Corey Hart - Can't Help Falling In Love Lyrics

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help
Fallin' in love with you
Shall I stay
Or would it be a sin
For I can't help
Fallin' in love with you
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darlin' so it goes
Something's are meant to be
Take my hand
And take my whole life too
For I can't help
Fallin' in love with you
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darlin' so it goes
Something's were meant to be
Wise men say
That only fools rush in
But I can't help
Falling in love with you
O no
That I can't help
Falling in love with you
[?] fallin' in love with you
[?] with you

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Corey Hart Can't Help Falling In Love Comments
  1. simon marshall

    Blade Runner 2049

  2. Jon Tisch

    Best cover ever!!

  3. michael anthony hilario

    I truly love this song when I was a kid

  4. Maryjane Sutherland

    Good morning I'm not morning person I'm just dragging myself love you xx💙😎😇💋⭕❌

  5. simon marshall

    Ty . I love this version. I love my wife .

  6. annmarie polito

    So many years later and I still tear up when I hear this version. 😢

  7. Diana Comilang

    I have been looking for this version for my father lol
    immediately downloaded it. what a nice voice.

  8. Fran Crisp

    Beautifuly sung suits coreys vocal style perfectly

  9. Nancy Smith

    Corey is one of those rare singers who sounds just as good singing a gentle ballad as he does when he rocks out the more intense songs.

  10. Linzy Vixen

    This is such a good song for you!! Love it!! Thank you.

  11. Joan Guthrie

    My first song to dance with my husband at our wedding 10/21/1989 xoxoxo

  12. John M

    Wow. Sounds like a "first dance at a wedding reception" song. Great job, Corey!

  13. Maryjane Sutherland

    Right on you sing this song perfectly wow

  14. enrigue8

    What a wonderful canadian singer! The best version of this song. Singer like him make me proud of my dear country, Canada.

  15. Maryjane Sutherland

    I love u

  16. K-ZOSMA7-S

    *This is the **_ORIGINAL version_** for **_ME._* (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ

  17. maryjane Sutherland

    hi baby I was busy cooking I'm so tired love u💙

  18. maryjane Sutherland

    I'm glad its I would change you for anything I'm glad you could see my world no one else can💙

  19. maryjane Sutherland

    I knew some one was in the room it was you 💙

  20. maryjane Sutherland


  21. maryjane Sutherland

    r. u at the library well that so kool I'm even dressed to go out besides my son n daughters will I wish why didn't tell me you were in with me all this finally you're telling that's a start right your so shy really shy just like me I wasn't shy raising up my kids but they look my brother n sister's they look at as a big sister not as a mom 💙

  22. maryjane Sutherland

    I actually put my cell phone away it seem like you knew I was so my hurt by daughters I needed to rest up a bit then my son when some where I just wanted fell sleep💙

  23. Shelly CNY

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ thats it!

  24. Betty Spearns

    Love this! Great voice! ❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍

  25. maryjane Sutherland

    Hi happy thanksgiving but we don't celebrate thanksgiving I love this song have a good Sunday and all week to 😇🌷💋💙😎

  26. Pets and More

    im sorry elvis but I like this version even more..

  27. Julio Cortés

    Otro hit Top 40 para Corey, un artista injustamente olvidado....

  28. Chief Primo

    This is certified GOLD!!!

  29. John Mann

    Funny story about this version. This is the first version I came to know. I told my mom about this great “original” song. My mom laughed, “it’s not an original,” as she pulled out the record and played me the Elvis version. Almost 20 years later it played in reverse this twenty something was gushing about an 80’s cover...

  30. nandopatoch

    Heard this version on a neighbour's tape some 25 years ago and have since felt it is the best cover

  31. maryjane Sutherland

    Your so loud well I need to charge my phone I'm trying to stay awake.I don't know how you could stay awake for so long gn😇😎😄💙🌷

  32. Deana Basil

    this song is so beauful

  33. maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby it looks even better looking at you on my big flat screen💋

  34. simon marshall

    Ty 4 covering Tha 🤴

  35. Starr Laurent

    I love Corey hart and always will.

  36. hildegrade777

    I love this cover...(Mulder singing to Scully)

  37. maryjane Sutherland

    I thank u for being in my life u were taking live photos of me i was so freaked out Geeze you i finally understand now can we meet soon please im in love with you u Bcoz ï wouldn't be saying it to what love can do to a person it had changed me alot to actually to love another besides my kids n i really do ox my love 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  38. horrorbro

    Song Was Feature On Rock Solid Friendship 😭

  39. rociogac

    My favorite version of this song, love Corey❤.

  40. maryjane Sutherland

    Ya i know they do 💙

  41. maryjane Sutherland

    Your very overprotective overvme💙💜

  42. maryjane Sutherland

    I love u alot i wasnt ignoring u last night i just needed to rechargé if u though ï was in sorry💙ï cant even handle a relationship💙just so u know my heart belongs to yes un having a bad day but some how i still ffeel ok cuz i Yesvi to confide in everything just goes away thank u for helping me through the hard times i dont like drama😇👼

    Holly Brian

    I wish Corey Hart stay singing

    Holly Brian

    I met Corey Hart twice in 1983 in cardston Alberta and 1987 in Edmonton Alberta

    maryjane Sutherland

    Thats awesome u met him hes great😇

  43. bruinsrulz

    I also liked UB40's version - it was different, but I agree this was better.

  44. maryjane Sutherland

    I know u love me😇👼

  45. maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby h r u i. Good rexling

  46. maryjane Sutherland

    Im thinking now maybe you were in youe past life maybe. Thats why you me cuz the wolf fell in love with a perron thete so many beliefs any ways ya 😇😇😇

  47. mary sutherland

    Also another good song😇😇😇

  48. Maryjane Sutherland

    My. Santersaid the angels i have they facing each other they were glued together. They came apart she couldnt believe it well there does that mean ï told them its time for you girls to change but there starting to😇😇😇😇😇😇

    maryjane Sutherland

    Maryjane Sutherland i saw the port where you toond snap spot me taking pgotos of me at the shzllzmar apts i love you mt baby baby babe💋

  49. lyricman nixon

    best cover of this song ever !

  50. Ricci Maelyn Arceo

    this guy has a big heart. i love the song!

  51. Marcelo L. Cabalfin

    I lyk d songs too much feels lyk im 18

  52. Maryjane Sutherland

    aweman you siunded better then elvis

  53. Eric Medina

    Such sincerity in singing is not usual.

  54. Void Creature

    This cover, and the Pentatonix cover are my favourite covers of this song I have ever heard. No one could possibly top them!

  55. Robert Stitt

    oh, i love you too corey

  56. ramon librea

    teacher emie,she will not com back to the 80's anymore.

  57. Mary Sutherland

    yes are a fine singer can u sing the other song that your going home n I cryed member

  58. Mary Sutherland


  59. Mary Sutherland

    sound like N angel💙💙💙

  60. Seth Schiller

    perfect. this is an example of what music should sound 2017. take notes.

  61. John Day Jr.

    beautiful version !

  62. Thicc Orphans

    Just amazing I fell like this is better music than 2016-2017 music

  63. Sharry Bednar

    this cover is beyond beautiful!! It captures a more romantic feeling.

  64. lakings13

    Best cover? Best version I say!

  65. Md. Rumi

    I think he is a soprano, isn't he?

  66. Luckey Croom

    I'm listening to this with my gfs grandma

  67. Mary Sutherland

    he sure did nail it!

  68. Vibhu Ashok

    Indeed the best cover...Corey Hart nailed it

  69. fleurette wiik

    Reminds me of someone very special💞

  70. mrmvmn69

    Elvis is the King. But Corey knocked this out of the park. Best re-make ever.

    Philippe Réjean

    its good but plenty of better covers.. (remakes are movies)

  71. freenoli pan

    回憶當年的kiss disco午夜十二點時…

  72. pauhoney musni

    I am still amazed with the voice of corey hart...his rendition of the song is really perfect! Love it...

  73. Arianagrande VEVO

    best version ❤

  74. 28joshg

    Bit of a disconnect there between the beautiful looking harp and the actual rinky-dink notes coming from the synthesizer.

  75. Benito Jr. II Diaz

    reminscing 1987 Summer

  76. marc eliow

    the best cover ever :) i loooooove it :)

    MJ Creo

    I agree. For me this is the best version so far

    marc eliow

    thats right my friend :) i wish you a super new week :)

    Debbie Gray

    BMJ Core

    Brenda Boone


  77. Shelley McCrae

    oh those eyes:) and pout

  78. Scott Friedline

    My wife and I danced to this as "our song" at our wedding reception.

    Joan Guthrie

    My first song also at our wedding 30 years this year <3

  79. terry denney

    Corey Hart is certainly one of the best male singers to ever come out of this country.

    Nail Polish Nook

    Canada 🇨🇦

    John Mann

    Bryan Adams too

    Bruno Silva

    Leonard Cohen...

  80. Clifford Parmeter

    The best version I ever heard you made my day...

  81. jdlovesmusic32

    I miss hearing your music Corey. You have so much talent and I always listened to you. Damn I miss the 80s.

  82. chona Domingo

    I remember my best friend Ellen💗 we watch the concert of Corey, here in Phil.beautiful voice, beautiful song.✔

  83. Samantha Weatherhead TV

    Great song and Mr Hart you sang it great! Elvis would of been proud :)

    Shana Royer

    Love you concert in Victoria

  84. Allye Meszaros

    I slipped this song on a tape, and put it under my crushes door as a kid.

  85. Mic StCyr

    I love you Dad... this is your song.. always your song. thank you for being my daddy... you served your country with pride. I miss you so so much.

  86. Harold G. Taladro

    To Richard Mabalot sumikat ang kantang ito ni Corey Hart noong 1986 as in hit na hit super hit kahit hanggang ngaun can still be heard along from different fm radio stations

    richard mabalot

    +Harold G. Taladro salamat po sa binigay niu informasyon sa kanta na to i learn a lot slmat po sir harold god bless po

    Edwin Juanito Alonzo

    Yes, way back 1986, I was a 4 year old back then, I used to hear this song a lot on radio stations back then. Vivid but wonderful childhood memories. :-)

  87. richard mabalot

    kailan kya sumikat ang song nah toh ang ganda nman ang husay nung mga instrumento na gnmit rito i love it

    Arnold Reyes

    80's era kabayan....

  88. Marcelo Gonzalez

    Que buena tema es el mejor

  89. Lasse 1964

    he s so handsome with magic voice!

  90. Skel Lyko

    I miss my childhood.

    magma clouds

    Me too... all six years of it... but It was ruined by a horrible person who wanted to to disgusting things to me

    Chris Davis

    @Awkward Weird Girl :(


    this is done with such love- vs ub40 that is nice also but not with feeling like this-B

  92. Bruce Chavez

    Comparing this cover version of Corey Hart to UB40...I would always go with Corey, he has more heart and soul singing this song...making it more alive and soulful than when Elvis sings this one...Long live Corey Hart...I will forever be your number one fan..!

  93. lJeromy Nolin

    Still has one of the greatest voices. Really enjoy his version of "cant help fallin in love with you"!

  94. Shane Inkster

    Awesome 80s 1986

  95. Vibrating Wafflez

    This is pretty good, but with his voice I think he could've done a lot better with this song.

  96. rawn4203

    The UB40 version has 25 million hits, this one about 261k. That pretty much sums it up. 


    Yes, what a terrible way of seeing which song is more liked!!!

    Eddy Arnold

    UB40... great band... terrible version of the song (in my opinion).  EP did it the best, but Corey had a great version of it.  


    25 million hits means they hired a click farm in south east Asia. You can buy clicks by the thousand from marketing firms.

    Eddy Arnold

    @areolaman well... I am not really surprised... geez.


    Of course we can look at other metrics, like how many copies did it sell, what position did it peak at on the AT40...........Give it up, you are fighting a lost cause, people like the UB40 version better, case closed. 

  97. へー


  98. Ralph Abonitalla

    I really love corey heart and the song

  99. infinitygenealpa

    Doesn't hold a candle to UB40 :)