Corey Hart - Another December Lyrics

Another December
It's cold out
Snow is all around
Upon us
Making footprints on the ground
It's so quiet
But I hear you
Every time the choir sings
Oh, Mama
The angels
Gave you God's most beautiful wings
All that I am
All that I was
All that you taught me since I were a child
All of your light
Still shining through me
Ever so bright on this Christmas
Bright on this Christmas night

It's gettin' late
Just got done with
Putting the kids to bed
We saw stars shoot
Across the moonlight
Joy to the world, we said
Oh, mama
How I miss you most
On every Christmas Eve
Ah, rest in heaven
Knowing down here we believe
In a merry Christmas
We still believe
In a merry, merry Christmas
We still believe
We still believe

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