinking of you just to know that in my heart everything you happy so proud of u if no body every did besides youur mom im am awe. With. You baby im amazed by u really i AMI see all the good in you thats were i get it from ï hate knowing way to much. Im kind to kind to honest to dam honest up until now Ive been honest with u i would never want To hurt you ever again ok il stop now💙💙💙

  60. Maryjane Sutherland

    I just noticed the mirror 💯💙💯💋💋💋

  61. Maryjane Sutherland

    There playing your song everything in my ❤ on thé radio

  62. Marie Adamson

    He was so hot!

  63. moakley

    i didn't know agent Mulder could sing

  64. TheBoondoggler

    Flat screen monitors!!?

  65. orouba14

    Love this vid

  66. orouba14

    Oooh! He plays drums

  67. mary sutherland

    Your a good dancer

  68. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    I guess the boy in the box would have to dance with his mirror cause no one else is around

  69. Cornelius Whiplash

    This looks like SAN part 2.

  70. Mary Sutherland

    Kool song💙

    Nathan Dunlap

    Mary Sutherland u 😘

  71. Mary Sutherland

    he's so true to his music 💙

  72. Mary Sutherland

    good dancer💜💜💜

  73. Mary Sutherland

    thank baby💋💋💋💋💋💋💜

  74. 1besieged

    You burn HOT Cory Hart ~ the most energy of a man singing .
    You were well hidden from us fans in USA ... better now than never.

    Maryjane Sutherland

    Hold and be hold he comes back really awesome ♥️😎💙💞💓💗💖💝💘♥️

    Maryjane Sutherland

    I know what mirror he's dancing to haha I could only figure out out his songs😎💙💞😇🌻

  75. coylen1

    i already did this before....

  76. Patty D

    This looks like a sequel to Sunglasses at night ? This could be made into a movie lol !

  77. sonickchri

    get AdBlocker Plus (ADP), dude

  78. tanakamelzer

    I agree its not like the firm needs the money....
    Interestingly - a case study for MBA hotshots/assholes: monetization can actually hurt you and lose you customers! This is living proof!

  79. Russge Russell

    Awesome song!!!

  80. bishopgatrer

    Not much dancing here, unless the moonwalk is considered.....

  81. Jennifer Cooley

    He's essentially the best guy in canada to be married too.. A woman should be proud to carry his last name because he has heart!! Awesome!

  82. cyberman000051

    my hero! lol.... I grew up listening to this music, he is by far one of the best ever. keep on rocking corey hart.

  83. LORDGOAT1976

    He has no friends lol, jk.

  84. Nitemusic3

    why repost this cus i can and i love the song so many memorys of germany plus i need to unwind and cut lose with some edgy music

  85. upfrontbear74

    Another Corey song I never knew there was a video for, cool.

  86. finalfantasyboy324

    download link?

  87. Jon Gubbels

    When I was 8 years old, I rocked my ASS off to this!

  88. E.K.L

    I Love Corey Hart and His Hair It's Soooooo Moldable!!!!

  89. jaimerockstar

    i LOVEEEEEEE corey hart so much. :]